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Is Kollagen Intensiv Better Than Other Anti-Aging Creams?

Kollagen_Intensiv_Best_Wrinkle_CreamAt $59.95 for a single jar, you’ll pay substantially more for a month of Kollagen Intensiv than you would for an anti-wrinkle cream at your local drugstore. Yet that hasn’t hurt sales of the flagship Skinception product. Indeed, even with that hefty price tag, clients seem willing to pay more for exclusive skin care products like this.
But does that mean it’s the best wrinkle cream for your money?
No it doesn’t. The only way you’ll know a good anti-wrinkle cream is if it gets rid of wrinkles (shocker), without inflammation, and helps you look younger, with skin that’s both thick and resilient.
Folks buy Kollagen Intensiv because that’s generally what they report. The average client is 60+, a woman and who wants fewer wrinkles, fine lines and the expertise of a skincare brand linked to better results – like the 354% reduced appearance of wrinkles linked to one of the ingredients in the product.
In a survey of 258 customers, 82.5% of clients said they would buy Kollagen Intensiv again, 17% said maybe and one client said no.

SynColl Leads the Charge

Kollagen Intensiv gets rid of wrinkles by stimulating production of collagen. That’s where SynColl, a patented peptide in the formula, takes over and goes to work by stimulating human fibroblasts of collagen – the building block protein of skin – naturally, without injections.
It’s the SynColl in Kollagen Intensiv that gets all the accolades. In an 84 day clinical study of women who applied the peptide to their skin twice daily, participants saw an average 119% increase in youth-friendly collagen. That made all the difference for them, with a 201% improvement to skin texture and that oft-quoted 354% reduction in wrinkles that helps clients take years off their appearance.
Kollagen Intensiv is formulated with 2% SynColl. That’s right in the middle of the recommended 1-3% SynColl to see best results.

Retinol – For Skin Regeneration

You’ll find two more highly touted natural-based anti-aging ingredients in Kollagen Intensiv. The first, retinol, is a derivative of vitamin A that’s had everyone talking in health circles, including Dr. Oz. The latter is vitamin C that many experts are calling one of the best anti-aging nutrients for the money.
Retinol first. You’ve probably heard of retinol’s prescription cousin, retinoids, which are available in a variety of anti-aging products. Decades of research show they expedite the skin regeneration process, with less noticeable wrinkles and visible signs of ageing to go with it. The caveat with retinoids? Some claim they irritate the skin, thin its layers and make it less resilient.

With Kollagen Intensiv, you pay for exclusivity; a specialty anti-aging cream linked to a 354% reduction in wrinkles because of a Swiss-derived anti-aging formula with SynColl, retinol and vitamin C, among others.

Many dermatologists shoot down that argument by saying the opposite – that retinoids indeed thicken the deepest layer of skin, the dermis, where wrinkles form. And they argue the impression that retinoids make skin ‘brittle’ is wrong. That occurs simply when clients add too much too quickly, which can lead to inflammation if it’s done before they build up a tolerance.
Folks on both sides of the debate agree that it’s best to use retinoids slowly at first, with smaller, dollop sized amounts to test for inflammation.
Fortunately, there may be a way around some of that inflammation with OTC retinoids like retinol. Studies suggest it’s good for the same, albeit milder anti-aging benefits linked to its prescription cousins, but with less inflammation in folks with sensitive skin.

Vitamin C: The Ultimate Anti-Aging Nutrient

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that folks who ate foods high in vitamin C had higher production of collagen and younger skin to go with it.
Beautiful_Elderly_LadyDr. Oz likes it too. So much, in fact, that he calls it “the #1 secret ingredient for youthful skin” and has devoted several pages that demonstrate how vitamin C can reduce wrinkles, tighten skin and provide a variety of other visible anti-aging benefits.
Vitamin C is an antioxidant – you know, one of those nifty molecules the body uses to fight age-inducing free radicals. The Kollagen Intensiv formula has vitamin C as magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, which may have a skin lightening effect, reducing age spots and hyperpigmentation.
Topical ascorbic acid has good permeability too, which helps it cross the epidermis and into the dermis, particularly when combined with other antioxidant compounds.
Kollagen Intensiv owes much of its efficacy to vitamin C. Given that many OTC antiwrinkle creams don’t come with this much-favored anti-aging nutrient, it’s yet another reason to put out a little more for a product that has it.

Kollagen Intensiv Has No Parabens

Parabens are chemicals used as preservatives. They’re among the estimated 10,000 dangerous ingredients in skincare and related hygiene products, from carcinogens to reproductive toxins.
Parabens are of some concern because they act like estrogen in the body. While the effect is weak, there are rumblings of breast cancer with parabens. Some studies have found them in breast cancer tumors. Studies continue, but some people prefer to look for products without them – and the other ingredients that often show up in drugstore-purchased anti-aging creams.
Kollagen Intensiv allows clients to do that, with a natural-based formula, including shea butter, cucumber fruit and green tea leaf extract. Gone are many of the dangerous ingredients you’d find in a competing drug store antiwrinkle cream. In are plant-based preservatives and similar natural ingredients that combine with SynColl to stimulate collagen, which encourages turn-over of skin and helps minimize and erase wrinkles where they develop.

A 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Ever tried to return an antiwrinkle cream to the drugstore after using it?
You’d be lucky to escape the store without strange looks from the cashier, and luckier still to find a drugstore-purchased anti-aging cream that would guarantee the product beyond 30 days.
Put out the money and you expect more from the product. That extends to the guarantee as well – clients buy Kollagen Intensiv because it takes years of their appearance, and they can return it for 90 days in the event it does not.
That’s basically three months to take it for a test run and return for a complete refund minus shipping and handling, and a deciding factor that tips many folks in favor of buying Kollagen Intensiv. To use an often-quoted phrase that deservedly gets a rolled-eyes reaction, you’ve got nothing to lose when you buy Kollagen Intensiv. A cliche? Yup – but it’s an accurate one, and it’s a further argument why it’s worth putting out a few more dollars for Kollagen Intensiv than an anti-aging cream at your local pharmacy.

Should I Buy Kollagen Intensiv?

That depends on your situation. Folks on a budget tend to buy what’s available at their local drugstore. There’s nothing wrong with that, provided they know what they’re getting: a mass-produced product with plenty of synthetic ingredients. They should hydrate the skin and work moderately well, though there’s rarely any magic in the formula.
Then again, you get what you pay for. With Kollagen Intensiv, you pay for exclusivity; a specialty anti-aging cream linked to a 354% reduction in wrinkles because of a Swiss-derived anti-aging formula with SynColl, retinol and vitamin C, among others.
Mature_Woman_Looking_In_MirrorOne without parabens, and with a 90 day money-back guarantee to see if it indeed lives up to its claims of taking a decade off physical appearance.
The choice is yours, but there’s a clear answer for clients with the means: Kollagen Intensiv delivers superior results. It’s worth spending a little more to enjoy the better cosmetic results that clients describe when they use the product.

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