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Female Enhancement: Your Questions Answered

What is female enhancement?

Female enhancement refers to natural products that boost sex drive and ability to orgasm in women. Generally speaking, female enhancement products are offered as a pill or gel
A female enhancement pill boosts sex drive with botanicals used since ancient times to balance shifting hormones, increase lubrication and enhance overall sexual health in women.
A female enhancement gel lubricates the vagina and offers immediate results. While they don’t boost sexual health, enhancement gels are ideal for instant and measurable gratification.

How is female enhancement different than male enhancement?

Male enhancement is a broad term that includes products and techniques that boost penis size, sex drive and performance.
While sometimes broadened to incorporate breast enhancement and surgical procedures of the genitalia, this article refers to female enhancement specifically as natural products that boost physical desire for and enjoyment of sex.

Is female enhancement a scam?

Not at all.
The male enhancement industry is responsible for many of the spam emails flooding email inboxes around the globe, and while there are quality male enhancement products that deliver what they promise, there are also shady, fly-by-night operators in the industry that make finding quality products challenging, to say the least.
Female enhancement is a relatively new industry, and while sharing some characteristics with male enhancement (boosting sexual desire and performance with natural products), you’ll probably find that it’s more of a transparent field and not as susceptible to scams.

Are female enhancement products safer than drugstore lubricants?

Generally speaking they are. Many of the lubes you find in drug stores contain petrochemicals that can irritate the vagina, particularly if they’re made of oil or silicone.
Female enhancement gels are water-based, contain natural ingredients, and the quality gels are hyper-sensitive, so they won’t irritate your privates.

What ingredients are typically found in female enhancement products?

While there is some variation among each product, female enhancement products generally use natural, quality ingredients used for hundreds of years for their aphrodisiac and sexual health-boosting properties. Ginkgo biloba, damiana leaf and black cohosh are some of the more prominent ingredients you’ll see among quality pills and gels.

Should I use a pill or a gel?

That depends what you’re looking for. If you want to spice things up and increase lubrication, try a gel. For a long-term strategy to boost sexual health and ability to achieve deep (and multiple) orgasms, try a pill.
They both have benefits. Gels work immediately. Pills address the causes of decreased sex drive – shifting hormones and vaginal dryness. Pills take about three months to kick in. For maximum enjoyment, try both.

Do female enhancement products require a doctor prescription?

No. Female enhancement pills and gels use natural products. They contain no pharmaceuticals, and therefore don’t need a doctor prescription.

Is female enhancement safe?

Absolutely. By using natural ingredients, female enhancement products avoid the adverse side effects that come with some pharmaceuticals. You might also find that gels are more comfortable and don’t irritate the genitalia like lubricants sold in drug stores.
That said, please be aware that some of the ingredients found in female enhancement pills are not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women. Consult with your doctor if you have any concerns.

Do female enhancement products come with side effects?

Female enhancement products use natural ingredients and come with no reported side effects. Some women find that female enhancement pills encourage regular periods, with less cramping, in addition to the promised surge in sexual desire and satisfaction.

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