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Female Enhancement and the Sex Drive

Sex matters. To your relationships, health and well-being. Yet estimates suggest that 43% of American women are unsatisfied with what happens in their bedroom. There’s no female Viagra, but there is female enhancement. And that might help.
What’s female enhancement? That’s a generic term for products that boost sex drive in women. While a variety of gels and pills can aid libido, this article defines female enhancement as natural products that consist of herbals, amino acids and nutrients used since ancient times to stimulate blood flow to the genitalia and to balance shifting hormones in the female anatomy.
Keep in mind that there are many reasons for low sex drive in women, and enhancement products, while potent and effective, should be viewed as one element within a broad and comprehensive strategy to address the root causes of low sex drive. Common libido killers, and solutions include:
Stress – Whether from the job, money issues, sick family members or any number of reasons, stress plays a major role in sex problems, in men and women.
Solutions: Counselling and stress management techniques, like meditation can help. Or yoga, which might have the additional benefit of putting some jump in your trousers.
Relationship Problems – Relationship issues can kill a sex drive like nothing else. That goes double for women, for whom emotional closeness is a major ingredient to sexual desire. Bad communication and betrayal of trust can slay relationships and block passion from the bedroom.
Solutions: Don’t go to bed angry. Communicate. See things from his perspective and yours, and seek counselling when needed.
Alcohol – Happy hour might loosen your libido, but it does little for your sex drive. Alcohol can numb sexual function, and let’s be honest, you’re not as attractive to your partner when you’re tanked. The same goes for recreational drugs
Solutions: Keep it at two drinks a day, and preferably one. And don’t even think about drinking while pregnant.
Body Image – Let’s face it, we all want to look sexy. Poor body image can douse our love light when we think we’re too heavy or otherwise less-than complimentary in the sex appeal department.
Solutions: For starters, hit the gym. Not only will you shed pounds, exercise and libido are linked in all sorts of sexy ways. Also, accept that our bodies change as we get older. Don’t compare yourself to the curvy 21-year old strutting down the beach. Change what you can, and appreciate what you can’t.
Menopause – Perhaps the most famous sex drive killer among women. About half of women report sexual problems around menopause. Much of that is from shifting hormones. Decreased lubrication doesn’t help either.
Solutions: Women should step back and look at the big picture at menopause. Quality of life, health issues and self-esteem are important at any age, but even more during this transitional phase in a woman’s life.
How female enhancement can help: Of the sex drive killers listed above, female enhancement is ideal for boosting sex drive during and after menopause. Libido pills are formulated with natural products like ginseng, ginkgo biloba and tribulus terrestris, to balance shifting hormones back to levels for peak sexual performance, and to increase blood flow to the genitalia, which is good for lubrication.
In addition, enhancement gels give quick relief. Admittedly that’s a short-term solution to the underlying causes of low sex drive, but they’re ideal for getting in the mood when required. Your partner wants to play but you can’t get wet? Use gel. Not wet enough? Apply more.
When using a gel, it’s advisable to use an natural product like Vigorelle or HerSolution Gel over an over-the-counter lubricant. New studies link drugstore lubricants to tears in the vaginal walls which make one susceptible to HPV and even HIV infection. You’re trying to get wet, not catch something for life!
Remember also that natural enhancement products are designed to help women enjoy sex and orgasm. They’re not a quick fix to the ongoing and underlying causes of low sex drive in women. They will, however, work within a broad and long-term approach to health and happiness, in the bedroom and beyond. And that’s the key.

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