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About Male Enhancers

You may not associate Viagra with penis extenders, but they serve a similar function. Male enhancers are products that relate to the penis and sexual performance. A male enhancer can make the penis bigger, boost sexual health, or give greater stamina. Viagra is a male enhancer and so is a penis extender. The difference lies in what they do, and how they do it.
For the record, a “penis pill” is a male enhancer that boosts sex drive, semen production or alleviates erectile dysfunction.
A pill is not going to add four inches to your penis. But the right pill can rejuvenate your sex life, with regular and intense orgasms. Also for the record, you can make your penis bigger with a penis extender, and evidence suggests that penis exercises may add inches as well.

Male Enhancers to Increase Penis Size

While several products and techniques purportedly increase penis size, those that employ traction, to stimulate cell mitosis within the penile tissue tend to produce the best results.
The jelq is one of the best known penis exercises and is (justifiably) the foundation of most penis exercise systems. To perform a jelq, wrap your thumb and index finger around your penis and move them in a “milking” motion, toward the head of your penis. This stimulates blood flow throughout the penile tissue, encouraging cells to divide and grow new tissue.
A penis extender is a mechanism that fits on the penis and extends it over several months with light, yet consistent pressure. Like exercises, penis extenders use traction to elongate the penis with pressure throughout the penile tissue, encouraging cell mitosis and growth of new tissue. While wearing a penis extender for six to ten hours a day may seem inconvenient, most users find they get used to the light, but noticeable sensation in a matter of days.
Studies indicate that penis extenders are among the safest and most effective methods to increase penis size. Moreover, they’re used by surgeons around the world to help patients with Peyronie’s Disease (extreme curvature of the penis). Care should be taken, however, to use a quality mechanism, of medical-grade metals and plastics, to avoid a rash or allergic reaction.

Male Enhancers For Performance

Male enhancers that boost performance are either pharmaceutical or natural products. Viagra is a pharmaceutical, introduced in 1998 and is arguably the best known male enhancer (though rarely identified as one) in the world. Viagra hit its peak in 2000, when it accounted for 92% of global erectile dysfunction prescription pills.
Viagra’s lost ground to Cialis and Levitra since then, but still commands a respectable 50% of the market. Even today, “the little blue pill” is burned in the collective conscious of a generation of consumers flirting with the 60 year mark, and remains the most recognizable giver of sex and erections among seniors and those with erectile dysfunction.
That said, natural performance products, such as VigRX Plus, ExtenZe and ProSolution, perform the same function. Natural male enhancers infuse the male reproductive system with botanicals used since ancient times to boost libido. While they generally take three months to deliver best results, natural male enhancers increase sexual health, reduce erectile dysfunction and increase stamina, for longer and more intense sessions.
In essence, pharmaceutical male enhancers provide temporary, prescription pleasure. Natural male enhancers address the root causes of erectile dysfunction and reduced sex drive, and thereby produce a lasting ability to have and enjoy sex.
Viagra, VigRX Plus and their competition are all male enhancers. But pharmaceuticals require a doctor prescription and come with adverse side effects, in contract to natural male enhancers, which being natural, do not necessitate a trip to the doctor and come with no reported side effects.

How to Choose a Quality Male Enhancer

There are shady operators in the male enhancement industry that exploit mens’ fears of penis size and ability to perform. Spam emails touting “penis pills” flood email inboxes around the world. And with products that pop up and disappear just as quickly, it can be difficult to find a quality male enhancer, to increase penis size or for performance.
Fortunately, there are good male enhancers. You’re looking for a product that’s been around for several years, with medical endorsement, preferably from multiple doctors. Look for a male enhancer with client testimonials and a live customer support team, with clinical proof, and a firm guarantee.

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