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Health Articles

  • General Health

    Folks have a variety of health concerns. Many of our visitors are curious how to look younger. Others want to sleep better. Still others have specific natural health questions and how nature might help them feel alive and full of energy. For these individuals, our general health category is a comprehensive guide to natural health solutions. Read Articles >>

  • Men's Health

    The male anatomy is a wondrous thing that ensures survival of the human race. But men face challenges related to their anatomy that can include size and function, and answers can be hard to find. Fortunately you'll find answers here. Read Articles >>

  • Women's Health

    We know that sex is important to happiness and enjoyment of life, and yet studies suggest that 43% of American women aren't thrilled in the bedroom. The good news? Sexual fulfillment in women isn't linked to age, and a little knowledge can put amazing orgasms within reach whether you're 18 or 80. Read Articles >>

  • Skin Care

    The skin is the largest organ of the body and can glorify all that's beautiful of the human body...or betray one's age and make you look old. Good skin care works synergistically with the products and tips that nurture the dermal layers from the inside-out. Read Articles >>

  • Digestive Health

    There's nothing quite like tummy trouble. Heartburn, acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome are common symptoms of problems of the gastro-intestinal tract. What causes these problems, and more importantly, how or where do we find relief? You might find it in the following articles. Read Articles >>

  • Hair Care

    Despite its prevalence, hair loss hurts. Over half of American men can expect to lose a few strands by 35, and 85% by fifty. And while hair loss is most often genetic, there are tips, products and developments in hair care that can minimize, and in some cases, reverse hair loss, in men and women, and promote healthy and vibrant growth. Read Articles >>