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Your VigRX Plus FAQs Answered

VigRX Plus is a natural male libido supplement proven to make sex up to 71.43% more enjoyable.

Correct us if you’re not in this camp. You’ve heard of VigRX Plus before as a male enlargement pill and/or over the counter male sex pill that can get you up and running. But you’re skeptical – and we don’t blame you for that.

Male enhancement is an industry with plenty of scams and pitfalls if you’re not on your guard. So what is it then, that makes VigRX Plus any different?

These are some of the more common VigRX Plus FAQs that pop up. Remember that you can also call the product’s customer support team at 1-866-621-6886 if you have further questions about VigRX Plus, what it can do, and if/how it may take your sex life to intense new places.

What is VigRX Plus?

VigRX Plus is a natural male enhancement supplement. You can also call it a male libido pill – it’s made with natural ingredients that help infuse the male reproductive system with sexual nutrients that help men rise and get randy.
It’s designed to increase desire for sex, stamina and satisfaction.

Crack open VigRX Plus pills and you’ll see they look like pepper. There’s a good reason for that. The product is formulated with an ingredient called bioperine, which is indeed derived from pepper, and is shown to increase ingredient absorption into the blood stream.

Put another way, it makes VigRX Plus up to 30% more effective.

How is VigRX Plus different than Sildenafil?

Sildenafil (marketed as Viagra) is a prescription ED pill. You need to take one pill for each ‘session’ and wait for the effects to kick in. While it has its place – and you should definitely follow your doctor’s advice if he prescribes it for you – it’s typically best for moderate to severe erectile dysfunction and is not designed for ongoing sexual performance.

VigRX Plus, conversely, is an OTC male enhancement supplement. It’s natural and takes about 30-90 days for the results to be felt. Once this happens, you’ll probably know it. Among other things, you may find that you think day and night about sex, last longer in bed and be more satisfied with the state of things sexual.

In a clinical study, VigRX Plus was shown to increase sexual satisfaction by up to 71.43%.

Is VigRX Plus an ED Cure?

VigRX Plus should help with mild to moderate inability to get an erection. For proof of that, consider the 2012 VigRX Plus study (which includes the above statistic), which found the product helped guys maintain an erection during penetration by 62.82%.

Remember to speak with your doctor about ED first, however, to review any health concerns like heart disease that may need to be addressed.

How Is This Different Than Other Male Enhancement Supplements?

VigRX Plus is one of the few natural libido supplements for men with clinical studies done on the formula. Those results are impressive too, as we’ve seen.

One of the reasons VigRX Plus works so well is because of Bioperine. We’ve already talked about this ingredient – it’s basically a natural turbo charger that boosts efficacy of the VigRX Plus formula.

These factors among others have earned VigRX Plus accolades in the health community. Among them is Dr. Steven Lamm of The View, who recommends VigRX Plus to any guy who wants to improve his erection quality.

Granted, we’re a little biased here at Natural Health Source. We feel VigRX Plus is a superior product – but the fact that it’s survived and thrived the ultra-competitive male enhancement niche over the past decade says something important.

No BS – Does VigRX Plus Work?

For the vast majority of guys with no health concerns that would cause otherwise, yes. Is that direct enough for you?
Please review studies done on the VigRX Plus formula. You can see them here (click on the ‘Formulation’ tab).
VigRX Plus is proven to help men get and keep an erection, increase sex drive, stamina, recovery, and satisfaction with sexual performance.

What’s in VigRX Plus?

VigRX Plus is a proprietary natural formula, including ginseng, ginkgo biloba, damiana and muira puama. And bioperine, of course, which we’ve already discussed.

How Fast Does it Work?

That depends on a variety of factors, including your weight, age, and general physiology. Generally speaking, though, you should start feeling an increased desire for sex with VigRX Plus within the first three weeks. Most guys hit their stride with VigRX Plus about the three month mark, with strong ability to get hard – and stay that way – and have a highly enjoyable sex life to go with it.

How Can I Tell if My VigRX Plus is Fake?

It’s a sad fact that counterfeiters are out there. They’ve seen VigRX Plus and now it’s not uncommon to find counterfeit VigRX Plus products online, especially when bought through third party vendors and below the official prices.
Some things to look for:

Crack the Pill Open – Does it look like pepper? That’s a good sign. Is it white inside? Throw it away.

You may be ‘occupied’ with your partner very often with VigRX Plus.

Lack of a Leading Edge Health bar code – Official VigRX Plus has a bar code on the box and a counterfeit code that you can enter in a search box on If your VigRX Plus box does not have a Leading Edge Health bar code, and does not have a counterfeit code, it’s fake.

Cheap VigRX Plus – This is a dead giveaway. Any VigRX Plus bought for less than the listed packages on official VigRX Plus websites (unless in an email promotion from Leading Edge Health) is likely a counterfeit.

While many bloggers may recommend VigRX Plus, make sure they lead to one of these stores:

Can I Get My Money Back If I Don’t Like VigRX Plus?

Yup, that’s one of the reasons VigRX Plus has such a high satisfaction rate. You’ve got 67 days (60 day Guarantee and 7 days for shipping), during which you can try VigRX Plus and return the product if you don’t like it. Empty boxes are accepted, and you can even keep the bonus items (on select packages) as the company’s way of saying ‘Thanks for giving us a shot’.

What If I Have Further Questions About VigRX Plus?

You’re more than welcome to call the company directly, at 1-866-621-6886. They have live customer service agents 7 days a week, from 6AM to 11PM Pacific Standard Time. They’re friendly, well-trained and happy to speak with you about any questions or concerns you may have about the product.

So to summarize, we’re biased. There’s no question about that – we like VigRX Plus and we’re not about to shout it from rooftops. We think the product can help guys with desire, performance and satisfaction when things get steamy.

But don’t take our word for it. Consider the VigRX Plus studies, its 10 year history and the fact that while other male enhancement products have come and gone over the past decade, VigRX Plus is still here – and thriving.

Yes, we’re biased. But so are the hundreds of thousands of guys across the globe who’ve used VigRX Plus for years and now champion the product for making sex up to 71.43% more enjoyable.

We like those numbers. Try VigRX Plus and you may soon feel the same way.

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