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Diet: the Ultimate Female Aphrodisiac

We’ve heard it said that you are what you eat. You’ll want to be a carrot for longevity, a mango for good skin. And to become a female aphrodisiac? That’s subjective, but chocolate is a good bet.
There’s no confusion about food and the role it plays in quality of life. The foods we eat affect our looks, energy, brain chemistry and hormones. The latter has been known since ancient times. Food is the ultimate female aphrodisiac, with thoughts of chocolate and champagne held and cherished in hearts of the fairer sex around the globe.
What makes food an aphrodisiac? That depends on the food. Some are psychological and hint of anatomy that’s hidden. Others pack a nutritional wallop of vitamins that boost blood flow to the genitals. And some do both. Truly food is a female aphrodisiac, and those listed here are among the best.
Asparagus – Of asparagus, the English herbalist Nicholas Culpepper once said that it “stirs up lust in man and woman.” Human biology hasn’t changed much since then. Asparagus has high levels of potassium, fiber, vitamins A and C and folic acid, which is linked to histamine production and ability to orgasm.
Almonds – Regarded for centuries as symbols of passion and fertility, almonds hold vast amounts of vitamin E, magnesium and fiber. In ancient times, poets believed the aroma of almonds triggered amorous thoughts in women. Almonds are beneficial to complexion as well. For passion and sexy skin to match, try almonds.
Avocado – Catholic priests in Spain once deemed the avocado so sexually obscene that they banned it completely. Avocado just oozes sexuality, and it’s rich in folic acid, vitamin B6 and potassium, all of which play a role in the orgasm process.
Bananas – Just look at it. As if its shape wasn’t enough to suggest body parts that pique and arouse, bananas match avocado for potassium and B vitamins. In addition, bananas contain the bromeliad enzyme, which is linked to boosted male libido
Basil – For a taste (and aroma!) of Italy and the Mediterranean, look no further than basil. This sexy herb stimulates the mind and libido with thoughts of summer and romantic meals by the beach. While most of its aphrodisiac properties are psychological, basil is also an antioxidant and may prevent cancer.
Chocolate – What list of female aphrodisiacs would be complete without chocolate? Precious few, and with good reason. Besides tasting delicious, chocolate is loaded with compounds that stimulate and arouse, including anandamide and phenylethylamine, or PEA, the ‘love’ chemical that releases dopamine into the brain’s pleasure regions during orgasm.
Figs – Adam and Eve wore fig leaves in the Garden of Eden after eating from the Tree of Knowledge, and while the apple gets the glory as the ‘forbidden fruit’, the fig has a long and sexy history throughout the ages as a symbol of sex and fertility. A favorite of Cleopatra and the ancient Greeks, figs are high in calcium and suggestive imagery.
Garlic – While it does few good things for your breath, garlic does many good things for the body. Raw garlic contains allicin, an compound with anti-inflammatory properties. But it’s the blood flow to the genitals that makes garlic a stimulator of beautiful orgasms, in men and women.
Oysters – One of the better-known aphrodisiacs, oysters have a reputation as enhancers of sexual desire. The reputation is valid – oysters are high in zinc, which boosts sperm production and jump-starts the sex drive. For a truly romantic dinner, indulge in raw oysters with a glass of chilled champagne.
Honey – Honey is sweet, sticky and an excellent source of boron, a mineral that helps the body consume estrogen, the female sex hormone. Boron may also boost testosterone in the blood. You may associate testosterone with men, but it’s testosterone that’s responsible for boosting sex drive and the orgasm process in both sexes. Honey is also rich in B vitamins, nutrients, enzymes and phytochemicals. And it tastes sweet.
What to make of this list? Work these foods into your diet. Food is truly a female aphrodisiac, and more often than not, the same foods that boost sex drive are healthy and deliver valuable nutrients to your body. Remember these foods, sneak them onto your plate, and reap the rewards!

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