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How to Prevent Eye Wrinkles

Few things betray age like eye wrinkles. They’re not hard to spot. You see them as crow’s feet at the corners of the eye, and expression lines underneath. Eye wrinkles come with the passage of time, and that can sting.
There’s an entire industry for skin and wrinkle care, with treatments from preventative eye wrinkle creams to botox. People want to know how to prevent eye wrinkles. While some products and techniques are effective, healthy habits go a long way. You can prevent eye wrinkles, but you’ll have more success if you adopt a comprehensive, long-term approach to skin care and wrinkle prevention. Here we’ll review how.
Any article on how to prevent eye wrinkles must mention the sun and the damage it does to youthful skin. While it’s scientifically proven that regular sun exposure is good for the mind, it’s also a first-class ticket to wrinkles, whether that’s around the eyes or on the body. So invest in a good pair of sunglasses and block the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Apply sunscreen, of at least SPF 15 to your face. Try to avoid exposure to the sun between 10AM and 4PM, as this is when UV rays are strongest.
Meanwhile, try not to squint or distort your eyes. Remember that eye wrinkles come with reduced collagen production, which makes the eyes vulnerable to wrinkling from repeated movements. You won’t notice wrinkles from squinting when you’re young, but they’ll linger with age and become more prominent. Try to prevent dramatic eye movements when you’re concerned or upset as well.
Apply a daily moisturizer, to lock in moisture and prevent wrinkles from forming in the first place. Note that this should be a facial moisturizer, and not the kind you’d use on your body. This rule applies to soap as well. Never use a body moisturizer or cleanser on the face.
While you’re at it, use a daily anti-wrinkle eye cream, as they’re specifically formulated to reduce eye wrinkles, with a rich, creamy texture. Want to know how to prevent eye wrinkles? Start in the bathroom, with a facial moisturizer, and an eye wrinkle cream. Once a day for both, and twice if your skin is dry.
By the way, be gentle on your skin, especially under the eyes. The skin in this area is just 0.5 mm thick, compared to 2 mm for the rest of the body. Use your ring finger to apply cream and moisturizer under the eyes, as it’s the weakest finger and less likely to pull or tear than your index finger. Dab, don’t pull, and resist the urge to rub or scratch your eyes.
At night, sleep with a humidifier. Dry air makes dry skin. A humidifier helps moisturize the skin and is proven to reduce wrinkling.
Also at night, sleep on your back, not your stomach or side, which might encourage you to rub your eyes against your pillow, subconsciously or not. Keep your head on your pillow, and your eyes toward the ceiling.
Some final notes how to prevent eye wrinkles; stay hydrated, with eight to ten glasses of water each day. Eat a healthy, balanced diet, with plenty of fruits and vegetables. And if you drink green tea, save the tea bags, and place then over your eyes for five to ten minutes. Green tea bags contain polyphenol, an anti-inflammatory that keeps skin taut.
You can prevent eye wrinkles. But remember that it’s a commitment. Of sun protection, daily cleansing, sleep hygiene and diet. Remember too that many of these tips promote overall skin health whether it’s around the eyes or in other areas. Prevent eye wrinkles and you’ll have healthy, vibrant skin. You’ll also look younger, and maybe even feel sexier.

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