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Foreplay, Massage and Female Enhancement Cream

Got an hour to spare? Not to read this article, but to make love. Feel free to take notes, because you’re about to get ideas for the most erotic sex of your life.
Have a female enhancement cream with you as well, because the work up to the act is sexy enough, but the pay off is huge. Vaginal lubrication is a common problem during and after menopause. We don’t want a little dryness to prevent some of the best sex you’ve ever had.
The following tips outline ideas for foreplay with massage, followed by passionate sex. The key to massage is to delay arousal. Don’t rush – enjoy the moment! Prolong the pleasure, as long as possible, until you’re both ready for loving. And when you’re ready, and if dryness is an issue, use a water-based female enhancement cream, for wetness and enjoyment.
Make room – Got a flat surface? You’re not looking to massage on a waterbed here, you want a firm surface, like a futon. Then lie your partner face down and put pillows under his neck, knees and ankles.
Whip it out! The oil, that is – Massage oil can reduce friction and make it easier to work your man’s tired muscles and flesh. Scented oils are sexy, but avoid strong fragrances, like patchouli, which lose scent and texture. Try a light scent instead, like jasmine, and warm the bottle up with hot water first.
Make it peaceful – What’s the rush? Don’t excite him right away. Tie your hair back and wear close-fitting clothes to avoid touching him with anything other than your hands. Keep him warm, with sheets over his body, other than the part you’re working with. Keep music soft and low.
Choose your body part – Focus on one spot and work it. That can be sexier than any full body  rubdown. If his back is tense, focus on that. If he likes being caressed, caress him. Or just ask him where he wants to be touched.
Massage technique – Time to get touchy-feely with your hands. Some basic moves that will give him a massage to remember (and one for which he’ll repay the favor!) include:

  • Compression – Lay one hand flat on any body part. Put your other hand on top of it and slowly rotate.
  • Stroking – Place your fingers together, thumbs parallel and palms touching the part you’re working with. Make long, gentle movements. Apply more pressure when stroking toward your partner’s heart, and less in the opposite direction. This is good for large areas like the back and thighs, and small areas like the neck and tops of the feet.
  • Kneading – Lift and squeeze the area you’re working with, while keeping your palms in contact with your partner’s skin. Ideal for fleshy areas like the bicep and buttocks.
  • Friction – Best done first, as it doesn’t work with oil. Anchor the area with one hand and use the other to deeply press and rub. Apply friction with your fingertips for smaller areas like the shoulder caps and soles of the feet.

Enjoy the moment – Don’t worry about technique so much as the touching. Massage is about being together, the two of you, with the intent to enjoy and slowly arouse.
Your turn! – Is he aroused yet? Take your time with the massage. When he’s ready, apply a female enhancement cream. Better yet, guide his hand and let him apply within you. Then, when you’re wet and ready to go, have light intercourse, for ten to twenty minutes, with light kissing.
Crank it up – If your clitoris, g-spot and vaginal/urethra tissues are erect (and assuming he has yet to ejaculate), it’s time to sweat, with deep, high power thrusting moves, for maximum intensity, and an orgasm to die for.
Remember that it’s advisable to choose a female enhancement cream like Vigorelle over an over-the-counter lubricant, the latter of which often contain harmful ingredients, including nonoxynol-9, which can increase risk of HIV infection. And if you’re of reproductive age and looking to conceive, a female enhancement product might be friendlier to sperm than a drugstore lube.

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