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Over the Counter Male Enhancement

Google Over the Counter Male Enhancement and you’ll get at least 2 million results. Some products are good, some are fake. And some, well, are akin to a pill made of sawdust.
That doesn’t mean you should avoid over the counter male enhancement completely. It just means it’s not a fair playing field. There are legitimate over the counter male enhancement products like VigRX Plus among the duds. You just have to look a little harder to find them – we’ll help you do it.
Granted, this is an ‘in house’ article, so we’re a little subjective. But we’re realistic too – very few over the counter male enhancement products have clinical studies to vouch for efficacy. Fewer still are in the market after 10 years, and have a visible company behind the sticker. The over the counter male enhancement products here have most, if not all of that and then some.
We’re not ashamed to say they can add jump to your stride.

What is Over the Counter Male Enhancement?

Over the counter male enhancement is natural-based products that ‘enhance’ your prowess. You know what we’re talking about here; it’s a supplement for your sex drive and stamina. Or one that gives you an instant erection. A few natural enhancement products can extend your climaxes, because they boost semen, forcing the orgasmic muscles to contract longer and faster.
And if we really want to extend the definition a little, we could even include natural testosterone boosters. Studies done on the ingredients in TestRX, for example, link its formula to greater virility and stamina, along with bigger muscles and greater energy.
Over the counter male enhancement differs from traditional erection-related pills because you can buy them without a prescription. They’re also different in that they’re designed for spontaneous passion.
Rather than taking a pill for each ‘session’, over the counter male enhancement pills are made with sexual nutrients that build up in the male reproductive system. After 30 to 90 days, they’re designed to help your ability in the bedroom.
You can rise anywhere, any time.

Male Enhancement Pills

Sexual male enhancement pills are supplements that help with sexual performance. You don’t need a prescription to buy them – they’re supplements made with herbals, nutrients and sexual aphrodisiacs used for centuries to help men rise when it counts.
Popular over the counter male enhancement pills from Leading Edge Health include:

VigRX Plus

Overview: One of the best known natural male enhancement pills on the planet, VigRX Plus is a libido supplement for men. You can say it’s a leader – it’s been around for a decade, during which clinical studies show results that have people talking. Among other things, VigRX Plus is proven to help men get and keep an erection, and increase sexual and intercourse satisfaction by up to 71.43%.
Part of its secret is a natural ‘turbo-charger’ called bioperine – a derivative of pepper that helps make the formula up to 30% more effective. That’s helped put VigRX Plus on many-a-radar in the health community. Among them is Dr. Steven Lamm of The View, who recommends VigRX Plus to any man who wants to improve his erection quality and sexual performance.
Target Customer: Men 21+ who want the ability to get hard whenever they choose, with more stamina and satisfaction in the bedroom.
VigRX_Plus_Over_The_Counter_Big_Dick_PillsIt’s tempting to think VigRX Plus would be more popular with guys over 40, yet it also does brisk business with men in their thirties and even twenties. That’s because it’s a male sexual performance enhancer – you can use it for erection issues, or simply to last longer and have more fun in general.
Why You Should Try It: VigRX Plus is one of the few over the counter male enhancement products with clinical studies to vouch for efficacy. Those results are awesome too – VigRX Plus is proven to help guys get and keep an erection, boost sex drive and even have more orgasms. Yup, look it up.
Learn More At: VigRXPlus at Natural Health Source.


Overview: Semenax is a semen volume enhancer. It’s designed to boost the amount of semen you expel on ejaculation. This forces the orgasmic muscles to contract longer, faster and with greater intensity when you shoot your load. Over the counter male enhancement is rarely more enjoyable than with a volume enhancer.
Semenax has a very loyal following. Over 70% of customers are repeat clients – in part because, well, you really need to experience a Semenax orgasm to see why over 99% of them (yes, really) say they’d buy it again.
Target Customer: Guys 21+ who want longer and more intense climaxes. Semenax is most popular with men between 30 and 60, though it’s surprisingly popular with men over 60 – even more so than guys in their twenties.
Why You Should Try It: An orgasm that may turn you rabid with pleasure. ‘Nuff said.
Learn More At: Semenax at Natural Health Source.


TestRX_Testosterone_Booster_Male_EnhancementOverview: TestRX is a natural testosterone and HGH booster. It’s not a sexual enhancement pill, rather a supplement that encourages the body to make more testosterone and HGH on its own. Still, we’d be remiss not to at least mention the male enhancement benefits of TestRX. It can help you build muscle, yes, but studies on the ingredients in the TestRX formula also show increases to virility and sexual prowess.
Target Customer: Guys who want bigger muscles and more strength as their primary benefit, with boosts to virility on the side. That’s typically guys 40-60+.
Why You Should Try It: TestRX can help you get better results from the same workout in the gym. Studies on the ingredients in the TestRX formula show improvements to strength, muscle size and recovery time. Bonus – better virility to go with your bigger muscles.
Learn More At: TestRX at Natural Health Source.

Male Enhancement Gels

Over the counter male enhancement gels work fast. Unlike enhancement pills, with need time for nutrients to accumulate in your body, gels go to work immediately. They have different functions though – a male enhancement gel like VigRX Oil is designed to give you an erection instantly.
While from the same brand as VigRX Plus, VigRX Delay Spray works in about 10 minutes, and helps reduce your penis’s sensitivity, so you last longer and release when you want.

VigRX Oil

Overview: VigRX Oil is a natural-based enhancement gel. It’s made with sexual nutrients that absorb into your penile tissue through a topical delivery system that help get you hard in less than a minute. Translation: rub in on and you’re good to go.
Target Customer: Guys who want an erection fast. Most customers tend to be 30+, many of whom are in their 60s and up, and aren’t into drugstore lubes.
Why You Should Try It: VigRX Oil gets you VigRX performance immediately, and gives reassurance you’ll get big and hard when you need to show up. You get more stamina to go with it – it’s a VigRX product, after all. You’ll also like that it’s a natural-based lube, if you’re more into natural male enhancement than those sometimes nasty drugstore lubricants.
Learn More At: VigRX Oil at Natural Health Source.

VigRX Delay Spray

VigRX_Delay_SprayOverview: VigRX Delay Spray helps you slow down and enjoy the ride. Like the name implies, you delay your climax with VigRX Delay Spray because it’s made with a mild anesthetic, called benzocaine, which relaxes the penile nerves so they’re less sensitive to stimuli.
You can also call it a male desensitizer spray. It’s a popular form of over the counter male enhancement for guys who want extreme pleasure.
Target Customer: Typically guys 30+. Guys in their 40s are particularly fond of VigRX Delay Spray – possibly because they’ve got experience in the bedroom and want to tweak their performance for maximum pleasure.
Why You Should Try It: VigRX Delay Spray helps you delay your climax, so sex lasts longer. For maximum enjoyment, combine VigRX Delay Spray with Semenax. That gets you pleasure like you can’t believe – you’ll last longer in bed and have an explosive orgasm when you finally decide to release your load. Oh, the pleasure to be had with over the counter male enhancement like that!
Learn More At: VigRX Delay Spray at Natural Health Source.

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