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Long Ring Finger Means a Bigger Penis

Depending how curious you are about your manhood, you might want to look at your right hand. A new study builds on rumors that have long swirled among cocktail parties and conversation-makers around the world. Yes, it’s true. A long ring finger indicates a bigger penis.
Specifically, a low index-to-ring finger length ratio on the right hand indicates a bigger penis, or at least longer. The longer the ring finger in comparison with the index finger, the longer the penis.
Conversely, men with a low ratio – those with a shorter ring finger, or whose index finger was longer than the ring finger – had a smaller penis.
The study, published in the Asian Journal of Andrology, consisted of 144 Korean men, aged 20 and older, of whom all were in preparation for urological surgery.
The researchers measured each man’s index and ring fingers, and when anesthetized, each patient’s penis length when flaccid and stretched.
The researchers also factored age, weight, height, digit ratio, each finger length and body mass index into the study. When accounted for, the results showed that height and digit ratio were significantly linked to penis length. And while height was associated with flaccid length only, the difference in length between the ring and index fingers on the right hand was, indeed, linked to a longer penis.
As the study suggests, the key to penis length may lie in the womb. As the fetus develops, it absorbs high levels of testosterone, which influence limb development and the urogenital system. The more testosterone a fetus absorbs, the longer the ring finger in relation to the index, and the longer the penis.
While the researchers did not find a connection between digit ratio and erection size or length, they added that there was a strong link between penis length when flaccid and stretched and size of the erect penis.
The researchers also note that digit ratio often varies among ethnic groups, yet the study conclusively found a link between finger and penis length – hinting that the results might be universal, among all races.
The average North American penis is five to seven inches in length, and two to three inches in width. Discouraged? Don’t be. The study is interesting, and makes good fodder for conversation, but doesn’t spell doom for men with a high index-to-ring finger ratio.
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