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How to Look Younger

With a generation of baby-boomers now in their 60s, there’s no shortage of people who want to look younger. Want proof? Estimates put the global skin-care industry at $150 billion each year. Those born between 1945-1964 buy half of it. Anti-aging is big business. And business is booming.
Anti-aging products may help you look younger, but there’s no substitute for healthy lifestyle habits. You’re reading this because you want to know how to look younger. Well, you can look younger. But it’s a commitment, of time, energy and the discipline to stick to it. Anti-aging products help, but they work better when incorporated into a lifestyle of adequate rest, balanced diet, regular exercise and habits that will have you looking young and feeling good. What are they? Let’s find out.
Sleep well. Aim to get seven to eight hours of sleep each night. This can be difficult, given today’s hectic lifestyle and the 24/7 nature of digital communication, but you’ll look better for it. Lack of sleep contributes to under-eye bags and puffiness and aged skin. How to look younger starts in bed.
Eat well. You’re striving for a healthy, balanced diet, low in sugar and fats, high in fruits and vegetables. If possible, eat fruits that consist of all colors of the rainbow, for exposure to a wide range of beneficial nutrients. Strive for five daily helpings of brightly colored fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, as they’re high in beta-carotene, which promotes longevity.
Be sure to get enough exercise. Three to four sessions a week, of at least 45 minutes should be the foundation of your regimen. Walking, running, cycling, swimming, there’s an endless list of exercises that are easily incorporated into a busy lifestyle. Remember though that it’s important to break out a sweat and feel tired after a session, to benefit from exercise.
Regular exercise can help you manage your ideal weight. What’s ideal? Aim for a body mass index (BMI) between 18 and 25. Above 25 and you’re overweight. At 30 you’re obese. Don’t feel bad if you’re overweight, most people are. Just remember the golden rule of weight management: burn more calories than you consume.
In addition, be sure to do your yearly physical with your doctor. Pay close attention to your blood pressure and check for heart problems, particularly if you’re physically active. Medical problems can age the skin and make you look older. Watch your health closely.
Protect yourself from the sun. While regular exposure to sun provides the Vitamin D required for mental health, keep that exposure to 20 minutes. Remember that few factors age the skin faster than damage from the sun. Use sunscreen, of at least SPF 15, and re-apply every hour, after being in the water or sweating. Try to avoid the sun in hot climates between 10AM and 4PM, as this is when the sun’s rays are strongest.
And if you want to know how to look younger, practice a daily skin ritual. Use a facial cleanser in the shower or bath, and an exfoliant and facial moisturizer for your face, and a body moisturizer for your body. Moisturize your face once a day if you have oily or normal skin, twice if your skin is dry.
Of course, few things give away age faster than eye wrinkles and puffiness. Adequate rest can help prevent eye bags and dark circles. Use an anti-wrinkle eye cream twice a day (once in the morning, after applying a facial moisturizer) and once before bed. Use your ring finger to apply eye products, as it’s the weakest finger and less likely to tear the delicate skin under the eye. Sleep on your back, not your stomach or side, to reduce the chance of rubbing your eyes against the pillow.
Remember also that botox is an option to prevent crow’s feet and expression lines and wrinkles on the forehead. That said, botox is a temporary measure, and not the cheapest option, at $300-$700 per treatment. Proper skin and facial care can reduce the need for botox. And as a less invasive alternative to prevent eye wrinkles and bagginess, put used green tea bags over your eyes for five to ten minutes. Tea bags contain polyphenol, which tightens the skin. Or do the same with slices of cucumber.
How to look younger is a commitment. The right products help, especially for the skin and face, but it’s just as important to eat right, sleep well, exercise and manage your weight. Listen to your body. Commit to aging well. And guess what? You’ll look younger!

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