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SemEnhance – Natural Health Source

This is a good news/bad news scenario. The bad news is, if you’re like most guys, your semen tastes terrible.

The good news is SemEnhance can help sweeten your flavor. Made with known semen sweeteners, including pineapple, celery, bee pollen and vitamin C, it helps counteract the lifestyle factors that make your semen taste, shall we say, unpleasant.

Don’t believe us? Ask your partner how you taste – especially if you consume coffee, beer, alcohol, red meat or onions on a regular basis.

SemEnhance makes it more pleasant and, yes, we’ll say it, a privilege to taste what you’ve got to offer.

Expect better-tasting semen with SemEnhance starting in just 3 weeks – and a lot more fun in the bedroom to follow! Bonus: combine it with Semenax® climax enhancer for twice as much fun!


SemEnhance is made with natural ingredients that enhance the flavor of your semen’s sugars, glucose and fructose, and helps flush out the ‘bitterness’ of the dietary factors that make semen taste less than enjoyable. The SemEnhance formula includes:

Vitamin C – A 2017 study found Vitamin C helps protect semen from oxidative stress.

Pineapple – A well-known semen flavor enhancer, pineapple is acidic, which helps reduce semen’s bitter flavor.

Kiwi – Kiwi is high in natural sugars. Like pineapple, it helps makes semen taste less bitter.

Bee Pollen – A 2012 study links bee pollen to better semen quality, with a positive effect on its biochemical properties.

Royal Jelly – In 2014, a study found Royal Jelly protected sperm from oxidative stress.

Banana – Banana has an enzyme called ‘bromelain’, which is shown to boost interest in sex. As a fruit, it can also help your semen taste better.

Strawberry – Strawberry is a red fruit. That means it’s high in lycopene, which is linked to better sperm quality and motility.

Celery – A rich source of Vitamin C, Celery can help flush out the ‘salty’ flavor of your semen.

* Semenax does not specifically claim that this particular product has all the effects that others claim for these herbs and other ingredients.


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