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What Can Male Enhancement Do For Me?

Male_Enhancement_Pills_Sex_AnticipationA bigger penis! Herbal viagra! You’ve probably heard these promises about male enhancement and you’re a little skeptical. That’s good – you should be. Estimates put spam at close to 90% of all emails, with most of those being penis-related.That’s a whole lot of clogged inboxes. Most of these male enhancement products, when they exist, are nothing more than sawdust pushed by shady people. They don’t work, might put your health and risk, and they’re certainly not around long enough to develop a track record or anything that passes for a good reputation.But here’s the thing. There are a few male enhancement products that actually do what they claim. You can get a bigger penis with an extender. You can boost your sex drive with a male libido pill, or even have a longer orgasm with a volume enhancer. The trick is to find products with an established track record and proof that they work. Doctor approval helps, and a 60 day guarantee is a plus.

7 Awesome Things About (A Few) Male Enhancement Products

The right male enhancement products are magic. They can transform your sex life with natural ingredients used since ancient times to help guys rise in the bedroom. When you buy male enhancement products that meet the right prerequisites, you’re in for a treat.Non-Prescription – Natural enhancement products for men are dietary supplements. You can buy them online and often skip that embarassing trip to the doctor.All-Natural – Assuming you have no underlying health issues, natural male enhancement products are remarkably well-tolerated because they’re made of herbals and botanicals.No Waiting Period – Enhancement pills need between one and three months for their nutrients to build up in your system. Once they have, you’re always ready to perform, with no awkward 30 minute waiting period for a pill to kick in.

Semenax enjoys an exceptionally high rate of repeat clients, with over 75% of customers being guys who came back for another go.

Bigger-Looking Penis – Surprise! Yes it’s true. Male Enhancement pills are designed to increase blood flow to the genitalia, which can make your erection look bigger. Some enhancement products, like extenders, add inches that you keep.Ancient Wisdom – This ain’t new stuff. Most of the ingredients in male enhancement products like VigRX Plus have been used to assist male sexual performance by the ancient peoples of Asia, South American and Europe for thousands of years.Doctor-Approval – A (select) few male enhancement products come with approval from respected physicians like Dr. Steven Lamm of The View.Clinical Proof – Here’s another shocker. Some male enhancement products are clinically proven to do what they say. Consider VigRX Plus, which researchers found increased sex drive by 47%.Note these benefits are for guys with no specific health concerns. While male libido pills can help mild cases of erectile dysfunction, speak with your doctor if ED persists. Erectile dysfunction can be a sign of more urgent health problems, like heart disease or diabetes.

For: Low Sex Drive

Try: A Male Libido Pill

A male libido pill is a natural supplement designed to increase sexual desire and performance. The product is formulated with nutrients that build up in the male reproductive system. This typically takes between 30 and 90 days, after which they make your erections stronger, give better stamina and increase sex drive so much you’ll think you’re 18.Guys who use natural libido pills like that they’re always ready to perform. They report greater sexual frequency, enjoyment of it and closer bonds with their partners.Man_Satisfied_With_Bigger_PenisTypical Client: The male libido client is typically over 40. He may have experienced mild erectile dysfunction or lack of interest in sex. He wants potency and the ability to satisfy himself and his partner but would prefer to get there without prescription pills.Proof: A few male libido pills have clinical studies to vouch for results. VigRX Plus is perhaps the best known of these, with stats including a 71.43% increased satisfaction with intercourse and a 62.82% better chance of keeping an erection.The Product Guys Rave About: See above. VigRX Plus is the top-rated male libido pill for pretty much every criteria you can throw at it. A 10+ year track record and 67 day money-back guarantee doesn’t hurt either.

For: Premature Ejaculation

Try: ProSolution Plus

A newcomer to the natural male enhancement industry, ProSolution Plus is a male libido pill with a trick up its sleeve. It’s one of the very few enhancement products that guys can use specifically to address premature ejaculation.While you can put it along VigRX Plus as a leading libido pill – you can also use it to boost sex drive – ProSolution Plus has a decidedly ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic formula. It’s carefully formulated and tested to help men release when they choose and get relief from this often devastating problem.Typical Client: He’s among the 30% of men who struggle with premature ejaculation. He doesn’t want to talk about it, and he may be too embarassed to speak with a doctor. He wants help, discreetly, and preferably with a natural product at a wicked price.Proof: ProSolution Plus is clinically proven to improve premature ejaculation by up to 64%. Erectile quality improved by 67% as well.The Product Guys Rave About: You’re pretty limited in your choices for a product to treat premature ejaculation. Fortunately, ProSolution Plus stands out and delivers. It’s a two for one value, actually, being a top-rated libido pill too.

For: A Longer Orgasm

Try: A Semen Volume Enhancer

A semen volume enhancer is designed to increase semen production. With more fluid to expel, the orgasmic muscles are forced to contract longer and with more intensity. Put another way, more semen means a longer and more pleasurable orgasm. An awesome equation for a thrilling sex life.Being a male enhancement pill, a volume enhancer needs between 30 and 90 days to build up in your system. You’ll be like Mount St. Helens when it does though, with some huge explosions of your own virility.Typical Client: Guys who buy volume enhancers are typically over 30. But don’t think for a second it’s just for young guys: 23% of Semenax clients are 60 or beyond.Volume enhancer clients want a rewarding sex life. They may have struggled with premature ejaculation, but they’re generally not trying to address a specific health concern. They’re just after the holy grail: lots of intense sex with powerful orgasms.geyser_eruptionProof: Men who took Semenax in a clinical study enjoyed a substantial increase in ejaculate volume and orgasm intensity.The Product Guys Rave About: Semenax enjoys an exceptionally high rate of repeat clients, with over 75% of customers being guys who came back for another go. Volume Pills isn’t far behind either.

For: An Instant Erection

Try: A Male Enhancement Gel

Want performance NOW? Some men like having a gel when their partner wants to play but they’re concerned it might be hard to get wood. You’ll get wood fast with a natural enhancement gel – typically in less than a minute – yet without the sometimes harmful chemicals in drugstore lubes.Enhancement gels use a ‘transdermal delivery system’. They’re made of ancient herbals and botanicals, and instantly absorbed by the penile tissue. They provide good stamina too, and with crazy orgasms. Plus they feel amazing.Typical Client: He’s on the business end of his fifties or higher. Men aged 60+ actually buy the most enhancement gels. He’s probably tried drugstore lubes in the past but came over from the dark side for concern of the infections linked to petroleum jelly. He wants to know he can perform at any time, or in the month or so before a supplement kicks in.Proof: 97% of VigRX Oil clients said they’re buy it again.The Product Guys Rave About: VigRX Oil is the top-rated enhancement gel for guys, but ProSolution Gel has a loyal following too. They’re both doctor-approved and come with the reassurance of a 67 day money-back guarantee. They’re not available at your local pharmacy though – you can only by them online.

For: A Bigger Penis

Try: An Extender

Here we are. Those promises of a bigger penis get legs when you use a penis extender. That’s a metal instrument that sits on the penis and applies light yet consistent pressure. Over time, this encourages cellular meiosis within the penile tissue. Give it six months and you got extra inches.Like many things in life, you get out of a penis extender what you put into it. Expect to wear it for at least eight hours a day. Most guys find it adapts well into an active lifestyle within several days. Buy a quality mechanism with medical-grade materials for comfort…and results.Typical Client: He’s anywhere between 18 and 65, though most clients are under 50. He’s probably wished for a bigger penis for years, either because he clocks in under the average 6.5 inches or he just wants to look like a stud.Some guys buy a penis extender to treat Peyronie’s disease too – severe curvature of the penis.Proof: ProExtender System is used by doctors in more than 29 countries and has a lengthy collection of satisfied – and bigger – clients.ProSolutionPlusThe Product Guys Rave About: That would be ProExtender System: a comfortable, high-quality mechanism and highly popular with guys who don’t quite feel all there. They’ll be there after using ProExtender System though because some guys add two inches or more.

For: An Awesome Sex Life

Try: A GUARANTEED Male Enhancement Product

Avoid those spammy emails and products that give legitimate natural male enhancement products a bad name. You already know what you’re looking for by now: proof, a track record, a respected name and a firm guarantee. Every one of the male enhancement products reviewed in this article hits these targets. And any one can make your sex life sweet.This is Natural Health Source. We wouldn’t be doing our job if we did not tout the virtues of quality natural enhancement products. The right male enhancement product can boost sex drive, make your orgasm longer, give you an instant erection and even – yes we’ll say it – give you a bigger penis. But look for a guarantee before you plop down your credit card.

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