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Try Stop Grow Body Hair Inhibitor

Stop_Grow_Body_Hair_RemovalThere are some things in life you can’t unsee.
You know exactly what we’re talking about. It’s the woman who shows a little too much when she stretches her arms. It’s the hairy guy who feels compelled to wear a tank top during the heat of summer. Let’s just say we all bear a little responsibility when it comes to unwanted body hair – and our moral obligation to at least tone it down if we show skin in public.
In the following article, we’re going to talk about Stop Grow body hair inhibitor. Apologies to the ladies – or maybe that’s not required – this is primarily for men to read. That’s because in all fairness, we’re among the worst offenders. We’re hairy, and that’s often a sin against sex appeal.
Consider an Australian study which found that 70% of women wanted men to address shoulder and back hair, even though 85% of the men admitted they rarely if ever did.

What is Stop Grow?

Stop Grow is a body hair inhibitor (hooray!). It’s designed to interrupt the anagen, or ‘growth’ phase of body hair, within the follicle, so growth is discouraged and becomes sporadic.
The product is formulated with natural-based ingredients, like Pilisoft and Telocapil, which combine to make Stop Grow particularly effective for guys (and women) who simply want body hair to go away. The Stop Grow formula is linked to:

  • 69% reduction in unwanted body hair
  • 82% reduced need to shave female legs
  • 60% reduced overall hirsuteness

Stop Grow basically ‘seals in’ body hair at the root. You can use it to get rid of unwanted body hair of any color too – something you can’t do with laser hair removal because it only works on dark hair.
And of course, Stop Grow is painless. Simply apply the product to your skin in a circular motion and let it go to work.

How it Compares to Body Hair Removal Methods

Stop Grow does not remove body hair. Instead, it prevents unwanted growth, before it sprouts up.
With that said, you may still want to compare Stop Grow to hair removal methods like shaving and waxing if you feel so inclined. You just want to look the part, and have the enjoyment of what it feels like to be free of unwanted body hair, yes? Let’s look closer at your hair removal options, and where Stop Grow fits in the scheme of things.
You know how this goes. Shaving is the easiest way to get rid of body hair and certainly the most common. Ninety percent of American guys shave every day, and a lot of women do as well.
Pros: Shaving is easy and convenient. It’s painless too – that’s a plus.
Cons: Stubble, razor marks and the fact you’ll need to do it a lot. Shaving body hair doesn’t give ideal results. Ingrown hairs are common as well.
The scene of many a comedy, waxing involved strips of hot wax applied to body hair and quickly pulled away, leaving you bare – if not a little red.
Pros: Waxing is one of the better hair removal methods because it gets body hair at the root. That’s good for results that last longer. You may not have to wax again for two to three months.
Cons: Ouch! Waxing ain’t a lot of fun. The costs can add up pretty quickly, at roughly $100+ for an upper body wax. And something else you may not realize about this decidely painful hair removal technique: you could be red for a week or two.
A permanent method for hair removal, electrolysis zaps body hair follicles with electricity. You can have this done with a chemical or heat-based method.
Pros: Electrolysis is permanent. That’s nice for sure.Stop_Grow_Body_Hair_Inhibitor
Cons: The ‘Ouch’ factor is at work here. Electrolysis can be painful – especially when done in the genital area. Some clients may need electrolysis done weekly for years at a time. And of course, you may need touch-ups as you get older because most guys get hairier as they age.
Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal zaps body hair at the bulb, though it doesn’t kill the follicle. Each session lasts about 30 minutes.
Pros: Laser hair removal is a permanent form of hair removal and works well for unwanted growth on the chest, back and shoulders.
Cons: You really don’t want this in the vicinity of your privates. Notably too, laser hair removal does not work on light-colored body hair, be it blond, white or grey, because they don’t have the required pigment for the laser to target. And like electrolysis, you’ll need a good pain tolerance for this.
Stop Grow Body Hair Inhibitor
Stop Grow is designed to discourage growth of unwanted body hair at the root. The product ‘seals’ the follicle, so body hair becomes sporadic and eventually disappears.
Pros: Stop Grow lets you get rid body hair on any part of the body. It’s painless and works on hair of any color.
Cons: You’re not going to see an instant difference with Stop Grow like you would with waxing (or have the redness that goes with it). Slow and steady wins the race with this product used by four time Mr. Olympian Jay Cutler – though you’ll see a big difference the longer you use it.

Where to Use Stop Grow

You’ll hear different takes on body hair from a woman’s perspective. Some like a little growth on the face while others prefer baby bottom smooth at all times. But almost all women agree that you’re better off being hair free from the face down. That means you should consider using Stop Grow on the following places:
The Chest – You can get away with a little chest hair. The key with this highly visible area is ‘a little’ – opinions on chest hair change like the tide. It’s true that you can’t go wrong waxed bare here, but as long as you at least tame your pecs and related treasure trail, you should be OK.
Back and Shoulders – This is simple. Back hair is a no-go. Ditto shoulder hair, which needs to just go. Apply Stop Grow liberally here. Then watch as things start to clear up.
Armpits – Trim this area. Most women won’t dock points for having a little hair under the arms. That’s a double standard that favors guys, but it never hurts to stay tidy in the underarm area.
Girl_Checks_Out_Pubic_HairGroin Area – Like the armpits, women expect a little hair downstairs. Stay trimmed though – maybe use Stop Grow so it doesn’t turn into the Amazon rainforest. Don’t worry, Stop Grow is painless. Points gained and screaming averted.
Posterior – Like the back, a hairy behind won’t win you favors. Apply Stop Grow liberally here. Do it for your partner, and she’s more likely to show her appreciation.

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