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Male Enhancers and Sperm Health

Male enhancement is a generic term for products and techniques that relate to the penis and sexual health. But male enhancers can do more than make your penis bigger. As it turns out, they can also boost semen production. And more swimmers is a good thing.
What kind of male enhancers are we talking about? Semen volume enhancers, which increase ejaculate size, and might assist in the sperm health required for happy conception. That’s not to say you should rely on a semen volume enhancer if you’re looking to make a baby. But it’s safe to conclude that if you’ve got more ejaculate, and you treat your sperm right, anything can happen.
Let’s review sperm health, and the do’s and the dont’s required for happy, healthy and hungry sperm, and where male enhancers fit in.

What Healthy Sperm Require

Men interested in sperm health and looking to conceive should be interested in three things:
Quantity – Numerous sperm increase the chance they’ll reach and fertilize the egg. If you’ve got more than 39 million sperm in your ejaculate, you’re in good shape.
Quality – Lots of sperm is good, but at least four per cent of them should have an oval head with a long tail to propel them forward. Smaller, misshapen sperm are less likely to fertilize.
Motility – Your sperm need to move on their own, and that’s where motility comes in. Forty per cent of your sperm should be moving.

How to Produce Healthy Sperm

Healthy habits do more than keep you lean and mean, they also keep your seed in top form. That means exercise, watch your weight and eat your veggies. You know, the stuff your parents told you as a kid.
Chew on a multivitamin – For vitamins C and E, both essential for healthy sperm.
Eat those veggies – Especially the green, leafy ones, and lots of fruits.
Exercise – Be active, as it’s good for your health and reproductive system. Just don’t go nuts and exercise to exhaustion, which can disrupt hormone production and affect sperm quality.
Manage your weight – Aim for a body mass index (BMI) between 18 and 23, and remember that too much fat can stunt sperm production.

What to Avoid

We’ve all got our vices, but your sperm know what they like, and they don’t like those things that we’re taught to avoid. They don’t like heat either.
Smoking – Don’t do it. Pretty simple. Tobacco damages sperm production and quality and reduces overall health. Your sperm really doesn’t like that.
Alcohol – Keep it at one to two drinks a day. The lady in your life shouldn’t drink at all while pregnant, or your baby could wear the results for life.
Hot water – Skip the hot tub, long baths and any heat that increases your scrotum’s temperature over 104 F (40 C). Stay cool brother!
Chemicals – Stay clear of pesticides, plastics, heavy industrial metals and nasty chemicals, in all shapes and sizes, as they’re less than friendly to sperm.
Cell phones and laptop computers – There’s a growing pile of evidence to suggest that cell phones and laptops can damage sperm. Keep your cell phone away from your pants and your laptop off your laptop.

Male Enhancers and Sperm Health

Where do male enhancers fit in? Semen volume enhancers increase the size of your ejaculate. More semen means a longer orgasm, by the way, and you might find you’re doing it more. Combine more ejaculate with the tips in this article, and you’re likely to have an army of swimmers, healthy and ready for action.
Don’t worry about adverse effects their ingredients might have either. Semen volume enhancers like Semenax are natural products, comprised of botanicals and amino acids used since days of old to increase semen production and boost sex drive. You’ll be horny and healthy. And sperm love that.

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