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The Case For Natural Female Enhancement

Is it common for women to experience less desire for sex? Very much so. Some estimates suggest that close to half of women in the United States are unhappy with their sex lives, and that up to ten per cent of women have never orgasmed at all.
Of course, it’s even more common to experience less desire for sex during and after menopause. And in reviewing the treatments available for women looking to put passion back in the bedroom, you might discover that natural female enhancement appears to be one of the safest and most effective treatments for reduced sex drive in women.

Why Does This Happen?

There are several reasons why women lose interest in sex. Shifting hormones and vaginal dryness both play a role. If intercourse is painful, you’re less likely to have sex in the first place.
Menopause is a biological milestone in a woman’s life and hormones are constantly in flux, especially during this pivotal time, with notably less estrogen and progesterone.
And there are obligations and pressures that women face, from family issues, to career pressure and financial considerations. These are important factors in anyone’s life. But they can chip away at and distract one from an active and enjoyable sex life.

How Can I Treat Vaginal Dryness?

That depends on the kind of treatment you’re looking for.
For short-term relief, a vaginal lubricant can ease dryness and make sex pleasurable once again.
For long-term relief to vaginal dryness, a natural libido pill, of botanicals and amino acids, can restore hormone levels back to peak sexual function, with noticeable benefits including quicker arousal, deep orgasms and, yes, more lubrication.

How Can I Treat Lack of Estrogen and Progesterone?

Carefully. Hormone replacement therapy is common treatment for reduced estrogen and progesterone that occurs around menopause, and can reduce hot flashes, night sweats and dryness. Hormone  replacement therapy can also thicken bones and lower risk of osteoporosis. The downside? It’s also linked to endometrial cancer, stroke and heart disease.

What is Natural Female Enhancement?

Natural female enhancement is a generic term for creams and pills that employ natural ingredients to treat vaginal dryness and desire for sex.
A female enhancement cream is a natural lubricant and can provide immediate relief to vaginal dryness.
A female enhancement pill, or libido pill, is a natural supplement that treats shifting hormones and addresses the long-term causes of reduced desire for sex in women, with nutrients that restore vitality and health throughout the female anatomy.
Though the products are new, the ingredients are not. Female enhancement creams and libido pills use ingredients including ginseng, ginkgo biloba and black cohosh root, which have been used by cultures in Europe and Asia for hundreds and even thousands of years, as aphrodisiacs and for their health-boosting properties.

Is Natural Female Enhancement Safer Than Other Treatments?

There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that it is. Not the least of which being that the ingredients they use are natural and well-proven, over centuries.
Many drugstore lubricants contain harmful chemicals, including nonoxynol-9, which can increase risk of HPV and even HIV infection. Moreover, women looking to conceive should note that some of the more popular personal lubricants can damage sperm and hinder conception.
Being natural products, female enhancement creams provide instant lubrication, yet appear to side-step the risks of over-the-counter solutions.
Libido pills are formulated to address shifting hormones, including estrogen and progesterone, and being natural, might avoid the pitfalls of hormone replacement therapy.

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