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Introducing TestRX Testosterone Booster

TestRX_Product_ShotWeed through the estimated one in four American guys over 30 with low testosterone and you’ll find many of them have symptoms of low T for reasons like diabetes and heart disease. Now apply yet another filter and you’ll find millions of men legitimately have low testosterone. It’s men like that who will benefit from TestRX – our new natural testosterone booster for guys.
Of course, you’re probably wondering how TestRX is different than every other so called low T supplement bombarding you with messages that lack of testosterone is responsible for your ED and lower quality of life. That’s a good question, and here’s your answer:
TestRX is a natural product from the makers of VigRX Plus. It’s made in the United States at a cGMP-compliant facility in accordance with strict health and safety regulations. And the product comes with the reassurance of a 60 day guarantee, which gives you two months to try TestRX and return the supplement if it doesn’t work out.

Defining Low T

We get it – you’re swamped with messages online and even TV that you don’t measure up because of low T symptoms. Much of that is hype, agreed, but that still leaves plenty of men who actually have low testosterone and the symptoms that go with it, like:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Lost Interest in Sex
  • Loss of Muscle
  • Low Energy
  • Reduced Bone Density

You’re in low testosterone territory when you’re at 300 ng/dL and your doctor rules out other conditions that may be causing these symptoms, like diabetes or heart disease. And barring other factors that could affect your testosterone, like lack of sleep and obesity, if your doctor suggests you try a natural low testosterone supplement, it’s a good bet that TestRX can help.

Don’t Use TestRX If…

TestRX is no silver bullet. It’s not going to magically cure all your ails and won’t help if:
You want to improve fertility – TestRX is not designed to boost male fertility.
You think it will magically cure ED – Other factors are at play with erectile dysfunction, like diabetes, obesity and heart disease. You may want to review those with your doctor.
You have active prostate cancer – Many doctors recommend not using testosterone supplements for men with prostate cancer or male breast cancer.

Try TestRX If…

You want to get your masculine back once you hit 45+. The average man loses about 1% of his testosterone every year after 19, but some guys lose much more than that. It’s not uncommon for a man of 60 to have half the testosterone he had at 25.
That’s where TestRX shines, with a powerful natural formula that, among other things, should help you:
Boost Strength – Studies on the ingredients in TestRX show the formula can increase prowess in the gym. Lower body strength in particular seems to benefit from the TestRX formula.
Have Bigger Erections – Testosterone influences the size of your penis.
Get More Energy – Low testosterone is linked to lack of energy – and you’ll definitely feel a difference here with TestRX!
Guy_With_Amazing_AbsBuild Your Muscles – Testosterone fuels muscle growth, in no small part because it increases strength.
Shed Weight – Ever wondered why guys tend to put on weight as they get older? Loss of testosterone appears to play a role. TestRX should make it easier to reverse that trend.

What’s In TestRX?

You can rest easy. TestRX is not a form of hormone replacement therapy and it’s not a steroid. Rather, it’s a natural-based supplement that encourages the body to start pumping out testosterone again, to youthful levels that help guys get wood, boost strength, increase muscle mass and look and feel on top of their game.
There is no synthetic hormone in the formula. TestRX is simply made of testosterone-encouraging ingredients, including:
Tribulus Terrestris – Less Erectile Dysfunction
A Mediterranean plant and member of the nightshade family, tribulus terrestris might help you show up when it matters. That’s the conclusion of a 2008 study published in Phytomedicine which links an active ingredient in the plant, protodioscin, to a 52% increase in testosterone.
Fenugreek (Trigonella Foenum-Graecum) – Upper and Lower Body Strength
A study of 49 men found fenugreek can ‘significantly’ increase upper and lower body strength. The exotic plant helped guys increase leg press performance by 25.29%, and body fat went down by a more-than-welcome 2.34%.
Eurycoma Longifolia (Tongkat Ali) – Increased Testosterone by 37%
The rumors you’ve heard are true. Tongkat Ali really does appear to boost testosterone – look no further than a 2012 study which showed the southeast Asian flower improved aging symptoms and serum testosterone levels in men with hypergonadism. In another study – this one in 2013 – tongkat ali reduced tension and anger, and increased testosterone by 37%.
Agaricus Bisporus – May Promote Male Health
This white mushroom has researchers excited for its anti-aromatase properties. It may have a protective effective, according to a 2006 study, and continues to be of interest for its immense potential.
Tribulus Alatus – Boosted Free Testosterone
An herb that appears to be a powerful aphrodisiac, tribulus alatus boosted free testosterone in a 2007 study published in the International Brazilian Journal of Urology. That’s probably because tribulus alatus appears to boost other male sex hormones too, according to researchers.
Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) – Fewer Falls and Bone Health
Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for bone health, immune function and many other factors for general health. Four studies show it reduces falls in the elderly and may reduce risk of bone fractures as well.
Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) – More Semen and Less Anxiety
A study of 46 guys found ashwagandha boosted semen volume by 53%. They also had significantly higher serum levels when taking this herb commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine. Further studies link it to less depression and anxiety.
Brassica Campestris – Linked to Protective Effect and Muscle Growth
This member of the brassica family of vegetables appears to do good things for men’s health. A study published in Phytomedicine found it may offer protection against common health issues that men face with age – and more studies suggest it may promote muscle growth.

Is TestRX Right For Me?

That depends. Do you think it will magically cure your erectile problems if you’re overweight or have other health concerns, like diabetes or heart disease? Think twice. Are you a guy in average health, and noticing a variety of aging symptoms, like lower sex drive, a little flab, low energy and loss of muscles? Then you might want to try TestRX – it’s made for men with low testosterone who want to take back a little swagger.
Handsome_Man_TestosteroneIf that’s you, then TestRX may help.
You might also want to combine TestRX with VigRX Plus. They’re both Leading Edge products, and TestRX complements the sexual gains with the latter. They’re both great on their own. Now put them together and you’re a king in the bedroom and the ultimate man outside of it too.
In short, consider TestRX to take back your masculine. That’s not as a quick fix for underlying health issues you should discuss with your doctor, but rather as a supplement for guys who want a little help to feel like they’re 25 again.

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