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8 Natural Moisturizers For Dry Skin

Checked your hands lately? If you’re like many folks in October, they’re starting to crack. Welcome to the change of seasons, folks, in which cool air leads to dry skin and a run on moisturizers for the face and the body. You could go that route too – but you could also try one of […]

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What is Leaky Gut Syndrome?

The health community is littered with fads and well-intentioned but often-harmful gimmicks like kombucha and the paleo diet. Curiously, though, there may be truth to leaky gut syndrome – a collection of digestive symptoms including gas and bloating, cramps and food sensitivities. Wait a second. Doesn’t that sound like Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Well here’s the […]

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How to Put Weekly Sex In Your Life

It’s not always easy, but you should try to put weekly sex in your relationship. Granted, there’s probably little harm in doing it more often if you’re feeling randy, but weekly sex appears to be the sweet spot. That’s the conclusion of a Canadian study published in November 2015 which found that weekly sex helped […]

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Your VigRX Plus FAQs Answered

Correct us if you’re not in this camp. You’ve heard of VigRX Plus before as a male enlargement pill and/or over the counter male sex pill that can get you up and running. But you’re skeptical – and we don’t blame you for that. Male enhancement is an industry with plenty of scams and pitfalls if […]

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The Mediterranean Diet and Anti-Aging

The Mediterranean Diet is a broad term that encapsulates the eating habits of countries along the Mediterranean Sea. It’s also a buzzword in the health community – you’ve likely heard of many studies linking the Mediterranean diet to a variety of anti-aging benefits like brain health and cancer prevention. Many studies have been performed on […]

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