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Do Female Libido Pills Work?

We all experience low sex drive. The pressures of life, from stress, to children, finances and careers can pack a wallop. Combine them with shifting hormones and vaginal lubrication, and it’s no wonder that there’s a lack of sex in so many homes. And that’s not good.
Recently, a growing number of women are turning to female libido pills, to put sex back in the bedroom and to make it more enjoyable. With benefits including increased lubrication, boosted sex drive and even multiple orgasms, female libido pills are a long-term approach to address the effects of aging on the female libido.
That’s what they claim. But do they work?
There’s no question there’s a huge demand for a female Viagra. But there isn’t one. At least, there’s no prescription pill to take that will instantly boost the female sex drive like the little blue pill for men.
Female libido pills purportedly address two of the most common reasons for reduced libido in women, shifting hormones and vaginal dryness, with natural ingredients.

Common Ingredients in Female Libido Pills

Female enhancement products, including pills, employ botanicals, used since ancient times to stimulate blood flow to the genitals and to infuse the reproductive system with nutrients that, over time, enhance sexual desire and ability to orgasm.
Some of the more common ingredients include:
Ginseng – There are several variations of this popular herb, including Siberian, and red Korean or Asian ginseng. The latter is backed by more research than the former.
While ginseng is used for a variety of reasons, including for more energy and improved mood, studies suggest that it boosts nitric oxide (as does Viagra). Many women use ginseng for its aphrodisiac properties, and medical studies suggest there’s substance to that.
Black cohosh – One of the more common remedies used for hot flashes, night sweats, PMS and symptoms of menopause, black cohosh has estrogen-like properties and is proven to increase blood flow to the pelvis, which helps lubrication. In addition, the National Institutes of Health are funding further studies into black cohosh to treat symptoms of menopause.
L-arginine – An amino acid, arginine performs several functions and helps the immune system. The body uses arginine to make nitric oxide, and is a popular treatment for erectile dysfunction.
Studies indicate that arginine improves sexual function, in both men and women, when combined with other commonly used ingredients, including glutamate and yohimbine. At higher doses, arginine might work by itself, although it’s advisable to consult with a physician first.
Arginine also improves blood flow and may promote good function within the heart arteries.
Ginkgo – Used by the Chinese for thousands of years, Ginkgo is a popular herbal remedy to prevent Alzheimer’s, boost mental capacity and reduce fatigue.
Ginkgo is a regular ingredient in herbal libido treatments, and while it appears to have a placebo effect, there’s a growing number of patients who vouch for ginkgo as an effective remedy for sexual dysfunction.

Do Female Libido Pills Work?

Female libido pills aren’t a female Viagra. But with time and consistency, of roughly three months of daily use, clinical evidence shows that they appear to stimulate the female sex drive.
There’s no lack of fraud in male enhancement, and while it’s not as rampant in female enhancement, due care should be taken when choosing a product. So do your homework. Always read ingredient labels, and consult your doctor before starting an herbal therapy.

Criteria for Choosing a Female Enhancement Product

  • Is it an established product, with a comprehensive website?
  • Is it medically endorsed?
  • Is the company cGMP compliant?
  • Is there live, 24/7 customer support?
  • Is it backed by a solid guarantee?

Judging from clinical studies and the numerous women who swear by their benefits, female libido pills appear to work. They’re not pharmaceuticals and don’t offer that kind of assurance. But that might not be a bad thing. Even if there were a female Viagra, remember that its effects would be temporary, and female libido pills, when taken correctly, appear to work in the long-term.

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