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Male Enhancement and Foreplay

Any good chef will tell you that a meal should be a long and social affair, with four courses and great company. Appetizers come first, followed by a main course. Then there’s a salad course, and finally, desert. You might wash it down with a fine wine as well, and finish with coffee.
There’s no question that dining is an art form. So is sex. But if recent studies hold weight, a lot of men avoid the appetizers. We’re talking about foreplay, by the way, which is integral to the love-making process and the art of sex.
On a different note, male enhancement is a broad term for natural products, of herbals and amino acids, that boost sex drive and assist the male anatomy. Male enhancement can include libido pills or enhancement oils or creams, but they both serve the same function: to help men have and enjoy as much sex as possible.
While it’s a sweeping generalization that women prefer the slow and steady approach in bed, most sex therapists contend that women prefer sex with an appetizer. Why mention male enhancement in the same breath as fine dining? Because foreplay is a lot like the appetizer: it’s a teaser for what’s soon to follow. And a lot of men skip foreplay and jump straight to the main course.

Why Do Men Skip Foreplay?

There are several reasons why many couples do without foreplay, not the least of which being that some men think they haven’t had sex until they’ve had the full-on experience of intercourse. The temptation is there to skip foreplay and jump right in and thrust away til they’ve blown their load.
There’s also erectile dysfunction. Some men fear they’ll lose their erection during foreplay, and either skip foreplay or make it brief, as if the act of sex relies on how long they can stay hard and how they perform. Some men take Viagra, or the longer-lasting Levitra, for a psychological boost, although emerging studies link both drugs to side effects including blurry vision and hearing loss.
In addition, some men avoid foreplay for concerns of premature ejaculation, and believe they’ll ejaculate sooner than they’d like.
Granted, most men are at least familiar that sex is as much psychological as it is a physical experience for both genders, and are familiar with the idea that a nibble here or a stroke there might be just what their partner wants. Exploration of the female body is an ongoing journey, and it’s safe to say that most men want to please.
And while Viagra and its competition do a brisk business, the psychological boost they offer in the bedroom is short-lived. Pharmaceuticals don’t address the root causes of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, they merely give the ability to produce an erection. And with the side effects and risks of pharmaceutical ED drugs, there must be a way to enjoy foreplay and maintain an erection.

How Male Enhancement Can Make Foreplay Work For You

Male enhancement creams use natural ingredients like ginkgo biloba leaf, muira pauma and hawthorn berry, with maximum absorption of time-tested herbals right to the penile tissue, for instant arousal and a long-lasting erection. With no reported side effects, they may be safer than Viagra and pharmaceutical drugs, with the reassurance that you can perform when required. Just apply and enjoy.
Enhancement creams lend themselves well to foreplay because they produce an erection on demand. Lost wood? Apply a cream. Better yet, have her apply it to you, as a prelude to what’s to follow.
Male enhancement pills provide the additional benefit of increased sexual health, with nutrients that aid the libido and restore jump to the sex drive that’s so often lost with age. They’re a long-term approach, however, and while they address the root causes of erectile dysfunction in men, you can’t go wrong with an enhancement cream for instant arousal. And for amazing sex, with foreplay and all.

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