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Menopause, Sex and Female Libido Enhancers

There’s no escape from menopause. Try as you may, the body governs the ovaries and hormones responsible for sex and reproduction. Biology may be harsh, but it’s always efficient.
Of course, you may not associate menopause with passionate sex, as in the kind of your youth, and there’s some logic to that. Menopause is a time of transition. Some women find that menopause makes sex difficult, and unrewarding. But with age comes experience. Other women find menopause makes sex fulfilling, and even better.
Female libido enhancers are products that help women enjoy sex. The term is synonymous with female enhancement. While you’re probably familiar with common female libido enhancers like K-Y and AstroGlide, female libido pills and enhancement creams are natural products, growing in popularity and helping women make sex enjoyable, at all ages.
What do female libido enhancers have to do with menopause? As it turns out, a lot.
Menopausal and post-menopausal women face physical and psychological changes to their sex lives. And female libido pills and enhancement creams are among the solutions that can ease this transition and make sex frequent and full of passion.
Let’s review common symptoms of reduced sex drive in women from menopause and reasons for them.
During menopause, the body makes less estrogen. The drop in this important hormone can make menopausal and postmenopausal women less easily aroused. They may be less sensitive to touch, and there’s less blood flow to the vagina, which can decrease lubrication and make sex painful.
Decreasing estrogen is a major reason for sexual problems from menopause, but it’s not alone. Bladder problems, sleep disturbances, depression, stress, medications and health concerns, among other issues, can all influence the sex drive and related function.
Menopause isn’t a death sentence. Some post-menopausal women report an increase in sex drive and enjoyment. Reasons can vary, but with less anxiety related to pregnancy and fewer child-raising pressures, some women in this age bracket can sit back and enjoy more intimacy, more often.
That said, menopause can present challenges, and it’s not uncommon for postmenopausal women to experience less interest in sex, and with less fulfillment.
The following tips may improve interest in and frequency of sex after menopause:
Learn more about menopause – Educate yourself about human anatomy, and menopause and its effects on sex. At the very least, this can reduce anxiety, and you’ll be aware of symptoms of menopause and how to manage them effectively.
Get erotic – What gets your motor revving? Explore your fantasies with your partner, whether through erotic videos or books. Here’s where a female enhancement cream can help. A quality cream can produce instant lubrication while introducing a sexy new element to your routine.
Distraction techniques – Reduce anxiety further, and relax, with distraction techniques. Fantasies may be erotic and can include exercises with intercourse, music, movies or TV. As long as it whisks you away to a sexy new place and puts you at ease.
Minimize pain – Another use for female enhancement creams. Use a good lubricant to reduce friction and make sex more comfortable. What’s a good lubricant? Preferably one with natural ingredients, like Vigorelle or HerSolution Gel. Avoid over-the-counter products, as they’re often high in petrochemicals and can cause microtears in the vaginal walls.
Use a female libido pill – Shifting hormones are a leading cause of reduced sex drive in women. Female libido pills balance hormones back to levels for maximum arousal and enjoyment. They’re effective because they’re natural, with botanicals like ginseng and ginkgo biloba, to stimulate blood flow to the vagina, increase lubrication and put deep, even multiple orgasms within grasp, even after menopause. But give them adequate time to work their magic.
You’ll note that female libido enhancers figure prominently among these tips. There’s no one answer to sex after menopause, but the fact that libido pills and creams employ herbals used for thousands of years, from cultures in Asia and Europe, suggests that they’re a proven, and possibly safer way to enjoy an active and passionate sex life post-menopause than with laboratory drugs.

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