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How Female Enhancement Products Fill A Need

The little blue pill caters to aging men concerned with challenges in the bedroom. Yet despite the abundance of beauty products and relationship advice for younger ladies, there’s less help for the sexual challenges that women face during menopause than you might imagine. According to at least one survey, that’s a shocker.
Conversely, female enhancement products are formulated with natural ingredients, like ginseng, ginkgo biloba and black cohosh root, to address the issues many women face during this biological milestone. A female enhancement cream lubricates and provides instant and measurable gratification. A female libido pill rebalances shifting hormones and boosts sexual health.
Notably, female enhancement products fill a need. For many women, menopause sneaks up and causes unexpected problems behind closed doors. Yet in many cases, a little planning and anticipation can reduce sexual symptoms related to menopause, and keep one’s sex life vibrant regardless of age.

Menopause and Sexual Problems

A survey conducted in June of 2008 reveals that men and women both expected problems related to sexual function after 50, whether desire for sex or ability to have it. Of the 705 adults who participated in the online survey, all were in heterosexual relationships, and all were between 50 and 70 years old.
Sixty-seven per cent of the surveyed women reported at least one sexual symptom related to menopause, including vaginal dryness (49%), low sex drive (47%) and pain during sex (23%).
Fifty-nine per cent of the men reported a sex problem, with 48% citing an inability to keep an erection, 30% had problems getting an erection and 16% reported low libido.
Seventy-one per cent of all participants expected they’d have less sex as they got older. But surprisingly, women had more sex-related problems with age than men did. And 65% of the women who reported such symptoms did not see them coming.

What Does This Mean?

There is an abundance of help for erectile dysfunction as men get older. Sales of Viagra are brisk, even with competition from Cialis and Levitra. That said, some men are turning to male enhancement to treat erectile dysfunction, as male enhancement products come with no reported side effects and might be safer than pharmaceutical ED pills.
And yet, despite the billion-dollar skin and beauty industries, and the variety of magazines, from Cosmopolitan to Vogue, that offer sex and relationship advice, there’s much less help for menopausal women and the sex problems they face than there are for men.
If we’re to believe these survey results, vaginal dryness and low libido are two of the most common symptoms that women face during menopause. And therefore, women would do well to anticipate these  challenges, and to plan for them accordingly.

How Female Enhancement Products Might Help

Female enhancement creams, like Vigorelle, lubricate and reduce pain during sex. While they don’t treat the causes of reduced sex drive, they’re a quick and convenient way to increase pleasure and enjoyment of sex. Your partner wants to play but you’re not wet? Use a cream. Want more lubrication? Add more cream.
Moreover, many common drugstore lubricants contain a harmful ingredient called nonoxynol-9, which is linked to tears in the vaginal walls and increased risk of HPV infection and even HIV. Yes, that should concern you. Studies show that seniors are less likely to wear condoms than younger people, and cases syphilis and chlamydia in patients over 55 increased by 44% between 2004 and 2009.
Enhancement creams, being natural products, may side-step these risks.
Meanwhile, female libido pills, like Provestra, are a long-term solution to the causes of dryness and reduced sex drive. With their strategic formulation of botanicals and amino acids, libido pills infuse the female anatomy with nutrients that are clinically proven to enhance sexual health. They’re designed to balance shifting hormones and treat the root causes of low libido. And that helps.
What should you take from this article? Plan for changes during menopause, but don’t dread this occasion. Life is a journey, of the body and mind. And with female enhancement products, including creams and libido pills, you’re well-equipped to face the arrival of menopause and enjoy sex well into your golden years.

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