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Should I Buy HGH Supplements?

How do you reverse the process of aging?

Young bodies are sexy. That tight skin. The young, impressionable face. Firm bodies with curves, that perform as well in the gym as they do in bed, hint of former days, of youth and promise.
But people age. Cells die faster than they’re replaced. Wrinkles form and sex drive wanes. There’s less hormone production in our bodies, and we wear the results.
Human growth hormone (HGH) is a protein-based peptide hormone that stimulates growth and cell regeneration. HGH keeps our skin taut, prevents wrinkles, retains lean muscle mass and, among other benefits, allows us to bounce back from injuries. And now, with a generation of baby-boomers in its 60’s, there’s a growing market looking to buy HGH supplements and fight the effects of aging.

But should you buy HGH supplements?

First, some background information. Synthetic HGH injections have been available since the 1980’s and are a potent and proven method to treat HGH deficiency. In children, injections can increase height, bone density, strength and reduce body fat.
In adults, HGH injections can stimulate muscle and hair growth, boost the immune system and can treat a variety of ailments, including chronic kidney disease.
Costs vary, but generally run between $10,000-$30,000 per year, and in some cases, must be continued for life.
While their effects are visible and often dramatic, synthetic HGH injections aren’t without risks. Patients report side effects including swelling, pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. HGH injections may also increase risk of diabetes, and their affect on mortality remains unknown.
Recently, consumers are turning to a new source of growth hormone: their pituitary gland.
HGH supplements are natural products, consisting of botanicals and amino acids that encourage the body to release HGH and turn back the clock, with purported benefits that may include fewer wrinkles, increased lean muscle mass, reduced fat storage and more energy.
But do they work? At this time, synthetic HGH is the only way to introduce HGH to the body. HGH supplements don’t contain growth hormone. If they did, they’d be a drug, and cost ten times as much.
Instead, HGH supplements stimulate the pituitary gland, to release HGH into the body, and enjoy the benefits of synthetic injections, without lengthy doctor appointments and the costs that go with them.
As with any corner of the health industry, there are fraudsters and fly-by-night operators looking to make a quick buck, and HGH supplements are no exception. But with the proliferation of new products and their coverage in the media, does this mean that HGH supplements are a scam? Not at all. But it does mean you should do your homework before you buy HGH supplements.
First, talk to your doctor. Chances are, he or she has seen HGH supplements in the media and have either made an opinion about their safety and value, or they’re looking for a reason to learn more about them. Always consult with a physician before starting an herbal therapy. Remember, HGH supplements are herbal, dietary supplements.
Second, look for an HGH supplement with a comprehensive website and proven track record, preferably with client testimonials and doctor endorsements. True, they’re probably paid to say these things, but they’ll rarely lend their names to an inferior product for fear of backlash to their careers.
Third, choose an HGH supplement that’s cGMP compliant, and one that will provide you with Certificates of Analysis to verify the freshness and integrity of its ingredients.
This narrows your choices down considerably.
Remember, HGH supplements don’t contain human growth hormone – they encourage the body to release it instead. Claims of “non-prescription HGH” are bogus.
Finally, if you buy HGH supplements, buy a product with enteric coating. This is a protective layer around the capsule that protects ingredients from dissolving in stomach acid. Enteric coating helps to deliver ingredients to the small intestine, where they do the most good.

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