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How to Increase Penis Size

Man_Wants_to_Increase_Penis_SizeYou’re in good shape if you have a healthy skepticism of the spam emails and faulty products that promise to make the penis bigger. Many, even most of the emails touting how to increase penis size are spam clogging inboxes around the world and waste your valuable time.
That said, there’s a huge demand for products and techniques that increase penis size. The average North American penis is between five and seven inches in length when fully erect. Micropenis refers to a penis that’s less than two inches long in an erect state. Some estimates put micropenis at one in 200 men. That’s at least half a million men in the United States. The demand is there. So can you really increase penis size?
The short answer is yes, you can. The trick is to see through the fake promises and ineffective, and more importantly, dangerous techniques purported to work. You can increase penis size with several methods. In this article, we’ll review how.


But first, let’s review what to avoid. Clamps, penis pumps and various hanging methods have been endlessly touted by spammers and fly-by-night operators who exploit mens’ concerns about penis size. Avoid them completely. Not only are they ineffective, they expose the penis to risks including scarring, tissue damage and in the worst case scenario, permanent inability to sustain an erection.
The penis is a series of tissues, ligaments and blood vessels, and it’s easily damaged if strained inappropriately. This article reviews three methods to make the penis bigger: surgery, penis extenders and penis exercise systems. The first option is best for increasing penis girth. The latter two are generally safe and are among the few methods that work for both width and length.


Phalloplasty, or penis surgery, is a surgical procedure to increase penis size, either for width or length. Both procedures involve grafting tissue from a donor site and extending the urethra. Procedures to broaden girth produce the best results, with an 80% patient satisfaction. Penis-lengthening surgery, however, is controversial and typically produces less than an inch in increased length.
Both surgeries come with risks, including scarring, blood-clotting/supply issues and in some cases, permanent inability to produce an erection. Both procedures require follow-up surgeries, usually three to six months after the original procedure, to implant an erectile prosthesis.
Bioengineering and improvements to current procedures could make phalloplasty a more viable option for men looking to increase penis size in the future. But at the present time, phalloplasty remains a risky, and in the case of penis-lengthening, generally ineffective solution.

Penis Extenders

A penis extender is a mechanism that elongates and broadens the penis with traction. Penis extenders are worn on the penis for six to ten hours a day, usually for three to six months. While it may seem inconvenient to wear a penis device for this length of time, most users find they get used to the mild sensation after several days.
Penis extenders stimulate blood flow throughout the penis and encourage cells to divide within the penile tissue. With time and consistency, this process is clinically proven to broaden the penis in length and width. Penis extenders offer a convenient and relatively unintrusive method to increase penis size, and are used in many countries to address Peyronie’s Disease, or severe curvature of the penis.
Are penis extenders a good method to make the penis bigger? Generally speaking, they are. But care should be taken to choose a quality mechanism, of medical-grade metals and plastics, to avoid rashes and irritations. Penis extenders cost between $100-$400, depending on quality and extras.

Penis Exercises

Girl_Checks_Out_Guys_PenisPenis exercises are another proven option. The jelq is the foundation of many exercise systems and is one of the most basic penis-broadening movements. To perform a jelq, curve your thumb and index finger around the penis while semi-erect, and “milk” the penis in a forward motion. This forces more blood into the glans and stimulates vascularity in the corpora cavernosum (the sponge-like reservoirs in the penis that hold and restrict blood during arousal).
Penis exercises work, but a word of caution. Always perform exercises within an established penis exercise system that offers step-by-step instructions and online tutorials to ensure you perform them correctly. The penis is easily damaged and must be handled with care, with adequate warm-ups and cool-downs involving a warm cloth and compression, and recuperation. A quality penis exercise system uses safe exercises, including the jelq, and walks you through the process.

The Two Best Ways to Increase Penis Size

Penis exercises and extenders generally show the most potential to increase penis size and, if used correctly, minimize trauma and risk to the penis. When choosing a mechanism or exercise system, look for a well-established company that’s been around for at least five years, with medical endorsements and client testimonials, and backed by a solid, risk-free guarantee.
If you can look past the marketing hype, many guys report that ProExtender System, which is used by doctors in 29 countries and with a 6 month guarantee, is a good place to start.
Yes, it can be difficult to find a good product in the male enhancement industry. So ditch pumps, clamps and dangerous methods and stick to extenders and exercise systems. Avoid surgery, unless for widening the penis, and always err on the side of caution when placing any kind of stress on the penis.
Take a deep breath. You can increase penis size. Do it with the tips you’ve learned here, and you’ll do well.

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