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Male Enhancement as a Multi-Vitamin? Maybe

Unhealthy habits affect the sex drive. That’s not rocket science. But a new study sheds light into the habits of men. Habits like, you know, a beer here, a cigarette there. Avoiding the gym. And sitting on your duff.
Hey, life happens. We’re all guilty of at least some of these issues at various points in our lives. But as the study suggests, the long-term effects of unhealthy living don’t lend themselves to good sex. And no multi-vitamin will help. Or will it?
Male enhancement is a generic term for products and techniques that benefit the male anatomy, either to increase penis size or to boost performance and sexual health. A penis pill is a dietary supplement of herbals and nutrients. An enhancement cream or oil is a topical application to instantly produce an erection. Both are male enhancement products that enable men to have and enjoy sex.
Male enhancement might supplement the male body with the nutrients required for a thriving sex drive and the ability to sustain a long-lasting erection. But will it bolster us against those unhealthy habits that many of us commit? Let’s look at at the study and the connotations it raises.
The study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, found that men are more likely to have sexual problems if they smoke, drink excessively, take illicit drugs, don’t exercise or are overweight. Men with sexual partners were 71% more likely to have sexual dysfunction if their waistlines were larger than average, and were 800% more likely to have problems if they were heavy drug users.
Women with sexual partners were three times more likely to have problems reaching orgasm if they used hashish.
Sexual dysfunction refers to any number of sexual problems that men and women encounter that inhibit interest in and enjoyment of sex. In men, that’s often erectile dysfunction (inability to get or sustain an erection), and hypoactive sexual desire disorder, or decreased libido.
While a definition of “overweight” can vary, when measured by body mass index (BMI), overweight means a BMI between 25 and 30, and obesity as a BMI over 30.
Current estimates put male obesity in the United States at over 30%.
And while there were other factors that affected sexual health, including some medical treatments and injuries, lifestyle choices and recreational drug use, both of which are a personal choice, had the greatest impact on sexual health.
The study involved 5,552 Danish men and women, between 16 and 97 and was conducted by the Danish government.
Male enhancement products, and specifically penis pills, are natural products, consisting of ancient herbs and nutrients, that infuse the male reproductive system with vital nutrients for sexual health. The pay off? Increased sex drive. Boosted stamina. And an erection when you need it. Sort of an herbal Viagra.
That’s fine and dandy, but can male enhancement products supplement the body enough to compensate for a lifetime of bad habits? Probably not. As the study indicates, nothing kills your sexual health quite like drugs. The more you take, the more damage you do.
Having said that, male enhancement pills are based on an ancient understanding of the male anatomy and of the nutrients needed to get wood and use it. Ginseng, ginkgo biloba and tribulus terrestris, for example, have been used for thousands of years, in Asia and South America, as aphrodisiacs and as health boosters.
As it turns out, biology hasn’t changed much since then. The nutrients that increased sex drive a thousand years ago still serve that same function. And when formulated and offered by male enhancement, penis pills may act as a health supplement.
Seventy-one per cent of users of one male enhancement product, VigRX Plus, reported an increase in sexual satisfaction. Sixty-two per cent of users reported an increase in ability to get an erection, and almost 60% of customers claimed an increased ability to penetrate their partner.
If that’s any indication, male enhancement may act as a multi-vitamin for your sexual health and enjoyment. Take a pill each day, avoid illicit drugs, and get to work!

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