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Sexual Enhancement for Women

Sex matters. When it’s hot, it’s on fire. When it’s not, it sucks. We’ve seen erectile dysfunction in men, and the miracles of Viagra. But for women?
Sexual dysfunction refers to problems related to the sexual response cycle. While it’s not uncommon to experience sexual problems from time to time, 43% of American women report ongoing issues in the bedroom.
Symptoms of sexual dysfunction in women include:

  • lowered sex drive, and lack of interest in sex
  • inability to lubricate
  • lack of orgasm (anorgasmia)
  • painful intercourse, often from vaginal dryness

Sexual enhancement for women is an umbrella term for products and techniques that benefit the female sex drive and alleviate sexual dysfunction in women. There is no prescription pill, or female Viagra, that will instantly cure a flagging female libido. But there are solutions that can reduce and, with time and patience, help women overcome problems in the bedroom.
Be aware that sexual enhancement for women is broad, with a wide range of products, including female libido pills, over-the-counter lubricants and female enhancement creams. New studies link some common lubricants to microtears in the vaginal walls that can, among other things, increase risk of HIV and HPV infection.
This article defines sexual enhancement for women as natural products – female libido pills and female enhancement creams – comprised of botanicals, amino acids and nutrients used since ancient times to increase blood flow to the genitals and restore the shifting hormones often responsible for sexual dysfunction in women.
But first, let’s look at the two reasons for sexual problems that women face:
Physical causes – Diabetes, heart disease, shifting hormones, menopause, chronic diseases, alcohol or drug abuse, some medications (especially anti-depressants) can all affect sexual function and reduce desire for sex.
Psychological causes – Stress, anxiety, concern about performance, relationship problems, depression, past trauma or abuse influence the libido and can contribute to sexual dysfunction in women.
Sexual enhancement for women isn’t a generic cure for the sexual problems that women face, be they physical or psychological. But female libido pills and enhancement creams are formulated to address the sexual problems that women face, and in some cases, are an effective solution to sexual dysfunction in women.

Common ingredients in sexual enhancement pills and creams include:

Ginseng – A popular aphrodisiac used extensively in Asian cultures and believed to relieve symptoms of menopause.
Damiana Leaf – For vaginal lubrication, damiana leaf is believed to ease hot flashes and increase sensitivity in the genitals.
Ginkgo Biloba – One of the best herbs for promoting the blood flow necessary for sexual arousal, ginkgo biloba improves overall sexual function and may relieve symptoms of PMS.
How female libido pills might help sexual dysfunction: Pills address shifting hormones in the female body and restore a balance that’s conducive to peak sexual performance. While they take about three months to achieve best results, libido pills address many of the physical causes of sexual dysfunction in women and boost sexual health.
Many women claim that female libido pills restore sexual desire and the ability to achieve deep, and even multiple orgasms. They don’t act immediately, but when they do, you’ll know it.
How female enhancement creams might help sexual dysfunction: Creams and gels give immediate gratification. When you want to get in the mood, or just want more lubrication, creams provide instant wetness.
It’s important to note that female enhancement creams employ botanicals rather than the harmful petrochemicals found in many over-the-counter lubricants, and may be a safer option.
Remember also that sexual enhancement for women, though potent, works best as part of a comprehensive strategy to address the causes of sexual problems, whether physical or psychological. Keep an open communication with your partner and your doctor, and when it doubt, always seek medical advice.

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