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Sex and the Senior Woman

In the old days, life was a struggle. Forget pensions or car loans. Our ancestors just struggled to eke out their existence. Basic requirements to get through the day? Shelter, food, and perhaps a warm fire.
Fast forward a few hundred years and things have changed. No longer are we satisfied with just the basics. We enjoy an unparalleled quality of life our fore fathers could only dream about. And at the center? Sex, and lots of it.
According to a recent survey, senior women want sex. That’s not the latest in medical breakthroughs. But the survey results caught researchers off-guard for the simple reason that, for the first time, there’s proof that women aren’t content with the gradual decline of the female libido.
And this means? With a generation of women now in its sixties, there are plenty of women in the United States that face health challenges that affect the sex drive and ability to get carnal. But as we’ll see, many women want sex even decades after menopause. And with herbal supplements that enhance the libido, that may be possible regardless of age.
About the Survey
Many women remain sexually active post-menopause and are satisfied with what goes on in their bedroom. This, according to the survey conducted by the government-funded Women’s Health Initiative, of more than 27,000 women between 50 and 79.
As the researchers expected, sexual activity declined with age. Among the reasons women had less sex: poor health, reduced quality of life and lack of an able partner.
Yet, of the women who reported dissatisfaction with their sex lives, 57% said they wanted more sex – a finding that surprised the researchers, as they, like many in the medical community, had previously thought that women had less sex with age simply because their sex drives fizzled.
Researchers organized the five year study to gauge the benefits and risks of hormone replacement therapy among post-menopause women. Roughly half of the women reported having sex within a year of the study’s commencement. Seventy-percent of these women were either married or had a steady partner.
Factors that reduced the chance a women had done the deed in the previous twelve months included low income, poor health, higher body mass index (BMI) and health problems, including heart attack, depression and arthritis.
Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
Women who were taking hormone replacement therapy at the start of the study were more likely to report being sexually active than women who were not doing HRT. Yet curiously, when participants were assigned to take HRT as part of the study, it had little influence on how much sex they had over women taking placebo pills.

Many senior women are having sex regardless of pain. Clearly, there is demand for a safe treatment for dryness and reduced sex drive in women.

The researchers were surprised that HRT had little effect on frequency of sexual activity. That said, they also noted that prescriptions for hormone replacement therapy pills and patches have declined since 2002, when researchers found that combined estrogen and progestin therapy increased risk of heart attack, stroke and breast cancer.
Sales of vaginal estrogen treatments to relieve dryness remain strong, however, and such creams may also reduce vaginal atrophy, defined as loss of vaginal tissue and muscle tone.
Yet according to the study, many senior women are having sex regardless of pain. Clearly, there is demand for a safe treatment for dryness and reduced sex drive in women.
And what causes dryness and loss of sex drive in women anyway?
Dryness, Loss of Sex Drive and All That Fun Stuff
Estrogen is essential to lubricate, with a thin layer of fluid that maintains a thick and elastic lining of the female genitalia. Then menopause hits, and the loss of estrogen can produce a range of unpleasant and often annoying side effects. Enter mood swings, hot flashes, even facial hair and, yes, the dryness of menopause, which affects roughly one in three women.
Yet it’s not just menopause that causes dryness. Women lose their natural lubrication for a variety of reasons, and at every age. Common reasons for vaginal dryness include:
birth control
poor diet
lack of sleep
Of course, loss of lubrication can make sex painful, to say nothing of the fact that when you can’t get wet, it’s pretty hard to want sex in the first place. And some women are more prone to dryness than others. In fact, as a conservative estimate, up to 10% of women in the United States have never orgasmed at all.

As a conservative estimate, up to 10% of women in the United States have never orgasmed at all.

You can treat this common problem with an estrogen supplement, available as a vaginal tablet or an estrogen cream. Such products do not put much estrogen into the bloodstream, however, and are not recommended for women with a history of breast cancer or whom are pregnant or breast-feeding.
Yet, there is another and potentially safer way to treat vaginal dryness. And it’s gaining traction among women who want to lubricate with herbal supplements.
How Female Enhancement Can Help
Female enhancement consists of natural products comprised of herbals and botanicals used since antiquity by cultures in Europe and Asia to increase sexual health and as aphrodisiacs.
A female libido pill is a dietary supplement to balance shifting hormones and optimize the body for frequent sex and ability to orgasm. And, notably, an enhancement cream or gel provides instant lubrication. While it doesn’t address the hormone imbalances so often responsible for loss of sex drive, a gel is a convenient way to get wet quickly. And it’s measurable. Add more gel for more lubrication.
Female enhancement products are natural supplements, and as such, do not require a doctor’s prescription. More over, being natural, they may avoid the risks of conventional treatments for hormone therapy and lubrication. Of the latter, you should be aware that many common drugstore lubricants contain ingredients that can irritate the tissue in this sensitive area.
To treat short-term vaginal dryness, an enhancement cream is an effective, natural, and perhaps safer way to lubricate and enjoy sex on your terms. And as a long-term strategy, a female enhancement libido pill can be a beneficial (and very enjoyable!) investment and natural treatment for the biological challenges that women face with the passage of time.
Should you pursue female enhancement, look for a product with a track record of at least five years, and preferably with medical endorsement. True, doctors are paid to say kind things about such products, but they’ll rarely lend their names to faulty products for fear of career reprisal.
This narrows your choices down substantially, but rest assured there are female enhancement products that meet such requirements. For a libido pill, consider Provestra, which, in addition to the prerequisites described herein comes with a firm, 60 day moneyback guarantee – a good sign that Provestra delivers the promises that it claims and puts regular and enjoyable sex in bedrooms across the nation.

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