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Penis Size: Your Questions Answered

Girl_Checking_Out_Penis_SizeOh penis size. Is there any topic on the planet that sends men in such a spiral of anxiety? If there is, we don’t know of one – nor of a subject with such confusion as to, once and for all. Does penis size matter, yes or no?
So here’s the deal. The average penis size when erect is 5.2 inches. We know this from a recent analysis of roughly 15,000 guys published in March of this year. If you’re about there or a little more, congratulations. If not, you’ve got a few options.
From a woman’s perspective, penis width is more important than the length of your Johnson. With that said, penis size matters if it affects your confidence – or lack thereof. We’ll discuss this and a few other truths about your manhood, and what women really think of that thing called your penis.

First Penis Transplant

In March of this year, South African doctors performed the first successful penis transplant. They didn’t do it to get bigger, but to save the patient’s life. The man, who remains unidentified, had the procedure because his penis was amputated three years earlier from a botched circumcision.
This was the second time a penile transplant had been attempted, but the first time ‘lasting’ results were achieved.
While this transplant was done out of necessity, it opens up new possibilities. Current penis enlargement technology is limited at best – it simply makes the organ more visible. It’s risky too, and probably is not worth the meager inch gained in length on average.
Conceivably, it would be possible to transplant a larger penis to a recipient willing to pay for it. But as a new study suggests – coincidentally released in the same month this procedure took place, you may not need it.
Relax dude, you’re probably fine!

What is ‘Average’ Penis Size?

The average erection is 5.2 inches long. When flaccid, it’s 3.6 inches in length, and he’d be 5.3 inches long if the average guy stretched his penis when not erect.
He’d be 3.6 inches in circumference when flaccid too, in case you were wondering.
In this study that might finally put to rest fears of inadequacy for guys the world over, researchers analyzed 17 published studies of more than 15,000 men. In each case, the man’s doctor or health professional had measured his penis using a standard procedure.

The average erection is 5.2 inches long. When flaccid, it’s 3.6 inches in length, and he’d be 5.3 inches long if the average guy stretched his penis when not erect.

The study, published March 3 online in the journal BJU International, is the first to document average penis size, say the researchers, who’ve created graphs based on their findings. Doctors can use these graphs to reassure guys who are convinced they don’t measure up and/or investigate the link between condom failure and the occasions when it is indeed linked to a penis that doesn’t measure up.
These graphs should also help guys in general worried about penis size, and provide a reference to both guide and reassure men that, if they’re 5.2 inches or more inches when erect, they’re doing good.

Does Penis Size Really Matter?

The easiest way to answer this is, kind of
Ask the average woman and she’ll probably say that width is more gratifying than a long dong. An exceptionally large penis can be even painful. After all, she’s only got so much room!
In fact, she probably notices (and enjoys) other things about your penis that you haven’t even considered. Things like:
Color – Some guys are a deep purple when large and in charge. And some women seem to think that’s just fine.
Shape – Call it a fireman or something else. To a few ladies, it looks like a mushroom. Now, can you work it like the magic variety?
Bush – You’ll want to at least trim things downstairs. Lose the shrubs and your penis looks bigger.
Women_GossipingHygiene – Fresh and clean is the way to go to impress the ladies. Tidy up with soap and she’s more likely to spend time on you when you drop your trousers.
Size – OK, yes. Few women are going to complain about the sight of your large penis, provided you have one. Take it as a compliment if she says that you’re huge. She’s not bluffing, she’s impressed. Enjoy it and gloat a little – she wouldn’t say so otherwise!
Curvature – Some guys are curved when they get wood. She knows that. Use that to your advantage to hit her sweet spots.
One more thought on this subject. If you’re well-endowed, that’s awesome. If not, these other factors can likely make up for it – but don’t brag about being huge if you can’t back it up. That’s called false advertizing, and it’s a first-class ticket to ridicule and her first glimpse being her last one as well.

Can I Make My Penis Bigger?

OK, we knew this was coming.
Yes, you can make your penis bigger. At present you’ll want to avoid penis surgery (called phalloplasty), for length at least, because it’s risky, expensive and generally disappointing.
And for real. Do you really want to let someone slice open your penis? Yuck.
Probably the easiest and certainly most convenient way to get a bigger penis is through a traction-based method. We recommend two here at Natural Health Souce: Erection Fitness and ProExtender System.

Erection Fitness

Product Description: Erection Fitness is a penis exercise system of movements like the jelq. It’s been developed and perfected to get maximum growth through a series of instructions that you follow from the comfort of your home.
What it Does: Erection Fitness is designed to broaden the penis in both length and girth so you’re thicker and longer. Do it as directed to get noticeably bigger in about 120 days, or 4 months. It’s a good system of rest and overload. Just like you take days off in the gym, you don’t want to strain your penis beyond what it can do.
erectionfitnessWhat You’ll Pay: Right now it’s $97. That gets you a lifetime membership to Erection Fitness and a free box of both VigRX Plus and VigRX Oil.
Buyer Beware: Be very careful with penis exercise systems. Some so-called ‘systems’ have been thrown together by hucksters looking to make a quick buck, with little research and done with dangerous movements that strain you too far. That’s why we recommend Erection Fitness – they’ve been around for years, put safety first and have a good track record of happy, bigger guys.

ProExtender System

Product Description: ProExtender System is a penis extender. Like you might guess from that description, it’s designed to lengthen and widen the penis with a medical-grade mechanism that sits on your penis and broadens it over months.
What it Does: ProExtender System encourages cells to divide and stimulate growth of new penile tissue. You simply put it on in the morning and go about your day – it blends easily into an active lifestyle and most folks won’t have a clue you’re wearing a penis extender. You’ll be happy you did though, when you see the results!
What You’ll Pay: There’s currently a special at ProExtender System, in which you can buy the Deluxe Package (normally $859.84) for just $429.95. That gets you arguably the best penis extender on the market, a bottle of Semenax, VigRX and a special instructional DVD to squeeze out even more growth for $429.95. That’s an exceptionally good deal considering it’s worth close to $900.
Buyer Beware: You get what you pay for. Some penis extenders are made with cheap materials that can trigger skin problems, fall apart and not deliver the gains that you want. ProExtender System is an excellent device and comfortable. But more importantly, can give you a bigger penis – gasp! – and the confidence that goes with being ahead of the curve.

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