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Aging Well With HGH Supplements

The baby boomers are aging, with the grey hair, wrinkles and excess fat storage that herald the passage of time. But a new study suggests that many of this generation are healthier than they were in their 20s.
There are several reasons for this, of course. People over 50 tend to have fewer career burdens and many are empty nesters. They’re also fortunate to live during a time of breakthroughs in anti-aging and the introduction of HGH supplements, with benefits that may include fewer wrinkles, less fat storage and boosted sex drive.
HGH supplements are natural products, of amino acids and herbals that fight the passage of time on the  body. HGH supplements are selling quickly as the world ages, and with the greater emphasis that baby boomers place on health and aging well.
Is this justified?

About the Survey

The survey, of 1500 Britons aged 50 and higher, reveals that seven out of ten participants exercise more in their 50s than they did in their youth. They exercised about four times a week, with walking, swimming, cycling and exercise classes being the most popular ways to stay active.
Weight gain prompted over half of participants to adopt their emphasis on healthy lifestyle, while a third did so to help care for grandchildren. One in six changed their lifestyle because of a health concern.
While their reasons vary, the survey illustrates a key finding that drives the anti-aging industry and is changing how people view the concept of aging: life extends well beyond 50. Take care of your body and you’ll live longer, look younger and lead a happy life.

About the Baby Boom Generation

Seventy-six million children were born in the United States between 1945 and 1964. This generation grew up in a time of rapid change and affluence, and was among the healthiest and wealthiest generation to that date. Notably, it was also the first generation to expect that the world would improve.
The baby boom generation holds arguably more influence than any previous generation in history, with 80% of the world’s wealth, 50% of all discretionary spending, half of consumer spending, 77% of all prescription purchases and 80% of leisure travel.
Yet, for all its power, the baby boom generation is not immune to the passage of time. They saw what it did to their parents, and according to a survey conducted by GenF20 Plus System, boomers list general health, mental acuity, and faltering sex drive as health concerns that they’d like to address

About Growth Hormone

Growth hormone is a protein-based peptide hormone that’s responsible for cell growth and regeneration. Among other things, growth hormone is responsible for bone health, hair growth and taut skin.
Production of growth hormone tapers off, beginning around 40, at about ten per cent per decade. This in part explains why we form wrinkles, lose hair and accumulate those extra pounds we’d prefer to shed.
HGH releasers are dietary supplements that stimulate the pituitary gland to release growth hormone without synthetic injections, with a list of purported benefits. Among them? General health, mental acuity, and boosted sex drive. The same health concerns that many baby boomers now face.
Does this mean that HGH supplements can help you age well? According to at least one HGH releaser, the answer is yes. Eighty-two per cent of GenF20Plus System customers list reduced fat as a realized benefit, 84% have improved memory and focus, and 75% of users cite an increase in sexual function and frequency.
Perhaps fittingly, it was the baby boomers who first expected that the world would improve and are now the first to live longer and better than any generation in history. And HGH supplements seem to help.

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