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Manscaping Tips For Down There

Manscaping_Tips_For_BallsTo manscape or not to manscape? While Hamlet likely had more urgent issues at play than the first-world problem of whether to go hairless in the nether-regions, it’s a question that creeps up. Should I try manscaping? The short answer: On your back and shoulders yes, on your chest sometimes.
But what about ‘down there’?
Manscaping your nether region is like taming your chest hair. Some fuzz is fine (and some women will tell you, preferable), but you don’t want too much bush action. You’ll want to do at least a little manscaping in this tell-tale area. But it’s a sensitive one – and a jungle at that.
You need a strategy to manscape in your nether region. Don’t shave without one; a study published in the journal Urology found pubic hair manscaping injuries spiked five-fold over an eight-year period. They included cuts, rashes, scrapes and abscesses – all of which rank with having a root canal on a scale of enjoyment.
What you’ll need to do this: scissors, clippers and a razor. Optional: Stop Grow body hair inhibitor for Men.

Tip #1 – Use Trimming Scissors

Multi-tasking has its place, but not for your short and curlies. Use scissors designed specifically to trim your pubes. Don’t even think about manscaping with your kitchen scissors or you may spread bacteria and yeast that live around the groin to your dinner table.
Wipe the scissors clean, before you trim, with rubbing alcohol. And scrub your hands and groin before you begin so you’re less likely to develop an infection.

Tip #2 – Trim FIRST (Clippers)

You wouldn’t head into the Amazon rainforest without a machete, agreed? The same principle applies for manscaping your pubes. Trim first – use clippers, to about 1/16th of an inch. That’s about the right length for a clipper manicure and to avoid ingrown hairs, which may otherwise form while manscaping here because pubic hair is coarse and curlier than body hair on the rest of you.

Shower with running waterTip #3 – Get Wet & Hot

Have you ever noticed you have a better shave after your shower? Your pubes respond the same way – a hot shower will moisturize your skin and make it less abrasive, which lowers the chance you’ll nick yourself. As well, it loosens dirt and oils, and the water can help naturally lubricate the area, which should reduce hair pulling. Ouch!
Also, lather up with an alcohol shaving gel while you shower. This should further reduce the irritations than tend to happen when guys take trimmer to pubic hair, and try to tame this jungle of an area.

Tip #4 – Shave With the Grain (With a Razor)

You’ll want to shave in the direction your hair grows, not against it. This should also reduce bumps and irritations, because the razor won’t tug hairs in a direction they’re not used to going.

Tip #5 – Be Careful With Your Balls

This is one of the most important manscaping tips for pubic hair. Your balls need a little more TLC than the rest of you because your scrotum and shaft are very delicate. They’re easily cut and are prone to skin folds and grooves. The latter tend to trap large amounts of bacteria, which can get into cuts and abrasions.
These can lead to health issues you don’t want to Google.
Be careful when manscaping your balls. Use your non-dominant hand to pull your skin tight before you use a razor, trimmer, scissors – anything in this area. If possible, stand over a portable mirror, in a well-lit bathroom to spot and get all those tricky areas. And if you do get cut, treat it immediately.

Tip #6 – Clean Up a Cut

A 2012 American study found that cuts were the most common pubic hair manscaping injury that sent guys to the hospital. Things happen, but don’t panic if you slip. Instead, clean the area thoroughly, with soap, hot water and alcohol. If the cut is just skin deep, let it clot by applying pressure to it with a damp piece of toilet paper. Hold it there for 10-15 minutes and don’t peak.
This should be long enough to stop the bleeding.
If the bleeding persists, or it gets worse, call your doctor. You may need stitches.

Tip #7 – Moisturize, Dude!

You may feel itchy when this is over. That’s normal – your nether region is a sensitive area, and made even more so by the curved hair follicles down here. Use a post-shave moisturizer for this, ideally a soothing lotion with aloe or camphor, to reduce irritation and for a little more comfort.
If the itch persists for more than a few days, you may have an inflamed hair follicle, called folliculitis. Or you may have a bacterial infection.
See a dermatologist in both cases. Relax dude, pubic manscaping is common and he’s seen it before. More importantly, a dermatologist can help identify what’s going on and prescribe a treatment like a steroid or antibacterial cream.

Optional: Stop Grow For Men May Help Your Manscaping

Stop_Grow_For_ManscapingStop Grow for Men is a natural body hair inhibitor that reduces unwanted body hair. It’s designed to interrupt body hair at the root, during the anagen, or ‘growth’ phase, with patented peptides like Telocapil and Pilisoft.
The former has shown to reduce body hair in 93% of clients who used it in a clinical study. And Pilisoft is proven to reduce body hair follicle activity by up to 69%.
From a manscaping perspective, you could use Stop Grow for Men after you’ve done the tips we’ve reviewed in this article.
Don’t use Stop Grow For Men on broken skin – if you’re cut or itchy, take care of that first and save it for later.
And you don’t want to apply too much Stop Grow For Men in the pubic region if you want to keep a little bush – and you probably should. Get rid of it completely and you start to look weird.
Still, you can use Stop Grow For Men to thin out this jungle of an area if you like (or any unwanted body hair for that matter, including the back or rear). Do it after you’re trim and apply it each day to damp skin, ideally after your shower or bath.
You may find manscaping gets easier with a little Stop Grow For Men in your daily ritual. Then look in the mirror and be proud. You’re a good-looking dude and you groom yourself well!

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