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Hair Loss Treatment with Good Hair Care

Hair loss hurts. Half of North American men experience noticeable hair loss by 35 and 85% by 50. Women aren’t immune either. Roughly fifty per cent of women experience hair loss, although slower and not as severe as in men.
Reasons for hair loss include:

  • some medications
  • diet
  • certain diseases
  • improper hair care

Of course, hair loss in men is usually genetic. Over 90% of men who lose their locks do so because it’s in their genes. Women lose hair for multiple reasons, and while genes are among them, there are several factors at play.
Hair loss treatment depends on what’s causing hair loss. Diet and lifestyle changes can reverse non-genetic hair loss. And when it is genetic, good hair care can prevent further loss and add volume to existing hair.
This article outlines hair tips for men and women as a hair loss treatment, and the steps one can take to preserve existing hair and to incorporate thinning hair into one’s personal style.

Hair Care For Men

As a general rule, keep it short. Shaggy hair on men tends to stick up and accentuate any bald patches. Consider a hair volumizer like mousse, to keep fine hair in place and to give the appearance of volume. Cut it often, and keep it clean.
Another option is to shave it off completely. Some guys do it well – Vin Diesel, Patrick Stewart and Jason Statham come to mind as men who look cool with a chrome dome. Not all men can pull it off, but if you’re one of them, hair loss treatment doesn’t get simpler, and few things make a greater statement about one’s masculinity.

Hair Care for Women

The good news for women is that hair loss, though common, is rarely as severe as in men. A good style, combined with proper care and a gentle touch can minimize hair loss and hide it from view.
Hair care tips for women with thinning hair include:
Coloring – A good hair color can hide hair loss in women and can blend in to one’s style. Semi-permanent hair color is a good option here as it doesn’t contain ammonia or peroxide. Have your hair colored professionally, by a stylist, but remember that over-styling can damage hair.
Volumizer – Avoid volumizers with paraffin, which is beeswax, as it can accumulate and cause hair to break. Use a salon volumizer, like mousse, at the root, then blow-dry the roots. Apply tension with a brush and use hair spray to keep the hold in place.
Shampoo and conditioner – Fine hair tends to get dirty and requires frequent shampooing. The caveat is that fine hair also breaks easier and therefore needs a delicate touch. These are all reasons to shampoo regularly, with a quality, salon-bought shampoo, and a volume-building conditioner.
Style – For women, that’s one that doesn’t need curling irons. Remember that heat and pressure can damage hair and make hair loss worse. Your stylist is well-experienced in hair loss treatment for women and knows how to minimize hair loss with the right style.


Some parting tips. Chemicals, heat and regular pulling and styling can all strain hair and cause it to break. Avoid heat and excessive blow-drying. Pat your hair dry with a towel. Hair loss treatment for thinning hair needs a smile and a gentle touch, but with practice and a little confidence, you’ll have both.

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