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Male Enhancement Pills Might Help Sperm

Aspiring fathers, take note. A new study links overweight men to poor sperm, in both quality and quantity. That’s going by the body mass index (BMI), by the way, in which a rating of 25-30 is overweight, and obesity is higher than 30.
On another note, male enhancement pills are natural products, of botanicals and amino acids, that help the male anatomy and reproductive system. Some boost desire for sex. Others raise stamina. Semen volume enhancers increase semen production. And perhaps, sperm health and quantity.
How do male enhancement pills tie into the study results, and the effects of a high BMI on sperm? First, let’s look closer at the study, in which doctors took sperm samples of 1,940 men and matched them to the donor’s weight.
The results, presented at the annual meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESRHE) in Stockholm, illustrate that excess weight modifies sperm characteristics, which might be attributable to hormonal disturbances, which in turn affect sperm quality, quantity and motility.
Motility in sperm refers to its ability to move towards an egg, and sperm quality includes health and mobility.
The study results showed that sperm count was lowered by 10% in overweight men, and by 20% in men in the obese range.
In other words, excessive weight affects sperm’s ability to function and can hinder conception.
Now consider this: estimates suggest that almost 60% of men in the United States are overweight, and a full 25% are obese. According to the study, the higher a man’s BMI, the worse off his sperm, with an almost four-fold rise in men with a zero sperm count, from one per cent in men of normal weight to 3.8% in the obese category.
Life will march on. But if natural selection has a say, it will hinder the sperm of overweight men. Obesity has more than doubled in the United States over the past 20 years, and rising levels of obesity could affect rates of conception.
How can male enhancement pills, and specifically, semen volume enhancers help? With botanicals and amino acids that have been used for hundreds, and in some cases thousands of years, by cultures in Europe, Asia and South America, as aphrodisiacs and to boost the sex drive. And in doing so, the nutrients in semen volume enhancers increase semen production. And possibly sperm.
L-arginine, for example, is an amino acid that doubled semen production in recent studies, and increased sperm health and activity. L-lysine, another amino acid, produced similar results and also stimulated testosterone. And zinc oxide has been shown to increase sperm quality and motility by a staggering 80% to 200%.
Why should you care about these ingredients? Because you’ll find them in a quality semen volume enhancer, and because they’re natural, and have a long and proven track record, for healthy sperm and   a sex life to match.
More semen means a longer orgasm, by the way.
We know that most, yes most, of American men are overweight. Take that into account, and the effects that a high BMI has on sperm, and male enhancement pills, and specifically semen volume enhancers, might boost sperm quality and quantity, with good things to follow.

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