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How to Avoid Male Enhancement Scams

The male enhancement industry is swathed in scams, spam, false promises, dangerous techniques and products that just don’t work. By the same token, male enhancement fulfills, enhances, restores confidence and makes good sex great. That’s the thing about male enhancement. You never quite know what you’re gonna get.
That might be a stretch. There are good products among the minefield of male enhancement scams. The trick is to know what you’re looking for, what’s possible, and what’s not. How’s this? First, let’s define male enhancement and what it does. Then we’ll review common male enhancement scams, and more importantly, how to avoid them.

What is Male Enhancement?

Male enhancement is an umbrella term for the various products and techniques that purport to benefit the penis and/or male reproductive system. Some products boost semen production and extend orgasms. Others boost sexual health, with increased sex drive and stamina to match. And some male enhancement products do, in fact, make the penis bigger.
Of course, you’re probably familiar with the “penis pill”, from the thousands of spam emails you’ve received. Some estimates suggest that penis pill emails constitute over half of global spam. Click on them if you want a virus.

What Will Male Enhancement Do?

The right male enhancement product will boost sex drive, semen production and/or some of the most amazing orgasms this side of Neptune. And yes, a few male enhancement products and techniques will actually make your penis bigger.
Male enhancement pills are usually natural, with botanicals like ginkgo biloba and tribulus terrestris, used since antiquity to deliver the goods to the genitals and sex drive.

What Will Male Enhancement Not Do?

Let’s be honest. Male enhancement can make your penis bigger with the right product, techniques and attention, but a four inch increase in penis size from a penis pill? That’s called a scam, and it’s a common male enhancement scam at that.
Male enhancement won’t magically transform you into a super-stud, either. Yes, it can boost performance, but it won’t mysteriously land women in your bed without you taking the initiative to approach them first.
The bottom line with male enhancement is common sense. Get it, and use it.

Common Male Enhancement Scams

There are lots of them, but some of the more common male enhancement scams include:

  • penis pills (when they promise to increase penis size)
  • penis pumps, clamps and patches
  • dangerous/harmful products and techniques
  • re-billing

To clarify, a male enhancement pill can boost sex drive and/or increase semen production, but they’ll rarely be called “penis pills”.

How to Avoid Scams

To start, just avoid penis pills. Most products with that moniker claim to make your penis bigger, when in fact they don’t. Only use male enhancement pills for performance purposes. Look for products with a large website, with charts, and a long and proven track record. Also, look for products with media coverage, and medical endorsement from a well-known physician, as they’re less likely to lend their names to a scam product.
In addition, look for a well-known brand, like VigRX Plus or ProSolution. They’re generally proven and come with customer testimonials. Scam products aren’t around long enough to to do that. The better-known brands also have live 24/7 customer support. That’s another plus.
Do your homework. Review all material from a product that interests you. Then look at the larger picture, on medical websites and in the media. You’re looking for honest, objective stories about the product and what it claims to offer. Recently there’s been media coverage of penis extenders as one of the few penis enlargement techniques that work. That’s just the kind of objectivity you’re looking for.
And a final thought. If you’re looking to increase penis size, avoid surgery, which is risky and shows meagre results. Try a quality penis extender or exercise system, from a proven company, with extensive instructions and a daily log to monitor your progress.

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