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Male Enhancement Might Treat Sexual Dysfunction

Male enhancement is a generic term for products and techniques that enhance the penis and sexual health in men.
We’ve heard jokes about penis pills and spam emails. But male enhancement refers to natural products, consisting of botanicals and ingredients used since ancient times, to treat sexual dysfunction and the issues that men face.
Recently, male enhancement pills have garnered attention within medical circles as a safer, and alternative way to treat common sexual problems and increase enjoyment of sefx. And there is substantial evidence that male enhancement can treat sexual dysfunction.
But first, let’s define sexual dysfunction as a problem or interruption within the four phases of the sexual response cycle: excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution.

About Sexual Dysfunction in Men

Physical causes of sexual problems can include diabetes, heart disease, hormonal imbalances, kidney or liver failure, alcoholism, drug abuse and some prescription medications – especially selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) found in many antidepressants.
Psychological causes of sexual problems can include stress and anxiety, concern about performance, marital or relationship problems, depression, guilt or the effects of previous trauma.
Two of the most common forms of sexual problems that men face are erectile dysfunction and reduced sex drive.
Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or sustain an erection for intercourse, and in addition to the causes listed above, can result from conditions that affect blood flow, including atherosclerosis, and Peyronie’s Disease, or severe scarring of the penis.
Reduced sex drive refers to a loss or decrease in interest or desire for sex and in addition to the common physical and psychological causes of sexual problems in men, can also result from low testosterone levels.

Treatment for Sexual Dysfunction

Treatment for sexual problems in men can vary, but common solutions include:

  • counselling
  • education
  • open communication with partner
  • limit alcohol intake
  • cessation of smoking

In some cases and with doctor approval, a switch of medications or lower dose of existing medication might also reduce sexual problems.

How Male Enhancement Might Help

Male enhancement pills use natural and proven botanicals to boost blood flow to the penis and enhance  its ability to function.
Unlike pharmaceutical pills, which just produce an erection on demand, enhancement pills infuse the reproductive system with nutrients to increase sexual health and treat the root causes of sexual dysfunction in men, be it erectile dysfunction or lack of desire.
The key to enhancement products is the herbals they use. Ginkgo biloba, for example, is an ancient remedy for erectile dysfunction that, in a recent study, significantly improved erectile dysfunction in 78% of participants.
Moreover, enhancement products are natural, and therefore side-step the side effects associated with many pharmaceutical treatments, and come with no reported side effects.
That said, it’s advisable to speak with your doctor about sexual problems, to diagnose their cause and to review interactions with existing medications. There’s no substitute for doctor approval, and the reassurance it offers.
But male enhancement remains an effective option to treat sexual problems in some men, and will continue to play the role of a safe and natural alternative to pharmaceutical pills.

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