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About Breast Enhancement

People love breasts. They’re what separate women from men and tell the world you’re a lady and proud of it. Breasts are sexy, and more than that, they’re vital to our confidence and sense of well-being. Breasts raise our sex appeal, and make us feel attractive.
We’re not all blessed accordingly. Some women have small breasts. There are other factors that determine beauty, of course, and it’s superficial to think that breast size should determine self worth. But at 400,000 breast enhancement surgeries performed in the United States last year, the demand is there. Factor in sexy lingerie and enhancement bras, and the results are clear: women want sexy breasts. And they’re willing to pay.
Breast enhancement is a broad term that refers to the products and techniques that increase breast size, enhance shape and fullness and reduce the effects of aging on the breasts. The techniques referred to in this article include brassieres, natural breast enhancement and silicone breast implants.
While push-up bras are little more than a cosmetic device for existing cleavage, they’re an unintrusive and affordable option for women looking to add “lift” to their image. Some bras come with removable pads, to give the appearance of ample cleavage. Although push-up bras and cleavage enhancement techniques don’t increase breast size, they’re a viable option for women looking for a quick, affordable and painless technique.
Natural breast enhancement is a relatively new field that develops well-rounded and youthful breasts, most often with a daily supplement of naturally occurring phytoestrogens and a lifting or firming gel. Volufiline is a recent development in natural breast enhancement that shows promise. Clinical studies indicate that Volufiline can increase breast tissue by up to 8.4%. And while natural breast enhancement doesn’t appear to significantly increase breast size – at least not yet – it appears to be an effective method to reduce sagging and develop fullness in breast shape.
Breast implant surgery, often referred to as silicone breast implants, remain a popular if not controversial method to increase breast size and appearance. Breast implants are silicone shells, of either a saline gel or silicone solution, that are implanted into the breasts in surgery. Typically costing between $5,000-$10,0000 U.S. Dollars, breast implants are an effective, if slightly risky method to increase breast size and shape.
Breast implants are popular and there’s no disputing that they’re among the most effective procedures to dramatically increase breast size. Having said this, implants are not without risks. Side effects from the surgery include breast pain, scarring, bleeding, infection and problems with the size and shape of the breasts. Implants can rupture and must be removed if they do. And contrary to popular belief, breast implants are not permanent and eventually fail. Implants typically last fifteen to thirty years.
Additionally, there is disturbing information about the demographic of women who undergo the procedure. Studies indicate that patients are usually younger, and have endured psychological distress related to their appearance, often from teasing. They’re more likely to have low self-esteem and suffer from high rates of depression. Roughly half of American women who get breast implants have an annual salary less than $25,000.
What’s particularly disturbing is that breast implant patients are three times more likely to die of alcoholism or drugs, and six times more likely to commit suicide 20 years or later after the procedure.
This isn’t to say that breast implants are a dangerous or ineffective method of breast enhancement; studies also show that implant patients report increased feelings of sex appeal and self-confidence. But it does illustrate the demographic that seeks this method of breast enhancement, and that it might not be the healthiest option.
What is the best breast enhancement method? This depends on the women, and what she’s looking for, but generally speaking, natural breast enhancement, while short of the dramatic results of breast implants, shows promise. And new developments in natural breast enhancement suggest results will continue to improve. This is encouraging, and it’s safe.
Ultimately, the best breast enhancement method is the one that makes you feel beautiful and confident in your identity. Whether that’s cosmetic, natural or with silicone is up to you.

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