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Increase Penis Size and Treat Appearance With Age

Growing old is not a death sentence, to you or your penis. Yes, we know that sex drive can wane with increasing years, and require more stimulation and time to orgasm. But some men are just plain horny, whether they’re 17 or 70. Want proof? Look at Rod Stewart and Hugh Hefner.
That said, we should clarify that the penis does change, in size and appearance. And considering that many men want to increase penis size, any loss in length or width is enough to give a good jolt to men concerned about their penis and sexual health.
Relax. The good news is you won’t lose much. Let’s review the natural life of the penis and how it ages. And yes, if you really want, you can increase penis size as you get older. We’ll get to that.

Penis Appearance

The penis typically undergoes two major changes in appearance. First, the head of the penis (glans) loses its purplish color, from less blood flow. Second, there’s less pubic hair. The first change might distress you a little, the latter not so much.

Penis Size

You’ll probably lose less size than you think. In fact, you can often make it look bigger just by losing weight.
Remember that men tend to add belly fat with increasing years. That can make the penis look smaller, even hide it completely. Trim your belly and you increase penis size, at least in appearance. And you’ll add some jump to your stride in the process.
While it’s doubtful you’ll lose much, men tend to lose about half an inch in the process of aging. The cause? Slow deposits of plaque inside the tiny arteries within the penis, reducing blood flow. This is called atherosclerosis, and it’s the same process that can cause blockages in the coronary arteries and cause heart attack.
In addition, a gradual build-up of inelastic collagen (scar tissue) in the fibrous sheath around the erection chambers can also reduce blood flow throughout the penis. Combined with clogged arteries within the penile tissue, these two mechanisms can make erections smaller.

Penis Curvature

Uneven scarring can curve the penis – a condition called Peyronie’s diease. This happens most often in middle age and can make erections and intercourse painful. In some cases, surgery may be required.


Surprisingly, penis size and curvature can both be addressed with the same solution. A penis extender is a mechanism that fits over the penis and, true to its name, extends the penis, with light pressure applied over several months. Penis extenders employ traction, to stimulate cell mitosis within the penile tissue. Extenders can increase penis size, treat Peyronie’s disease and fix curvature.
Penis extenders work best with consistent use, usually for eight to ten hours a day, for up to six months. They’re not painful, and most users find they get used to the light but noticeable sensation after several days. Care should be taken, however, to choose a product with medical-grade plastics and metals, to avoid a rash or allergic reaction.
Remember that it’s important to manage expectations with penis enlargement. It’s unlikely you’ll add four or more inches with a penis extender or any penis enlargement method. But two inches are certainly possible, if using a quality mechanism.

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