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Phytoceramides Can Fill In Wrinkles

Mature_Asian_Woman_Good_SkinWe’ve talked about anti-aging creams like Kollagen Intensiv extensively here at Natural Health Source. That’s because Kollagen Intensiv and related Skinception anti-aging creams use powerful peptides to stimulate natural collagen, without parabens, for a dramatically younger appearance, typically in less than 3 months.
But even Skinception anti-aging creams are limited by a basic truth: they’re topical. That means they’re limited by how deep they can absorb into the skin. And while they’re among the most powerful anti-aging creams on the market, they can only do so much.
Yet there might be a way around that, with phytoceramides – fats – that occur naturally in skin and are lost with age. It’s an internal approach to skin care and looking younger as recommended by Dr. Oz, though you’ll want to watch out for scammers and faulty products. We’ll talk about that.

What Are Phytoceramides?

The short answer to this is that ceramides are molecules within the cellular membrane that make up to 40% of skin’s structure. They do a variety of things, from cellular signalling and differentiation to improve skin barrier and protect against microorganisms.
And yes, you can believe what you hear when you’re fed an oft-quoted marketing line. You really do lose ceramides with age. Ceramides indeed make up to 40% of skin’s structure and this accounts for much visible ageing that develops over time.
You can’t get ceramides back. But you can supplement them with phytoceramides, which are derived from plants and have enjoyed a long history of use by consumers in Japan. In fact, their popularity among Asian consumers reached such heights that the FDA researched their use and approved phytoceramides for use by American consumers in 2004.

Benefits of Phytoceramides

Think of your skin like bricks in a wall. The bricks are held together with mortar – a function performed by ceramides in the human body, with bricks resembling the cells that make up your skin.
It’s no stretch to say that ceramides are the structure in human skin. That’s why the results are so profound when folks put them back in. The benefits of ceramides include:

  • Protection from sun-aging
  • ‘Filled-In’ wrinkles and fine lines
  • Repairs to damaged skin
  • A ‘Quick Facelift’ effect
  • Stronger, more resilient skin

Simply put, phytoceramides strengthen skin from the inside-out – something even the best anti-wrinkle creams can’t do – because they absorb into the bloodstream, from where they seap into the molecules of your inner and finally outer layers of skin.
Skin_StructureThey’re natural too, typically sourced from marine or vegetable sources. That’s one of the reasons the FDA approved their use for North American consumers, though you’ll want to speak with your doctor before taking phytoceramides if you have wheat, shellfish or other allergies or conditions that should be considered.

What to Look For in a Phytoceramides Supplement

Ah, Dr. Oz. When he gives a nod to any particular supplement, you know it’s gonna attract so much attention that he eventually issues a warning to watch out for frauds, hucksters and other folks looking to capitalize on the good physician’s name.
And in good form like other products he’s spoken about in the past, folks have jumped all over phytoceramides and made them the latest fad in the anti-aging community. That’s not to diminish the value of phytoceramides – they really can strengthen your skin and give you a younger appearance. But it means you’ll need to be a little savvy when looking for a phytoceramides supplement.
A few things to look for…
Made In the USA – Inferior products are often manufactured abroad. Not that it’s a bad thing, but the FDA warns it’s difficult to vet what’s in these products. They’re often impure and tainted with toxins that can be dangerous.
A Proven Brand – Faulty products don’t last, but good ones do – and the brands that offer them are around long enough to attract client testimonials from clients happy with their results.
Vitamin C – One of the most skin-friendly nutrients, evidence suggests that phytoceramides are more efffective when taken with vitamins A and C.

Phyto350 by Skinception

At the risk of playing favorites, we’re often asked here at Natural Health Source if we can recommend a good phytoceramides supplement. Our answer: stay in-house, with Phyto350 by Skinception. Here’s why:
In just over three years, Skinception has become a trusted brand for consumers looking for high-quality skincare products that deliver better results. They’re better because Skinception blends some of the most recent developments in skincare science with natural ingredients. You may be familiar with some of their statistics, like a 354% reduction in appearance of wrinkles (Kollagen Intensiv).
Well, they’ve got a phytoceramides supplement too – Phyto350 – that has quickly caught on with Skinception clients. And like their other products, they’ve done their homework. In this case, it’s with a vegetarian-sourced phytoceramides supplement that checks off all the prerequsites you should be looking for.

Why Phyto350?

Phyto_350_PhytoceramidesLike all Skinception products, it’s made in the United States, and the company will provide a certificate of freshness to vouch for the ingredients in the formula if requested. They’ve also got live customer service seven days a week – not a recording – that can answer any questions you might have. Does that seem trivial? Few, if any, fly-by-night health supplements are around long enough to have a visible presence.
But it’s the efficacy of the product that should be of greatest interest to you, and Phyto350 delivers here. The product is a 350mg dose of phytoceramides – hence the ‘Phyto350’ – and formulated with vitamins A, C, D and E. That helps the formula mop up skin-aging free radicals, reduce brown and age spots and even protect against cigarette smoke.
Yes, even cigarette smoke can damage skin. That’s why you’ll want to protect your complexion with phytoceramides – and strengthen your skin from the inside – preferably with a product with these vitamins and one made in the United States, with a name behind it and a guarantee of at least 60 days. Go with Phyto350 and you’re in good shape to do that.

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