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20 Sex Positions You’ve Got to Try

Couple_About_to_KissYou may find this article makes you feel a little randy. That’s because we’re about to discuss sex positions – tough huh? – and some very enjoyable ways to put passion in your bedroom.
Sigh. Life is just so unpleasant…
Can you force yourself to read a little further? You’ll be rewarded handsomely if you do – these sex positions are a great way to break out of the ordinary and make your bedroom a place of excitement.
Whether you’re in your honeymoon period or well into a long-term relationship, it can’t hurt to give them the old college try. Practice makes perfect, so let’s get at it. Try Vigorelle or HerSolution Gel if dryness is an issue. And with that, 20 sex positions that will definitely set fire to the state of your sex life!

The Sultry Saddle

The term ‘going sideways’ gets a bad rap. It’s a lot more enjoyable when done behind closed doors, and with a partner who knows how to rock this position!
How to do it: Have your man lie on his back with knees apart and legs bent. Mount him in the middle with your upper body at a right angle. Place one hand on his chest and the other on his lower leg. Then rock back and forth until he hits your spot – you’ll know it.
Pros: This gives you a lot of room to move around to find the perfect position.
Cons: You’ll need to practice this to get good, but really now, is that such a bad thing?
Fun Factor: It’s way up there!

The Squat

This is a highly enjoyable position for you with some amazing sensation.
How to do it: This is easy. He lies flat on your bed and you squat on his erection. Hold his hands if you like, or rest them on his chest or the bed, while you move up and down.
Pros: Sensations that may have you moaning in delight.
Cons: You’ll have to keep your balance while you do this or you might tip forward and hurt your guy.
Fun Factor: If you don’t mind looking a little silly, you’ll love it.

Face to Face

Ever heard of a cocktail called a slow and comfortable screw? This position is very much like that, with sexy eye gazing while you engage in very comfortable sex.
How to do it: Sit opposite your man. Slide into his lap and sit on top of him. Position your feet behind his back and have him do vice versa, with his feet together so they ‘cradle’ you in this position. Then rock him.
Pros: Great eye contact here, and this position may let you both climax at the same time.
HerSolution_GelCons: May be a little tame if you want fast and intense.
Fun Factor: Slow for some, ecstacy for others. Note you can also try this in the bathtub.

Standing Up

This position is bliss for your Grafenberg Spot (G spot).
How to do it: Stand up and face the wall, about two feet away and stick your butt out a little. Then he enters you – and he may have to bend his knees a little.
Pros: You can push against the wall in this position and hit some very enjoyable G Spot action. It’s an easy position, too.
Cons: You’ve got to stand up, which requires a little more effort.
Fun Factor: This may be a good position if you’ve yet to hit your G spot in other sex positions.

The Scissors

A great sex position for intimate sex. It’s easy to do, but complicated to explain.
How to do it: Lie facing each other and place your top leg over his hip. Have him hold your butt as you put one arm around his waist and put your bottom leg against his leg.
Pros: This is one of the better sex positions for your clitoral area because you can rub it against his groin.
Cons: Some may find this position a little tame.
Fun Factor: You can kiss each other while you do this.

The Spider

The spider lets you have long, slow and prolonged intercourse.
How to do it: Sit opposite each other with one leg on each side of him. Each person then lies on their back and positions until your head is between his legs and vice versa. Then you each bring your knees up and hold the other’s legs. Position him inside you and do slow wiggling movements for long and very enjoyable sex.
Pros: A lazy, enjoyable position to make sex last longer.
Cons: There’s not a lot of movement with the spider.
Fun Factor: Depends what you’re looking for. This is one of the best sex positions for longer bouts of pleasure rather than short bursts of intensity.

Woman On Top

Want to be on top? Here’s your position.
How to do it: He lies down flat on his back. You get your cowgirl on and get on top of him. He enters you with the option to hold on to his ankles or knees while he grinds at whatever speed you like.
Pros: This is one of the easier sex positions and he’s got a great view.
Man_and_Woman_Lust_On_BeachCons: You do most of the work.
Fun Factor: A very basic sex position but great if you feel like taking over.

Speed Bump

When slow doesn’t cut it, try the speed bump, which is ideal for fast and passionate sex.
How to do it: Lie flat on your stomach with a cushion under your belly, and spread your legs. He mounts you from behind, with good things coming very soon.
Pros: In a bit of a rush? The speed bump is good for fast and intense.
Cons: This is not the most romantic of positions. You may get sweaty too, with that skin on skin contact.
Fun Factor: He’ll love this position, and you may find it’s an easy way to reach orgasm.

The Manhandle Her

He puts his hands all over you in this position that keeps both of you standing.
How to do it: Stand in front of him in a position so he can enter you from behind. You might bend over at first, near a wall for support, and slowly straighten up when he’s inside you. Or stay bent over. Whatever’s comfortable for the both of you – when you’re both ready, he starts thrusting.
Pros: He can touch you all over – your breasts and clitoris at the same time, for example.
Cons: Staying on your feet.
Fun Factor: This lends itself to spontaneous passion. You’re both in the mood and you don’t need a bed.

Edge of Heaven

It’s called the edge of heaven for a reason.
How to do it: He sits on the edge of a bed with his legs on the floor. Then you sit in his lap, with your legs on the bed. He may need to hold your hands so you don’t tip backwards. Now rock up and down, at whatever speed you like.
Pros: He can get far into you with this position – and he does most of the work.
Cons: You might fall backward if you’re not careful!
Fun Factor: A great position for you to climax. After all, that’s the whole point of sex right?

Sexy Spoons

More slow and intimate. Sexy spoons is a little sideway action that allows you to make sex long and very enjoyable.
How to do it: Lie on your side on your bed. Your man ‘spoons’ you from behind.
Pros: This is a good position for intimacy and a good transition from cuddles to sex.
Cons: You may find it a little awkward at first, though that’s debatable.
Fun Factor: Great position for a lazy Sunday morning.

Corridor Canoodling

Just the opposite. With Corridor Canoodling you’re set for a quickie – it’s great for unplanned sex in the afternoon.
How to do it: Find an area of your home with two walls close together. That’s typicially a corridor or perhaps in your bedroom. He leans his back against a wall and moves so that he’s sitting with his feet pushed against the other wall or bath tub. Then you sit on him, with his legs supporting you as you dangle your feet on either side. Then go at it, moving up and down like you would in an on-top position.
Pros: This is one of the best sex positions for unplanned intimacy. It’s a great way to spice things up as well. Who says you have to do it in the bedroom?
Woman_Holding_ManCons: He’ll need plenty of lower body strength to pull this off.
Fun Factor: Oh yeah – this is the stuff of plenty an erotic movie scene. You may really enjoy being pushed against the wall.

The Galloping Horse

A position for both of you. The Galloping Goose is easy to do and may help him hit your G Spot.
How to do it: He sits on a chair with his legs stretched out in front of him. You get on him and do the same in the opposite direction. He holds your arms and you do the same so you don’t fall backward. Then lean back. You’re on top for this position, so move as fast or slow as you like.
Pros: He’s got a great view and you get deep penetration.
Cons: You may get tired stretching your legs forward.
Fun Factor: If you’re still searching for your G Spot, you may find it here.

The Good Spread

This position may rock your world, and puts you firmly in control.
How to do it: Your guy lies flat on his back. You get on top of him and slowly spread your legs out sideways. Now place your hands on his chest and let the fun begin.
Pros: This position is great for penetration. The wider you spread, the deeper he gets.
Cons: Like The Galloping Horse, you may get sore stretching your legs after a while.
Fun Factor: It’s way up there, because you’re in charge and he gets in deep.

Kneeling Fox

If your legs got sore with the previous two sex positions, you might try the Kneeling Fox, which allows for deep penetration while kneeling on your bed.
How to do it: Get on your bed and kneel on your hands and knees. Lean forward with your arms. He enters you from behind, while kneeling himself, holding your waist.
Pros: Most guys love doggy-style and he’ll probably love it too.
Cons: Not conducive to kissing, and not the most intimate of sex positions.
Fun Factor: This is great for animalistic sex, and your G spot may smile as well.

Melody Maker

You’ll indeed be making a few melodies with this sex position – in the form of delightful moaning as you hit your climax.
How to do it: Melody maker is one of the more difficult sex positions, but it’s worth it. Sit sideways on a small stool or comfortable chair and lean back so your head points downward. Now your man kneels between your legs and enters you. Hold hands if you like so he can support you.
Woman_and_Man_Play_On_BedPros: You’ll have a great rush of blood with your head pointing down – and a climax to kill for.
Cons: This position may take a bit of practice.
Fun Factor: The orgasm quality with the melody maker puts this near the top of sex positions you need to try.

The Man Trap

When you want sex now and don’t have the energy to experiment with other sex positions, you can count on the man trap for an easy climax.
How to do it: In this variation of the missionary position, you lie on a bed and he gets on top of you. But here you wrap your legs around his so you have more control over his speed and thrusting. Arch your back slightly for maximum pleasure.
Pros: He’ll love the feeling of your legs over his, and you’ll enjoy all that skin-on-skin contact. And the climax that goes with it!
Cons: This doesn’t get you away from him-on-top and you-on-bottom.
Fun Factor: Easy to do and based on one of the most basic of all sex positions, the man trap is not adventurous but it’s a lot of fun!

Hit the Spot

This position is all about your G spot.
How to do it: Lie on your stomach with your hips positioned sideways. Bend your legs. Now your man kneels forward and enters from behind, with his arms on each side of you. Then he thrusts.
Couple_Needs_New_Sex_PositionsPros: You’ll have a difficult time finding a better position to hit your sweet spots than this.
Cons: You’re face down here, and not able to look at your guy.
Fun Factor: Orgasms are fun. G spot orgasms are even better.

Magic Bullet

Speaking of your sweet zone, here’s another position that may have you squirming in pleasure.
How to do it: You’re on your back in this position, with your feet up in the air. Your man then enters, holds your legs, and starts rocking.
Pros: He’s got one hand free in this position, for which he can find an enjoyable use.
Cons: You may get a little sore.
Fun Factor: An easy position, and one sure to delight your privates.
To be continued!

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