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Premature Ejaculation: How to Last Longer

Poor Charlie Runkle. The eternal foil to Fox Mulder (OK, Hank Moody – sigh) and his troubled if not sex-filled ways on Californication seems forever destined to get the short end of the equation as the two bumble along throughout the seasons. Among his many escapades, he’s taken on some rather dubious (and ambiguous!) partners, pretended to be gay, and, very notably, he’s had premature ejaculation.
Love ya Runks!
Can you relate to (at least some) of his plight? And how do you last longer in bed? Well, that depends on you. If it’s a temporary issue, you can try a few tricks like the start/stop technique or desensitizing condoms. If you find that’s killing your sex life – and she’s not into them – there is at least some good news: just last month, the makers of ProSolution Pills launched a new product, ProSolution Plus, that is clinically proven to improve PE by 64%.
We’ll talk about solutions for premature ejaculation in this article. First, though, let’s seek to understand. Pull up a chair and let’s find out more about this often-troubling issue, which can drastically lower quality of life. Then, with that covered, we’ll discuss how YOU can last longer in bed and not go out like our friend the Runkster.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

The description tells you pretty much what you need to know. Premature ejaculation is when you release shortly after penetration and/or with minimal stimuli. As a rough guideline, you’re flirting with premature ejaculation if you release less than two minutes after penetration.
More numbers to think about. Premature ejaculation is the most common sex problem – by far – possibly outnumbering cases of erectile dysfunction by three to one. Estimates suggest that between 20% and 30% of men have premature ejaculation at any given time. Those stats are self-reported, too, meaning the number of guys with PE could be much, much higher.
Most cases of premature ejaculation don’t have a clear root. You might ejaculate too early in an unfamilar sexual situation, for example, or with a new partner, or simply if you haven’t ejaculated in a long time. PE may also be a hormonal issue, though you won’t know until you speak with your doctor.
Premature ejaculation does not appear to be a health issue. Indeed, some speculate it may even have evolutionary roots: a speedy release is a good card to play for an organism looking to spread its seed, so to speak. But we’re not living in caveman times, and premature ejaculation can lower sexual satisfaction and quality of life. A 2005 study documents that men with premature ejaculation were more likely to say they were “personally” or “extremely” distressed.

OK, So How Do I Last Longer in Bed?

For sporadic PE symptoms, you can try the following techniques. They’re easy to do at home and may be enough to get you on track to your usual more prolonged performance.
Masturbate – Golly, premature ejaculation treatment can be fun! But practice makes perfect – repeated orgasms will delay release in just about any guy. Double up on your orgasms for a while, and even quadruple them if that doesn’t work…you can never be too careful, right?
Distract Yourself – Getting too excited? Think of something boring or even disgusting, like corpses. Note this doesn’t work for all guys, however, so try it accordingly.
Start/Stop – One of the more common ways to address premature ejaculation at home, start/stop is when you pull out just before release and resume activity when you’re less excited.
Squeeze/Pause – A variation of start/stop, you can also try squeeze/pause, also called ‘penis grip’, in which you squeeze the head of your penis to suppress your desire to orgasm as you’re about to climax. This tends to work best when you focus pressure on the urethra – the tube that runs along the underside of your penis.
Use a Desensitizing Cream – Apply this before intercourse. A desensitizing cream numbs sensations, which can increase ejaculatory control.
Try a Desensitizing CondomThese contain a desensitizing lubricant called benzocaine, which may buy you a few extra minutes in the sack. Take extra care, however, not to wear this inside out, lest the benzocaine might end up in her sweet place.
Adding to the latter point, note these methods work best for short-term symptoms. Sex therapist Ian Kerner recounts that his fiancee left him after one too many nights of stop and go. You’re BOTH trying to enjoy the process, so be a good guy and let her come first – literally. Then, if the PE persists, it’s time to break out the big guns.

When To Speak With Your Doctor

Don’t keep your doctor out of the loop on this. You NEED to speak with your physician about premature ejaculation if it persists and/or it bothers you (or your partner!). Your doctor should also review it with you to diagnose if medications or a hormonal issue might be the cause.
Some medications show potential as prescription treatments for PE. While they’re not ideal, some doctors prescribe a class of antidepressants, called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) to address premature ejaculation because they can delay orgasm. Your doctor might prescribe an SSRI to take four to six hours before intercourse.
Drug companies have hopped on board too, with a short-acting SSRI called dapexotine, designed specifically for PE patients. In a 2006 study published in The Lancet, guys who used the drug added a minute to their encounters, from 1.75 to 2.78. Guys who took 60 mg fared even better, making it to 3.32 minutes – well out of premature ejaculation territory – for a more satisfactory finish.

ProSolution Plus Can Improve Premature Ejaculation

Guys who’d prefer to address premature ejaculation naturally should consider ProSolution Plus: a new product from the makers of ProSolution natural libido pills. In a two month triple-blind study of 148 men, all having sexual problems including erection issues, low sex drive and premature ejaculation, men who took ProSolution Plus reported it improved PE symptoms by up to 64%.
Researchers also found it was remarkably well-tolerated, with no reports of serious adverse effects. That’s not surprising when you consider it’s completely natural, using botanicals, herbals and nutrients from Ayurvedic and ancient Chinese medicine. Observers have long known these ingredients can help men address sexual problems. Now there’s clinical proof of this, and some encouraging numbers to show for it.
ProSolution Plus is a natural enhancement pill from a respected name – ProSolution – which has helped hundreds of thousands of guys get passionate, with increases in desire, stamina and satisfaction with sexual activity. While it’s too early to tell whether ProSolution Plus lives up to the hype, it might be worth a look – especially if you’re interested in natural treatment for premature ejaculation.

Where to Find Help For Premature Ejaculation

You’re hardly alone in your search for relief from PE. It’s a devastating issue that can lower quality of life. Millions of guys know that feeling a little too well, and fortunately for them, AND for you, there are plenty of resources available to help put you back on track. They include:
How to Overcome Premature Ejaculation – Considered by many to be the leading authority on premature ejaculation, the late Dr. Helen Singer Kaplan’s book is a comprehensive one, with techniques reported to be clinically effective in 90% of men with PE. Incidentally, Kaplan’s work inspired Ruth Westheimer – better known as Dr. Ruth.
The American Urological Association – Plenty of information here about PE and treatment options. The site also has information on other common sexual problems, and you can download their brochure: The Management of Premature Ejaculation: A Patient’s Guide.
Sexual Health Network – With an article and Q & A section on PE and other sexual concerns, the Sexual Health Network is as informative as it is confidential.
If only our friend Chuck Runkle used these resources he’d have a better time going the distance. Then again, he DID sleep with 100 women, so he must be doing something right…

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