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About Herbal Supplements For Men

sad manWhat is your issue?

For many men, it’s just not cool to talk about what’s ailing you.

That’s the way we were raised.

A man doesn’t talk about what’s on his mind, be it stress or relationship problems.

Unfortunately, that leaves plenty of men in limbo.

There’s no question – the world is getting older.

And with that come the effects of aging on the male biology.

Hair loss, andropause, problems in the bedroom.

If that second symptom doesn’t ring a bell, not to worry.

Andropause doesn’t get the coverage that menopause does.

But it’s an increasingly common problem for men as they get older.

Are there solutions? Perhaps.

There’s no question – the world is getting older. And with that come the effects of aging on the male biology. Hair loss, andropause, problems in the bedroom.

Herbal supplements for men are natural solutions for the ailments that men face.

Those ailments become more pronounced with age.

And yet many men hesitate to treat problems like andropause and erectile dysfunction with medications, many of which are expensive and have side effects.

As you might imagine, herbal supplements for men consist of herbs and botanicals used for centuries by cultures in Europe, Asia and South America.

Among other things, there’s an herb for your skin and your anatomy.

And some vitamins may even grow hair.Herbs do many things, of course, but to keep things simple, in this article we’ll focus on three issues that visitors to Natural Skin Care have told us they’re concerned about: hair loss, aging well and the sex drive.

The Major PlayersThere will be variations of botanicals and natural ingredients used among the herbal supplements that men purchase for health.

Having said that, these herbals are multi-taskers and you’re just as likely to find them in a male enhancement pill as you will in an HGH releaser.

Don’t worry about these herbs losing potency with their different roles either – they’re well proven for their health-boosting properties, be it of the mind or in the bedroom.

Panax GinsengAn ancient Chinese herb that’s been used over approximately 5000 years, ginseng has a wide range of uses and may reduce depression, insomnia, physical and mental stress.

In addition, panax ginseng is a well-known aphrodisiac and is used to treat hypertension.

Muira PaumaA flowering shrub from the Amazon rain forest, muira pauma literally means ‘potency wood’ and for centuries it’s been used for just that.

Muira pauma is also used for stress management and may stimulate testosterone production.Ginkgo BilobaA tree species that’s native to Asia, ginkgo biloba has been used for centuries to enhance memory.

GinkgoNew research suggests ginkgo biloba might treat dementia and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Notably ginkgo biloba is a common ingredient in male enhancement products (both performance-related pills and enhancement gels), as it possesses compounds that may improve tone of the blood vessels. That, in turn, may increase blood flow to your ticker.Tribulus TerrestrisUsed for centuries to treat erectile dysfunction, more than nine university studies show that tribulus terrestris has a beneficial effect on men’s health.

Moreover, it’s believed that tribulus terrestris may stimulate production of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) – a naturally occurring hormone that’s vital to a healthy sex drive.About Hair LossFirst, the bad news.

If you’re losing your hair, chances are the culprit is androgenic alopecia, better known as male pattern baldness.

In this scenario, a rather unfriendly hormone, called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) attacks your hair follicles, shrinking them until they’re dead.

When that happens, the process is complete, and baldness occurs.

bald manDon’t think for a second that you’re the only man to struggle with hair loss. Estimates suggest that 25% of men will experience noticeable hair loss by 30 and a whopping two-thirds by age 60.

Unfortunately, male pattern baldness is genetic.

And there’s little you can do other than modify your cut, use a hair loss treatment like Profollica, get hair transplants or just shave it off.

Many guys choose the latter route to deal with male pattern baldness.

Some guys pull it off.

Vin Diesel, Jason Statham and Patrick Stewart come to mind as guys who make it cool to be bald.

And maybe Bruce Willis in those last two Die Hard movies.

And another confession – there’s no magic pill that will instantly grow hair, prescription or otherwise.Vitamins For Healthy HairGreat, you’re thinking.

If you’re destined to lose your locks, as most guys are, and vitamins won’t grow them back, then why write about it in an article about herbal supplements for men?

Two reasons.

First, 90% of hair loss in men is genetic.

That leaves ten per cent of men who lose hair for other reasons, including illness and dietary deficiencies.

Second, herbs and vitamins won’t grow your hair back.

But they can ensure that the hair you’ve got remains shiny, healthy and attractive.

And among the nutrients that can do that are:

  • biotin
  • folic acid
  • iron
  • vitamin B12

Don’t look for herbal supplements to treat male pattern baldness, because they won’t.

Any herbal supplement that says otherwise is a scam.

But if your hair loss is bugging you, see your doctor.

see doctor hair lossHe’ll assess your hair loss according to the Hamilton-Norwood scale and review your options with you, including medications or hair transplants.

And think about eating more foods with the aforementioned nutrients.

Healthy hair likes salmon, nuts, dark green vegetables, poultry, eggs, oysters, carrots and low-fat dairy.

Want the full rundown on good food for your hair?

Check out Male EnhancementBoy, you’ve heard about penis pills.

Those are spam emails that do nothing other than clog your inbox and pass viruses along to the unsuspecting, right?

male enhancement pillsUm, that’s spam. Male enhancement is a legitimate industry.

That penis pill you hear so much about actually refers to an herbal supplement that can enhance the sex drive, for bigger, harder erections and an interest in sex to match.

And a semen volume enhancer increases semen load, for a larger, more pleasurable orgasm.

And it’s not just more pleasurable, it’s also longer, with the muscles involved in the orgasm process contracting faster and with more intensity.

The end result?

An orgasm like you’ve never orgasmed.

Thank you male enhancement!Enhancement Gels and Penis PillsThere’s more to male enhancement products than just penis pills.

Enhancement creams and gels employ these same botanicals to instantly stimulate the penis, with an erection produced typically within sixty seconds.

While creams and gels don’t help long-term sexual health, as enhancement pills are designed to do, they’re great when you need to get hard fast.

Your partner wants to play but you’re not showing up?

Add some gel.

Or have her add it.

Good times for you.

Being natural, male enhancement pills contain no pharmaceuticals and may side step the nasty side effects linked to prescription ED pills like Viagra and Levitra.

Those side effects include head aches, blurry vision, heart palpitations and occasionally, permanent hearing loss.

Enhancement gels may also avoid the risk of male lubricants found in your local drugstore.

That’s good, because such lubricants often contain harmful petrochemicals that can increase risk of STD infection.

And because they’re natural, you needn’t get a doctor’s prescription for a male enhancement pill or gel.When Choosing a Penis Pill Or Enhancement Gel…The catch?

You’re probably familiar with it.

Male enhancement is swathed in spammers and fly-by-night operators that offer faulty products that do nothing for your sex life.

Realize, however, that there are several reputable companies that offer quality products, both pills and gels.

But it’s your job, as the consumer, to see through those spam emails and fraudsters and find the companies that make good products.

Ignore those pesky spammers – look for a reputable company with a comprehensive website and medical endorsement to back its products.

Also look for a company with live, 24/7 customer support and a firm guarantee.

Looking for names of specific products?

Peruse Natural Health Source for several quality male enhancement products that deliver what they promise.About Anti-AgingWhat the heck is an HGH releaser?

And for that matter, what’s andropause?

The former is a dietary supplement that stimulates the body to release growth hormone naturally.

The latter is a slow descent for many men into excess fat, muscle loss, irritability and depression.

Let’s talk about it first.

Andropause refers to the slow loss of hormone production that men experience with age.

With less testosterone to go around, it’s not uncommon for men to lose interest in sex and experience erectile dysfunction.

And with less growth hormone available, many men lose lean muscle mass, gain excess fat around the waist, wrinkles and lose their original hair color.The Role of Growth HormoneGrowth hormone is a naturally occurring hormone responsible for human growth.

Thank growth hormone for your height, bone density, and ability to regenerate new cells.

Without it, you get wrinkles, add pounds, and even develop osteoporosis.

Loss of growth hormone alone isn’t responsible for these sad factors of aging, mind you, but it contributes to them.

And lost hormone production in general is linked to lower quality of life.

Health suffers, relationships sour, and your world can go bad.

Yet despite this common ailment in men – estimates suggest that 32% of all men go through andropause – it just doesn’t get the attention that health circles give menopause.

Keep in mind that hormone production peaks in one’s mid-twenties, then descends at about ten per cent each decade.

By the time they’re 45, many men have less than 75% of the testosterone and growth hormone they did in their twenties.

At 70 they’re less than 50 per cent.

And there’s a dark underbelly to andropause.

In addition to the lower quality of life that men may feel with symptoms of andropause, men are four times more likely to commit suicide than women.What’s An HGH Releaser?Ok, enough doom and gloom.

Herbals may reduce those dark effects of aging.

But you’re looking for a specific supplement.

And that supplement is an HGH releaser.

Unlike synthetic growth hormone injections, an HGH releaser is a natural supplement consisting of the herbals we’ve discussed in this article.happy old coupleThey’re also formulated with amino acids, including l-arginine and l-lysine, and DHEA supplements to stimulate the pituitary gland to throw a little more of that growth hormone stuff your way.

And testosterone, and DHEA.

You’ll want to consider an HGH releaser, particularly if you suffer from the symptoms we’ve covered in this article.

But you’ll also want to do your homework.

Get your pencil ready, we’re going to review what you should look for in an herbal supplement to fight andropause.When Choosing an HGH Releaser…First, as with male enhancement, recognize that there are sham products, and for that reason, stick with the major manufacturers.

HGH releasers stimulate the body to produce growth hormone naturally but don’t have it as an ingredient.

If a dietary product claims it contains growth hormone, as opposed to stimulating the body to produce it on its own, walk away.

Second, look for an HGH releaser with medical backing and that is manufactured in a cGMP compliant facility.

That takes time and money and shows that a company is serious about the safety of its clients.

Sham products can’t say the same.

If a dietary product claims it contains growth hormone, as opposed to stimulating the body to produce it on its own, walk away.

And finally, as with male enhancement, you’re looking for a company with a comprehensive website and live, 24/7 customer support.

No messages, no run-arounds.

You want a company that understands your needs and caters to your peace of mind.

That narrows your choices down to several HGH releasers. provacyl natural healthTry Provacyl – it’s formulated specifically for the concerns that men face with age and meets the requirements listed above.

And with a lengthy list of guys raving about the difference it makes, you’d do well to join them.

For more information about Provacyl, please visit

+Steven  Hutchings

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