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20 More Sex Positions You’ve Got To Try

Sex_Positions_DiagramHere’s some breaking news: weekly sex is good for you! We know this thanks to a Canadian study published two months ago which found that people who did it once a week are happier compared to folks who get no action or go at it like crazy
Going at it like rabbits doesn’t hurt your relationship – it’s just that once a week tends to be the sweet spot for happy couples. That means commitment to stay the course and keep things from going stale.
Yes, sex can get boring. So spice it up – try new sex positions like these described in this article. Or try these 20 additional sex positions, found here, at one new each week. Hobbies are rarely so fun to practice!

The Slippery Nipple

If you’re horny but low on energy, the Slippery Nipple works wonders. He does most of the work too – you just sit back and enjoy the ride!
How to Do it: He’s upright. You’re lying flat on your back and put your legs around him. He grinds away and you get the pleasure of each thrust.
Pros: He’s got free hands so he’s free to caress your breasts or any other place that wants attention.
Cons: You’re not in control with this position.
Fun Factor: The focus is on you here. He’s doing the heavy lifting. A lazy way to get plenty of pleasure!

Reverse Cowgirl

This is one of the best positions to hit your G Spot. It’s one of the most frequently used of all sex positions because it’s easy, fun and a variation of the woman-on-top position.
How to Do it: He lies flat on the bed with his legs dangling over the side. You get on top with your back to him. Lean forward and rest your hands on his knees or thighs. Angle him slightly lower and put him inside you. Then rock back and forth and experience this very enjoyable position!
Pros: You’ve got control of the speed, angle and movement. The reverse cowgirl is also one of the best sex positions to see yourself in the mirror.
Cons: Not a lot of physical contact here, although the pleasure more than makes up for it.
Fun Factor: There’s a reason this is one of the most common sex positions. You’ll love the control it offers, and it’s a good bet he’ll love it too.

Tight SqueezeSex_Positions_In_Kitchen

The tight squeeze gets its name because it can be done in small places. It’s one of the better sex positions for spontaneous passion, whether that’s the kitchen, desk, or somewhere else when you’re randy and ready.
How to Do it: Sit on your surface of choice with your legs around him. Your man stands facing you and goes inside. Keep your back straight and feel free to hold his back with your arms to hold your balance.
Pros: You can have sex when the mood strikes you with this position, including in small places. That alone can be arousing.
Cons: This is a physically demanding position. You’ll need to be relatively fit to keep this going for more than a few minutes.
Fun Factor: This is a great sex position to vary things up a little, especially if you’re stuck in a rut.

Lust and Thrust

Lust and Thrust is a lot of fun if you want eye contact during sex.
How to Do it: Lie with your back on the bed and your legs dangling over the side. Lean your forearms on the bed to support yourself. He’s in front of you, leaning forward with his hands by your hips. Then he enters and starts with the thrusting.
Pros: You’ve got a great view with this position, and little effort is required on your part.
Cons: He’ll have to work hard – very hard – though it’s a fun workout and it might be good for him!
Fun Factor: You get to sit back and enjoy the pleasure of deep penetration. That’s pretty high on the fun scale.

Happy Anniversary

This is a highly enjoyable sex position for both of you.
How to Do it: He lies down with his rear on the bed and feet resting on the ground. You get on top with your legs on either side of him. You’re now in control, though he can help keep the rhythm going with his legs.
Pros: You’re in control with this position. And he gets to sit back and enjoy the view.
Cons: Deep penetration can hurt if your partner is especially large.
Fun Factor: It’s hard to go wrong with this variation of the cowgirl position. Happy Anniversary gets very high reviews from folks who practice different sex positions.

Half Off The Bed

We’ve talked about several sex positions that are great for hitting your G Spot. Half Off the Bed is one of them, and may gave you screaming in delight like it does for many others.
How to Do it: Lie back-down with your feet off the bed. He leans on the bed and enters while you wrap your legs around his. If you can manage it, wrap your legs around his waist.
Pros: This is another of those sex positions where you sit back and get your G Spot pleasured.
Cons: It’s a workout for him. He’ll need to be fit to make this one work.
Fun Factor: It’s a beauty.

The Organ Grinder

Passion_In_BedroomThe name of this sex position says it all. It’s great for those times when your biology talks, and there’s nothing you’d rather do than to just grind away.
How to Do it: You lie on the bed with your feet up and legs apart. Your guy goes in between, and starts grinding. Note your legs are in front of his arms, which are placed on the bed for support.
Pros: There’s great penetration with the organ grinder. You may also find it’s great for your G Spot.
Cons: Your legs may get sore.
Fun Factor: Another one of those great sex positions for the G Spot. It’s hard to miss with the Organ Grinder.

Carpet Burn

The Carpet Burn is great when you want energetic sex.
How to Do it: He kneels down with one knee on the ground and with the other leg up in a 90 degree position. You kneel in front of him and hold his thigh for support and his rear with your other hand. Then you start thrusting.
Pros: Another sex position you can use for spontaneous sex. You don’t need a bed or couch. Just a comfortable rug or carpet and you’re ready for fun.
Cons: They call it carpet burn for a reason, so put a towel down.
Fun Factor: This may be a little more painful than some of the other sex positions we’ve talked about, but try it and you may just love it.

Kneel and Sit

You’re back in control with Kneel and Sit. This position can be done in many places too, and lends itself to spontaneous passion.
How to Do it: Get your man to kneel down, ideally on the bed though anywhere comfortable will suffice. Sit in his lap, with your legs on either side of him. Now move and wriggle away – you’re in for some fun!
Pros: Eye contact, control, and he’s in good position to play with your breasts.
Cons: His legs may go to sleep after a while, so this is not one of the better sex positions for long-lasting sessions.
Fun Factor: This is more strenuous on him than you, but you’ll both love it!

The Wraparound

The orgasms flow freely with The Wraparound, which can be done on a bed or the floor, though the former will be more comfortable.
How to Do it: Your guy sits with his legs outstretched in front of him. You climb on top and wrap your legs around him – hence the name. He’s free to pull you toward him, and you’re in a great position to rock back and forth and hit pleasure central.
Pros: He can get very deep with The Wraparound and can kiss you all over. He can play with your breasts as well.
Cons: You have to do much of the work.
Fun Factor: One of the best sex positions for penetration, contact and the almighty orgasm. The Wraparound is a winner.

Lap Love

Your G Spot may enjoy a little Lap Love – a sex position that gets him deep and gives you an orgasm to die for.
How to Do it: He sits on the bed with his legs in front. You sit on his lap, facing him, with your legs on either side of his body. Now you both rock back and forth, and you may both climax at the same time.
Pros: Deep penetration and easy orgasms.
Awesome_Sex_Positions_DiagramCons: He may lose feeling in his legs after a while.
Fun Factor: A great way to vary up a stale sex routine. Lots of eye contact and everything else that makes sex fun.

TV Dinner

Who says a TV dinner can’t be healthy for you? It is when it’s a sex position that gives you oral pleasure and a good quickie.
How to Do it: Sit on a chair or sofa and move so you’re close to the edge. Get your dude to kneel in front of you, between your legs, and get inside you. He can grab your thighs, and you can pull him to you by the waist or rear.
Pros: Things get fast and furious with the TV Dinner sex position. You can make out as you climax too – that never hurts.
Cons: You may need to wriggle around a little to find the best position.
Fun Factor: Quickies are fun. Oral pleasures are way up there too!

On the Stairs

Care to do it on the stairs? Try On the Stairs if you’re in a rut, want sex in unusual places or simply for the thrill of doing it on the stairs!
How to Do it: Sit on the stairs with your back up against one of the steps. Your guy stands in front of you, with his feet a few steps lower than where you’re sitting. Now you lift your outer leg and rest it on his shoulder as he slides into you.
Pros: It’s exciting to have sex in weird places. The stairs definitely qualify. Plus, you can push against the stairs to really grind away.
Cons: This is not the most comfortable of sex positions.
Fun Factor: It may not be comfortable, but it’s a lot of fun!

The Cat

The Cat could make you purr in delight. It’s great for women who have travel hitting the delightful world of the female orgasm.
How to Do it: The man lies on top like he would in the missionary position, but here he moves his body up as high as he can without hurting the woman. Then, instead of thrusting he grinds in small circles, and really gives the clit a run for its money. Note, this position is called the Coital Alignment Technique. That’s why it’s called ‘The Cat’.
Pros: This may give even the most challenged woman an ear-splitting orgasm.
Cons: Slow movements for him – he may want to do more thrusting.
Fun Factor: Well-known for the ease of its orgasms, you can’t not like The Cat.

The Bridge

The Bridge is a little something for him, which he may like because The Cat is about you.
How to Do it: He lies down, face up. You sit on him, then, with your hands on the bed to steady yourself, lift one leg over your body and turn sideways. Get a few thrusts in there. Then keep turning away until you’re not looking at him.
Pros: He gets a fun, corkscrew sensation.
Cons: May be tricky to move around over his legs.
Fun Factor: It’s worth a shot.

Leg On Shoulders

If you’re in good shape, try the Leg On Shoulders position. It’s a favorite of many women, and great for variety.
How to Do it: Just lie back and he kneels between your legs and goes inside. You rest your legs on his shoulders.
Pros: His hands are free and you can move at whatever speed you like.
Cons: You’ll need to be flexible to pull this one off.
Fun Factor:  Good for variety. Some women love this position.

Dirty Dancing

No Patrick Swayze here. This is about you, your guy and your ability to do it where ever you like. Go Dirty Dancing!
How to Do it: He leans against a wall. You get on him and curl one leg around his legs or hips for balance. Then you rock together rather than him just thrusting.
Pros: He’s got great access to your boobs with this position and it’s great for intimacy. You also control how deep he goes and how much stimulation your clitoris gets – and of course, it’s great for a quickie.
Cons: He needs to keep steady. He’ll need a wall for that, and one of you may need something to stand on if there’s much of a height difference.
Fun Factor: Having sex in different places never hurt anyone. Dirty Dancing may be right up your alley.

Back Bend

Oh the things you can do on the edge of your bed…
How to Do it: Line on the bed’s edge with your feet over the side and rear just slightly over as well. Your man then kneels in front and enters you. Now push your toes up on the floor, arch your back, get him to hold your bum and have him start thrusting.
Pros: Lots of G Spot action with the Back Bend. Pushing your toes up should make it easier to climax.
Cons: It’s a lot of work for him, so make sure you’re both randy first. Otherwise, you may tire him out.
Fun Factor: Oh yeah. The Back Bend is one fun sex position.

High Dive

Orgasms roll in with the High Dive position. You may find they’re more powerful too. Are you game for that?
How to Do it: Lay down where you can be horizontal. The floor works slightly better than a bed because it gives you a more solid base. Lie on top of him (and start having sex if you like, to get warmed up), but put your hands on the floor on either side of his face for support, and hook your toes on top of his feet. Make sure he stays inside you. Now get him to put his hands under yours to support your weight while you both align your hands with your elbows. Lift your chest and stomach off him.
Keep your legs straight, hips in tight and toes pressed against his feet. Now move up and down at at a speed to your liking.
Pros: Intimacy, orgasm control and a great view of your breasts for your guy.
Couple_SpooningCons: You may both get sore arms while supporting your upper body weight. He can thrust but can’t do much beyond that.
Fun Factor: This is one of the most difficult sex positions we’ve talked about, but the orgasm control it allows makes it worth the old college try.

Shoulder Stand

The Shoulder Stand is great for deep penetration. You may find orgasms come easier with this position as well.
How to Do it: Lie on your back and have him kneel in front of you. Wrap your legs around him and have him lift you up so he can get inside. He puts one arm under your back for support while you put your weight on your shoulders. Now he goes in and starts thrusting away!
Pros: A great position to hit your G spot.
Cons: It’s an upper body workout for the dude. He may get tired and have to put you down.
Fun Factor: Try this position once and you may soon arch your back in all the sex positions you try in the future. Shoulder stand ain’t easy, but it’s a lot of fun!

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