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Hair Treatment For Men

Mohawk or crew-cut, pony-tail or mop-top, a man might not have the plentiful locks of a women’s scalp, but he still needs to wash with shampoo and condition when needed. There’s plenty of help for hair treatment for women, but for guys? Not so much.
Hair treatment for men constitutes the variety of products that care for men’s hair. Of course, men face the added hurdle of hair loss and navigating the many products that purport to reduce and even reverse thinning hair.
In this article we’ll review the products available for hair treatment for men, and how to identify for your particular needs.
Men’s Shampoos – As a general rule if you like the shape and texture, buy it. Most basic shampoos will take care of your cleansing needs, and there’s little evidence that one product works better than another.
Dandruff Shampoo – If you see white flakes on your scalp, you probably have dandruff. That’s when yeast forms on the skin, which inflames the scalp and causes it to flake.
Try a dandruff shampoo with ketoconazole, salicylic acid, zinc, selenium sulfide or tar. Use the shampoo three to four times a week for a month. If the dandruff isn’t under control after a month, try a different shampoo with a different ingredient. Still a problem? Speak with your doctor about a prescription-strength dandruff shampoo.
Hair Conditioners – While there are many conditioners, they all coat your hair so it’s less likely to tangle. You might not need a conditioner if you have straight or short hair, or can get away with a combination shampoo/conditioner.
If your hair is long or curly, choosing a conditioner is often a matter of preference. Look around for a product you like, and consider that inexpensive conditioners often work as well as pricier products.
Sun Protection – Thinning hair and bald spots expose the scalp to UV rays from the sun, which can age the skin and increase risk of skin cancer. Massage a sunscreen into these areas, between SPF 15 and 30. Use a spray-on sunscreen, or a hairspray or styling gel with built-in sunscreen if you’re not keen on mixing lotion in your hair.
Hair-Loss Products – Many men need prescription-strength products with minoxidil to treat thinning hair. These products often need up to six months to work and must be used indefinitely. Be aware that minoxidil comes with side effects including itching and redness. Profollica might be safer.
You might also try an extra-body conditioner with a little styling gel or mousse, to give the appearance of thicker hair.
Styling Gel – Another way to give body and shape to hair, gel products are available in a variety of choices, including water-based gels, spray gels, paste and hair creams. Use gels sparingly, especially if you’ve got thinning hair. Start with a dime-sized amount, and avoid gels with alcohol, which can dry the scalp and cause flakes.
Remember also that hair treatment for men is as much about preference as function. Experiment, with different products to suit your needs. And one of the best conditioners is, surprisingly, beer. The yeast in beer gives strength to hair strands and makes hair shine.

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