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Solutions and Skin Care For Common Problems

Biology and bathing suit season. They favor beauty and skin that’s vibrant. But skin’s only beautiful for so long before the passage of time takes a toll. Hey, we’re not all models. But good skin care counts for something, and if you want to show skin this summer, read on.
Let’s state the obvious. Most women have cellulite. We get skin discoloration and stretch marks. That might not ease the pain when thinking of that new bathing suit you’d love to model, but it does level the playing field. Good skin care can minimize these common problems, and in this article, we’ll review just that.
Cellulite – Take a deep breath and know that you’re not alone when it comes to cellulite. Estimates suggest that between 80% and 90% of women experience this problem, and it’s often genetic.
Cellulite is caused by fat cells that gather beneath the surface of the skin. This gives skin a lumpy appearance, similar to cottage cheese. That said, while common, cellulite is more noticeable in some women than others, depending on how the fat cells are structured and lumped together.
Solutions for Cellulite – Cellulite can be hard to treat, as it forms at the cellular level. In some instances, weight loss can help, by getting rid of excess fat.
There are no effective creams to get rid of cellulite, but some over the counter skin care treatments can reduce its appearance. Stay hydrated, with plenty of water to plump up the skin and reduce depressions on the surface.
Skin Discoloration – Blotchiness and skin discoloration are common, especially on the chest and back. They’re most visible in skin with too much pigment, or too little. The culprit? Tinea versicolor, a common and recurring yeast infection of the skin that’s especially troublesome in warm climates and hot weather.
Solutions for Skin Discoloration – Your best advice against skin discoloration is to avoid the sun. That’s not always possible, so try to cover up, with long-sleeved, loose-fitting clothes and a wide brimmed hat. Wear sunscreen, of at least SPF 15, and take care that the discolored skin doesn’t tan, or you’ll make the problem worse.
Stretch Marks – Most women who’ve gone through the experience of child birth can attest that stretch marks are a subtle reminder of that biological milestone, with up to 90% of pregnant women developing stretch marks by the third trimester.
Stretch marks occur when collagen gets distorted and doesn’t get back to its original form. You can thank glucocorticoid for that, it’s a hormone commonly secreted by the body during events like child birth and growth spurts that prevents the collagen and elastin fibroblasts required for skin to repair itself when stretched or damaged.
Solutions for Stretch Marks – As with many skin problems, you can’t erase stretch marks completely, but you can reduce their appearance with good skin care and a topical cream like Skinception Intensiv Stretch Mark Therapy. And again, stay hydrated. Skin care likes plenty of water and skin-friendly foods like almonds and salmon, to retain form and look vibrant.

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