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"...Healthy Looking Skin and No Stubble At All..."

In my recent pro bodybuilding competitions, including the IFBB 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010 Mr. Olympia Championships, IFBB 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 Mr. Olympia Runner Up, and IFFB 2002, 2003 and 2004 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Champion, I've been noticed for my healthy skin tone and super-smooth hair-free physique.

My competitive edge comes from Ultra Hair Away™, the only product I know that reduces hair growth and transforms its texture to be baby-fine and practically invisible. For bodybuilder-smooth results, healthy looking skin and no stubble at all, Ultra Hair Away™ is far and away the best answer I know.

Jay Cutler, Four-Time Winner of Mr. Olympia Bodybuilding Title


“The Greatest Feeling I've Ever Felt”

I was with my girlfriend one night. I have been taking Semenax, and as we were having sex, I lasted longer. When the moment came for me to orgasm, it was the greatest feeling I've ever felt, it lasted longer, and a lot more came out. Thank you!

Vincenzo J. R., Rockhill SC


"I Was Devastated To See My Hair Getting Thinner & Thinner..."

I made an appointment with a popular hair club, but I could see it wasn't going to improve my own hair. When I started researching I was impressed with the information I found. Before 30 days was up, I could see a visible difference in my hair. I love it.

Rosalee W.


“Huge Increase in Semen”

I have seen a huge increase in semen release. Great Product

Paul D., Springfield PA


"...You Have A Customer For Life - Man It Really Works!"

“I just wanted to take the time to tell you how pleased my wife and I are with this product. It does everything just as advertised. I cannot begin to tell you what that has added to my marriage of 28 years. My wife has informed me to get on a tube a month plan. She has stated if I fail to reorder your product, she will. Thanks again, you have a customer for life - man it really works!”

Bill M.


"I Was Able To See Results In 2-3 Weeks."

There was more volume to my hair after Profollica. It defiantly boosted my confidence. I would definitely recommend this product to others.

Richard B.


“My Girlfriend is Very Satisfied”

Yes, sex has definitely improved. I can come up a storm now and my girlfriend is very satisfied. My come volume definitely increased as did my overall sex drive. I will be ordering more Semenax® in the very near future...

George T. B., Fairless Hills PA


"...My Girlfriend is Finally Pleased With Me!"

I've tried other products for prolonging stamina but in the end, they always numbed me and worse, my girlfriend. Then I found Vivaxa™ and I can honestly say – the results have simply been amazing. Not only am I pleased with Vivaxa™ – but my girlfriend is finally pleased with me!

Chris M., NY


"...No Longer the Wolf Man..."

I'm no longer the Wolf Man to my friends. ULTRA HAIR AWAY™ really works!

John Carter, California


"Maxoderm Was A Real Boost To My Confidence In Every Way."

"​I just want to tell you folks Maxoderm works really and it gets better every day. At my age, 57, Maxoderm was a real boost to my confidence in every way. I'm ordering more right away."

Joe S. Virginia


“A Lot More Semen”

I have experienced a lot more semen and comfort ejaculating.

Sampson G., Char NC


“Doubled or Tripled in 5 Weeks!”

Doubled or Tripled in 5 weeks! Would recommend to anyone.

Stephen D., Tunkhannock PA


"It's Like a Miracle!"

I've never found a product that worked before. Thank you! It's like a miracle!

Jeannie Brewda, Canada


"The Warming Sensation Is Wild And The Wife Loves It."

“I've tried your product and I am very pleased and so is the wife, sensations are spectacular. I'm so glad I tried it. I've tried many other enhancers but no luck. The warming sensation is wild and the wife loves it. Thank you. PS - I just ordered more.”

Mark T.


“A Big Difference in a Month”

I'm surprised I've seen a difference in a couple days... In a month, a big difference. I'm pretty satisfied personally with my products.

Bradley J., Richmond VA


“She Thinks It's Hot”

Longest and best orgasms ever, I love it. And she thinks it's hot, a real turn on for both of us".

Rob C


"No More Agony of Electrolysis."

Hurray! No more agony of electrolysis. ULTRA HAIR AWAY™ has made my life better!

Martha Young, New York


“One Happy G.F!”

BIG semen gains, stronger, harder erections, & one happy G.F!

Peter R. M., Concord MA


"...My Wife And I Are Enjoying The Best Sex Ever."

“I am completely satisfied with the results obtained from using Maxoderm. With the improved firmness of my erection, my wife and I are enjoying the best sex ever. I'm 52 years old and been married for 35 years. Thanks for Maxoderm.”

Anonymous, FL


“Harder Erections, Veins More Noticeable”

I've seen harder erections, veins more noticeable. The amount of come is slightly higher but semen is thicker.

Bill S., Wilmington DC


“Increase in Semen was My Main Priority...”

Mainly semen increase (Ejaculation) which is why I purchased this product initially. Increase in semen was my main priority and it was satisfied.

Vince C., Belle Vernon PA


"My Girlfriend Is So Impressed With The Difference..."

I was having significant "endurance" issues during sex with my girlfriend. She's amazing – how could you blame me? But it was becoming a real problem – I couldn't satisfy her if I only lasted a few minutes. I overheard someone talking about Vivaxa™ and checked it out. Wow! What a difference! My girlfriend is so impressed with the difference in my performance that not only am I lasting longer and pleasing her – she's actually looking to be with me more!

John C., Boston


"I'm Enjoying Myself More Intensely And More Often ThanAt Any Time In My Life."

“I could never have believed it possible to improve upon what is already the most extreme physical pleasure a man can experience. But Maxoderm does exactly that, from several aspects. Thanks to Maxoderm I'm enjoying myself more intensely and more often than at any time in my life. If only you had invented Maxoderm forty years ago!”

Dr. P. V. via email


"I Can Finally Show My Legs!"

I'm so happy! I can finally show my legs!

Venessa Del Ray, New Jersey


“Semenax® WORKS!”

I tried Semenax® and noticed results after 3 days! I had tried other products... But Semenax® WORKS!

David B., Fountain Inn, SC


"With Maxoderm I Have All The Confidence And FirmnessThat I Need Or Want."

“I am 40 years old and for the last couple of years I have had performance problems. I have tried pills. They worked but the headaches were so bad I didn't take them. While my wife was very understanding, it still bothered me a great deal. I was reading an ad about Maxoderm and tried it. It worked outstandingly. With Maxoderm I have all the confidence and firmness that I need or want. It has changed our sex life 110%. What you say it will do - it does.”

Nick C.


"...It Really Changed My Life."

My whole life I've been over-sensitive to the point that I can't control my orgasm. I tried everything and anything that I could get my hands on but nothing worked except numbing products but they numbed my partners as well. That completely defeated the purpose and it got to the point that I avoided sex completely. But then I found Vivaxa™ and it really changed my life. I won't say it makes me go for hours but now I can last long enough to please my new girlfriend and she can still enjoy the experience because it doesn't numb her at all!

Bobby V., Atlanta


"I'm Truly Thrilled With The Results! Unbelievable!"

“I'm a regular user of your incredible product. If only you had invented Maxoderm 40 years ago! Needless to say, I'm truly thrilled with the results! Unbelievable!”

Paul via Email


“Climax is Better”

A greater amount of semen and climax is better. Keep going as you are!

Armand D

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