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Male Enhancement Defined

Sexy_Blonde_Woman_in_BedMale enhancement is a broad term that refers to products that either make the penis bigger, help with performance issues, or both. While the term is often used synonymously with penis enlargement, male enhancement serves other functions, including boosted semen production, longer endurance and is an effective way to address erectile dysfunction.

Is male enhancement a scam?

With the amount of spam emails and fly-by-night companies offering penis-related products with little to no scientific merit, it’s no wonder that some people view penis enhancement as a scam.There are scams and bogus male enhancement products. There are also proven male enhancement products, backed by clinical evidence and customer testimonials. The key is to find a product offered by a company with a long and proven track record, preferably with multiple doctor endorsements, a live customer support team and a firm guarantee.Yes, it can be difficult to find a legitimate product among the fake. Dig a little deeper, and you will find them.

Will male enhancement make my penis bigger?

Two male enhancement techniques are medically proven to broaden the penis in length and width. Penis exercises employ traction to stimulate cell mitosis throughout the penile tissue. The penis expands as the cells divide, and with time and consistency, make it bigger. Penis extenders also broaden the penis with traction, but do it gradually, with a metal device worn over the penis and incorporated into an active lifestyle.

How does male enhancement fix erectile dysfunction?

Male enhancement products use natural ingredients used since ancient times to boost blood flow to the genitalia and throughout the penis. Ginkgo biloba, Asian ginseng and tribulus terrestris are among the ingredients used in quality male enhancement pills and gels. These ingredients infuse the reproductive system with nutrients that boost semen production and expand the corpora cavernosa (the sponge-like reservoirs within the penis that hold blood during arousal), and encourage large and frequent erections.

How is male enhancement different than Viagra?

Viagra is a pharmaceutical drug available only through a doctor prescription. Viagra does not address the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction and reduced libido and merely produces an erection with each pill. Viagra also comes with side effects, including head aches, congestion and blurry vision.A quality male enhancement pill is a natural supplement that stimulates blood flow to the penis and infuses the male reproductive system with nutrients that boost sexual health. Unlike Viagra, male enhancement pills create the conditions required for instant arousal and restored sex drive.

How are male enhancement products taken?

Male enhancement products that boost sexual performance generally fall into three categories, pills, gels, and volume enhancers.Male_Enhancement_Gift_ChristmasPills like VigRX Plus boost libido and can produce a larger, harder erection with nutrients that expand the corpora cavernosa. While they generally take several months before their benefits kick in, they’re a long-term solution to increased sex drive.Gels such as ProSolution Gel  act immediately (usually within 60 seconds) and are ideal when you quickly want an erection. They’re also a fun and effective way to engage in foreplay with your partner.Volume enhancers like Semenax increase semen production, which prolongs and intensifies orgasms. The more semen you have to deliver, the longer the orgasm will be. Volume enhancers also boost sexual health.

Should I use a pill, gel or volume enhancer?

That depends on your situation. You can’t go wrong with having a gel for instant arousal. If you want a larger erection, try a pill. For longer and even more enjoyable orgasms, a semen volume enhancer would be a good choice.As well, if you’re struggling with premature ejaculation – and 30% of all guys do at any given time – try ProSolution Plus.

How long do male enhancement products take to work?

For penis enlargement products, exercises usually take several months, and between 20 to 30 minutes a day. Penis extenders also take several months, and are worn between 6 to 8 hours a day.For performance-related products, gels act immediately. Pills and volume enhancers require 60 to 90 days for maximum results.

Are male enhancement products safe?

Yes. Because male enhancement products are natural, they are very well-tolerated. Male enhancement is substantially safer than penis enlargement surgery. Having said this, look for a product offered by a company with a long track record, with multiple doctor endorsements and client testimonials.

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