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Volume Pills

Extend Your Orgasm Up to Five Times Longer!

  • Increase Volume of Ejaculate
  • Enjoy a Longer Orgasm
  • Have a Harder & Longer Erection
  • Chart-Topping, Impressive Virility
  • All-Natural, Doctor-Approved

Increase Your Semen Production and Enjoy a Longer, More Intense Orgasm!

For the man who wants an extra spark in the bedroom and that sexy look from his partner in anticipation of the longest and most intense orgasm of his life...

Volume Pills™ is an all-natural supplement of herbals and amino acids scientifically formulated to increase the size of your ejaculate by up to 500%, for a longer and more pleasurable finish.

With more semen to ejaculate, the muscles involved in the orgasm process contract longer, with greater intensity and in closer intervals. And in turn, this makes sex a thrilling experience, and one that will have your partner gasping at your potency.

In Volume Pills™ you'll find a clinically proven combination of herbals and amino acids used for centuries to increase sexual health and stamina.

You'll also enjoy a greater interest in sex with Volume Pills™. And your partner will marvel at how you keep her gratified behind closed doors, with unrivalled intimacy to bring you together.

Doctor-approved and completely natural, Volume Pills™ is available without a prescription and comes with no reported side effects. And it's backed by a generous 60 day money-back guarantee!

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How it Works

How Medical Science Is Giving Men The BEST Orgasms Of Their Lives With Truly Impressive Loads!

Guys, you can feel good about taking Volume Pills™...

Because there's nothing "sketchy" or "back alley" about this doctor-approved formula. We've simply brought together:

volume pills penis pills

#1 - The very latest, cutting-edge medical research in men's sexual health, with...

#2 - Centuries-old knowledge of men's virility, straight from the heart of Asia

... To optimize the sexual health of the entire male reproductive system, while helping you pump out some of the biggest, most impressive loads of cum you've ever seen.

Complete Formula Nourishes The Entire Male Reproductive System:

Volume Pills™ includes a series of 100% natural herbals and nutrients in a precise calibration designed nourish your sexual organs.

Client testimonials show that men who take Volume Pills for a minimum of 60 days begin to regularly experience:

  • A noticeable increase in semen volume
  • Bigger, harder erections on demand
  • Increased testosterone
  • More blood flow to the penis
  • Greater control over erections
  • Fewer experiences of premature ejaculation
  • A MUCH bigger appetite for sex
  • More frequent sexual thoughts

... Plus more!

Proof Of Results:

Chart shows sample test results of men who've used Volume Pills for a minimum of 3 months:

Volume Pills Test Results The Concern Month 1 Month 2 Month 3
Subject A Weak Orgasm Intensity Intensity Up 100% Orgasm Intensity DOUBLED Orgasms Intensity TRIPLED or Greater!
Subject B Poor Ejaculation Power Spurting Further Distance Noticeable Arc in Ejaculate HUGE Spraying Power!
Subject C Low Ejaculation Volume Volume DOUBLES Ejaculate Thicker, Orgasms more Intense Volume Up 500%

Remember: when your overall semen volume increases, it forces your penile muscles to work harder to ejaculate the bigger loads of cum. And...

Harder muscle contracts, more frequently = BIGGER ORGASMS

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Solidilin™ - Increases Sexual Motivation and Feelings of Pleasure

This proprietary herbal compound contains an ingredient that has been shown in numerous studies to improve sexual satisfaction and motivation. In one study by the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (University of Science Malaysia) results showed a significant enhancement in the sexual qualities of middle-aged rats. The compound also contains L-Dopa, the precursor to dopamine, which is the pleasure-giving neurotransmitter in the brain.

One component in the Solidilin™ compound has shown in numerous animal studies to improve sexual motivation. In one study by the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (University of Science Malaysia) results showed a significant enhancement in the sexual qualities of middle-aged rats.

The compound also contains L-Dopa, the precursor to dopamine, which is the pleasure-giving neurotransmitter in the brain.

Xi lan rou gui and Hong hua fen – Increase Blood Flow to the Penis For Bigger, Harder Erections

Xi lan rou gui and Hong hua fen are both vasodilators, meaning they open up the blood vessels to encourage more blood flow. In other words, they can increase blood flow to the penis, causing an erection to occur. This expansion of the vascular spaces of the penis reduce blood outflow, thus sustaining the erection. In addition, Hong hua fen contains omega 3 fatty acids which have been shown to reduce the chances of heart disease.

Ku Gua – Proven to Boost Testosterone Levels, Essential For Semen Production:

Along with acting as an incredible aid to those with diabetes and indigestion, Ku Gua has also been shown to reduce body fat thereby increasing body testosterone levels.

A high level of testosterone is essential to increased semen production and sexual desire. It's a fantastic source of Vitamin C and in studies in rats; it has been shown to promote antispermatogenesis. Additionally, Chinese researchers have found that it contains proteins which show promise in promoting anti-HIV activity.

4', 5, 7- Trihydroxyflavone and Embilica officinalis – Helps Optimize the Health of All Your Sexual Organs

4', 5, 7- Trihydroxyflavone is a citrus bioflavonoid used primarily in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Embilica officinalis is the world's richest source of Vitamin C. Bioflavonoids, such as 4', 5, 7- Trihydroxyflavone, are thought to work synergistically with Vitamin C in the maintenance of blood vessel health. This pairing works to keep your sexual organ healthy and functioning properly over the long term.

San Guo Mu – Beneficial For Pacing and Control During Sex

Used mainly in cardiovascular health, San guo mu is an important component of a healthy sexual lifestyle. Regulating blood pressure and heart rate, this herb works to pace the body, which has been seen to be an incredibly beneficial trait during sex.

Dong Chong Xia Cao – Improves Sexual Motivation and Testosterone Production

This agent increases testosterone production, thus aiding tremendously in your enhancement efforts. In a study of mice given Dong Chong Xia Cao, plasma testosterone levels were significantly improved in both 3-day and 7-day trials. Testosterone is directly responsible for the development and maintenance of sex drive in males.

Zinc Oxide – Increases Sexual Vigor

Zinc is very important in the metabolism of testosterone. Zinc, in the form of zinc gluconate, is more easily tolerated than other forms. Studies have shown Zinc supplements to be essential in replenishing Zinc levels absent in many modern diets. Zinc is also very important in increasing sexual vigor.

Ling Zhi – Increases Sexual Stamina and Overall Energy

Ling Zhi is recorded to increase stamina and energy. Also boasting anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties, reishi is known to lift the mood and increase one's sense of spirit and vitality. The benefits of reishi translate perfectly to the bedroom.

Xian Mao – Ancient Aphrodisiac, Considered a Natural Alternative to Viagra

Found in the South-Eastern part of India, Xian Mao is a safe and natural aphrodisiac used in Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese traditional medicine. It has been touted by some as a natural alternative to Viagra and is hailed for its many beneficial qualities.

Tian Men Dong – Helpful For Men Suffering From Impotence

Acting as a full system tonic, is know to aid males suffering from sexual debility and impotence. Overall, it has a calming affect on the body, stabilizing body weight, decreasing nervousness and promoting healthy sleep.

Drilizen – Increases Testosterone and Improves Erection Capacity

Drilizen is known to increase nitric oxide release, which prolongs erections through coronary vasodilatation. Nitric oxide also relaxes vascular smooth muscle via parasympathetic stimulation, which allows blood to flow to the penis and reach erection rapidly.

Drilizen contains a protein amino acid that is the precursor to nitric oxide in the body. Drilizen increases testosterone production, in that it also contains an active ingredient known as protodioscin. Protodioscin increases the secretion of luteinizing hormone (also known as interstitial cell-stimulating hormone.) This hormone, in turn regulates the secretion of testosterone from the Leydig (interstitial) cells in the testes.

Fucus Vesiculosis – Excellent For Penis Enhancement and Sexual Healthcare

A type of seaweed found on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, Fucus Vesiculosus promotes thyroid health and is also used in cases of high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, overweight, and exhaustion. A healthy thyroid streamlines the metabolism making it more efficient and effective. Healthy metabolism is an integral part of both penis enhancement and sexual health.

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And Find Out Why Guys Can't Stop Talking About The Impressive Sexual Response They're Enjoying, Shooting HUGE Loads of Cum With Volume Pills™...

volume pills penis pills

The volume of cum you ejaculate with every orgasm is a pretty personal thing... ... Not exactly something that comes up in everyday conversation.

Yet every month, we receive more emails, letters, and phone calls from clients telling us about how Volume Pills™ has transformed their sex lives...

... Giving them back their edge, helping them to enjoy the BIGGEST, most pleasurable orgasms they've ever experienced.

Some guys even tell us they're "shooting across the room"...

Below we invite you to read just a small sampling of the literally HUNDREDS of letters, emails, and customer feedback forms we've received:

"I Was Told That I 'Shot Like an Elephant'"!

Gains and improvements have been "massive"! Each time I ejaculate it lasts for ages. My girlfriend couldn't believe how long I can cum for. Consequently the volume of my sperm increased drastically. I was told that I "shot like an elephant" Plus, I am producing this load literally on a daily basis. Well worth the money, Great improvement to my sex life!

Michael Cheung

"My Girl Enjoys a Hefty Load... Your Pills Are Helping Indeed!"

I've used Volume Pills™ for a number of months now, and it seems to have improved the amount of ejaculation. My girl enjoys a hefty load, and I felt somewhat embarrassed that I could not deliver more. Your pills are helping indeed. Many Thanks!

Tim Tegge

"Rush of Explosions When I Climax!"

Since I've begun using your product my orgasms have been incredible! Never have I experienced such a rush of explosions when I climax. My wife has also experienced mulitple orgasms for the first time!

Mike Schaefer

"I Really Feel Like I'm 17 Years Old Again"

I'm incredibly happy with your product Volume Pills™. I began searching for a product that would help me with my sperm count, I'm 28 and I noticed that the amount of sperm I ejaculated was not the same as when I was younger so I began to worry. I found your website and compared it to others. I found that the ingredients differed greatly and even though Volume Pills™ were more costly, I bought them. Since I've been using your product, I've noticed my drive to have sex has increased I began feeling pleasure in ways I used to when I was 17 years old. Not only did it increase my sex drive and hardness but I also noticed the sperm, it looks and feels healthier than before. I also meant to mention that my overall health has improved. I feel strong and have a drive to exercise. I also feel more confident and happy, I really feel like I'm 17 years old again, seriously......Thanks!

Anthony Winters

"I Can Still Count on Having a Nice Load"

Very satisfied with results, I'm 49 and frequently active with my girlfriend. Its nice to know that at my age I can still count on having a nice load.

Daniel Lamoas

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Still have questions about Volume Pills™? Read answers to frequently asked questions below. And if you don't find the information you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us directly at 1-866-621-6889.

Don't be embarrassed! We've heard every question you could possibly imagine... And your safety, confidence, and trust are all extremely important to us.

How does Volume Pills™ work?

Volume Pills™ is a unique blend of natural ingredients, doctor endorsed for its ability to increase semen volume, sexual desire and sexual stamina.

By increasing the volume of semen you produce, your penile muscles must contract harder and longer to ejaculate all that semen...

... Resulting in orgasms that are longer, more intense, and more pleasurable.

Volume Pills™ also boosts testosterone production as well as increases blood flow to the penis, resulting in more frequent erections that are harder, longer, and more visually impressive.

Your confidence increases as you can both see and feel the difference in your erection capacity and cum volume. And your revitalized performance typically results in partners who are more satisfied and eager to enjoy repeat play!

Why should I choose Volume Pills™?

Volume Pills™ is rated #1 by both clients and doctors for increasing semen volume and erection capacity because it includes...

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • A safe, doctor-approved formula
  • No unpleasant side effects
  • No prescription required
  • Nothing artificial or narcotic
  • No expensive prescriptions
  • No weird gadgets or painful surgeries

Results are noticeable, typically within the first 30-60 days of beginning supplementation.

And there's absolutely NO RISK in trying Volume Pills™ because it comes with a rock-solid 67 day moneyback guarantee. No tie ins. No weird billing. No loop holes.

That's an unheard of guarantee for ANY male enhancement product, but that's how strongly we believe Volume Pills™ will work for you. We take all the risk on our shoulders so you feel confident trying it yourself.

Why not just get Viagra?

Viagra does not address the issue of volume of ejaculate. Viagra is a pharmaceutical drug, which carries with it inherent side effects and risks, while Volume Pills™ is 100% natural herbal supplement, free of side effects; it's is not a prescription drug.

Viagra is also quite expensive at $20 to $40 PER PILL (you need one every time you have sex) and it requires a doctor's prescription. Volume Pills™ can be obtained easily and affordably.

How does greater semen volume translate into better orgasms?

By increasing the amount of semen you produce, your sexual organs must contract harder and for a longer period of time, resulting in the most intense, pleasurable orgasms of your life!

But it doesn't just increase pleasure for the guy. It increases your partner's overall enjoyment of your performance, too.

Customer feedback also points to the occurrence of the "multiple male orgasm."

Can you imagine the best sex of your life is only a click away? Order Volume Pills™ today, and begin your journey to the ultimate sexual satisfaction for both you and your partner.

Are Volume Pills™ safe?

Absolutely! This doctor-approved formulation was developed in labs by our private team of medical professionals and sexual health scientists.

So you'll enjoy...

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • A safe, doctor-approved formula
  • No unpleasant side effects
  • Nothing artificial or narcotic
  • No weird gadgets or painful surgeries

Plus, we go far above and beyond the call of duty and use the same pharmaceuticals manufacturer that major retailers like Albertsons, Rite Aid, Safeway, and Wal-mart use to produce life-saving drugs!

This means...

  • We're cGMP compliant and certified!
  • All of our raw materials are tested for purity prior to production.
  • We'll happily show you our Certificates of Analysis for any of our ingredients to prove their freshness, safety, and potency. (Just ask!)
  • And every bottle of Volume Pills™ is carefully marked with a lot number and expiry date... proof that we take your safety and our reputation very seriously!

... As you can imagine, our high standards for quality eat into our profit margins.

But your safety and results are our #1 priorities. Ethically, we simply can't imagine running our business any other way!

Can I still benefit after a vasectomy?

It will still increase the overall volume of semen you have available to ejaculate during orgasm, as well as improve your sex drive and increase your overall erection capacity.

If you have any other medical conditions that you would like to discuss about before ordering VolumePills™ please contact our Customer Support Team.

Are the pills easy to take?

Yes! Two pills a day is all you take. One in the morning and one before bed. Many supplements require you to take three pills per day, but most men find it difficult to remember to supplement mid-day, which decreases the overall effectiveness.

So Volume Pills™ is designed to deliver maximum potency in just two convenient pills daily!

How discreet are Volume Pills?

All Volume Pills™ orders come double packaged for increased security. This is because we understand that your privacy is a key part of the Volume Pills™ program. The shipper will have no idea of the contents contained within the package.

Here's what your order will look like:

volume pills shipping
What name will appear on my credit card statement?

Credit card charges will appear on your statement as "" or "".

Your credit card information is not kept on file or on any other database and you will not, under any circumstance be rebilled or charged for anything that you have not ordered.

We keep all your personal information secured behind 128 encryption technology, ensuring that you are ordering from the safest possible web page. We want you to feel as secure as possible when ordering Volume Pills™.

We also do not distribute your personal information to third parties and we do not spam.

Do you offer a range of shipping options?

We aim to service customers from all four corners of the globe; whether you live in North America or Armenia, we ship quickly and efficiently, within 24 hours of receiving your order, with delivery times dependant on the shipping option you choose.

We use the following shipping companies:

volume pills shipping
Will supplementing with Volume Pills™ be expensive?

While Volume Pills™ is not the cheapest semen volume and erection enhancement supplement you'll find on the market today, every guy knows...

... You get what you pay for!

Our pricing is extremely generous when you consider the superior quality and safety standards that are applied to manufacture Volume Pills™. Plus -- we're one of VERY FEW doctor-endorsed male enhancement herbal supplements you'll find on the market today.

Consider for a moment that prescription medications like Viagra can cost $20-$40 per pill ... and you need to take a NEW pill every time you have sex.

If you're a guy who likes sex 2-3 times per week on average, that's a cost of $160 - $400+ per month. That's not at all practical OR affordable!

Volume Pills™, on the other hand is available at significant bulk purchasing discounts. And you can have unlimited sex... as much as you're physically capable of handling! ;-)

Do you offer a guarantee?

Our guarantee definitely sets us apart from the competition. We offer you 60 DAYS to test Volume Pills for yourself, RISK FREE! If you're not completely satisfied, return the empty packaging for a 100% refund of monies paid minus shipping & handling charges.

Do you have a dedicated support team?

We understand that before taking any herbal supplement, you need to be confident.

That's why we have a world class Customer Support Team. If you have any questions regarding Volume Pills™, please contact us by 1-866-621-6889.

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Please try our product for 60 days and if for any reason you are not completely satisfied simply return the unused portion in the original container within 67 days of receiving your order (60 day trial + one week return shipping), and we will refund you 100% of the product purchase price, excluding shipping & handling. If you want to take advantage of our Special Savings by ordering multiple containers, not to worry. You can still try the product absolutely risk-free for 60 days. Simply return the first two empty containers (your 60-day supply), and all additional unopened containers within 67 days of receiving your order (60 day trial + one week return shipping), and we will refund you the entire purchase price, excluding shipping & handling, for each returned item. No questions will be asked. How can we make this incredible guarantee? Because we KNOW you will be satisfied with Volume Pills™. Please do not ship any product back after the 60-day refund period has expired, as we will not be able to provide a refund or ship the product back to you after the 60-day refund period has expired. Returns must be received back at warehouse within 67 days of delivery with no exceptions. Please feel free to try our products, but refunds are limited to one order per customer.


Using state-of-the-art encryption security technology, your online order is secure. When you place your order, you will be taken to our secure server prior to being asked for your credit card number. We use an address verification system to compare your billing address to your credit card on file with your bank. Please note that unless these match, we cannot process your order.


Your privacy is important to us. We will never trade, lease or sell your name or e-mail address information. We follow a strict anti-spam policy and do not spam our customers, ever. We will contact you ONLY if your order information is incomplete. Credit card charges will appear on your statement as "" or "" . Your order is shipped discreetly in a plain package with a shipping label from "Leading Edge Marketing".

Order Packaging

Orders are discreetly shipped in plain packaging. There is nothing written on the package that identifies the contents.

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