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What is a Natural Male Enhancer?

male penis enhancementA natural male enhancer or enhancement product made of herbals and amino acids for size and performance.

There are male enhancers that increase sex drive, boost semen production and some that even give you a bigger erection.

A good thing? Of course, but…

There’s always a ‘but’ and here it is: many natural male enhancers are scammy products that don’t offer what they claim and do little more than waste your money.

Worse, they taint the industry with a reputation that clouds the few products that are worth your time.

That’s unfortunate, because a few enhancement products are clinically proven to deliver results.

Among them, Semenax, ProSolution and VigRX Plus.

Why Do Guys Buy Natural Male Enhancement Products?

With roughly 30 million men struggling with erectile dysfunction and lower sex drive at some point, there’s clearly a need for a solution to help men rise in the bedroom and achieve a rewarding sex life.

Many guys thought that was Viagra, offered by Pfizer since 1998, followed by Cialis and Levitra.

All of these being pharmaceutical ED pills, they come with side effects and have no long-term impact on sexual health.

Enter natural male enhancement.

Men buy natural enhancement products because many find they’re a safer alternative to prescription pills.

GinkgoThey’re often formulated with herbals like asian red ginseng and ginkgo biloba.

You’ll also encounter muira puama, tribulus terrestris and saw palmetto, among others – all of which have been used for centuries by cultures in Asia and South America for virility and to increase sexual health.

Yet perhaps the biggest reason men buy natural male enhancers is because they can make sex extraordinary, with increases to sex drive and ejaculation control.

Don’t ever tell someone that a natural male enhancement supplements doesn’t work: in one study, men who took VigRX Plus reported a 60% increased ability to penetrate a partner, a 62% increased ability to maintain and erection and almost a 50% increase in sex drive and desire.

How to Buy a Male Enhancement Supplement

The caveat with male enhancement supplements: most of them are crap.

They don’t work, they’re often manufactured outside the country and there’s no way to verify the contents or purity of what’s in the product.

That’s a serious health concern that can’t be ignored!

You can avoid much of that headache with some basic precautions.

First, look for a recognized name with a proven track record.

Opt for a male enhancement supplement that’s been around for at least a decade.

That eliminates about 90% of enhancement products pushed by hucksters and spam emails.

Quality products last because they deliver results. The rest aren’t around long enough to develop a client base.

Second, buy a male enhancement supplement manufactured in the United States at a cGMP-compliant facility.

Remember that you’re looking for a company that will guarantee the purity of the ingredients in its formula.

Purity is good and freshness is grand.

And if you’re really keen, ask the company to vouch for those ingredients with a certificate of freshness.

Third, look for a male enhancer endorsed by a well-known physician.

Agreed, they get paid to say nice things about the product, but here’s the thing: they’ll rarely link their names to a faulty product for fear of what it might do to their career.

Consider also that a product has to be a well-known brand to generate enough sales to pay a doctor to begin with.

That’s a good filter to weed out bad products.

Male Libido Supplements

A male libido supplement is a natural pill for male virility.

True to its name, it’s designed to increase sex drive and stamina.

Unlike prescription ED pills, a natural virility supplement should have a positive impact on long-term sexual health – a key selling feature for this best known of enhancement products.

Benefits include: – Increased sex drive- Better performance- Greater stamina- Bigger erection size

Drawbacks include:– 1-3 month waiting period- Many faulty products

What to look for: Yup, the latter point is definitely a downside with male libido supplements.

You can avoid that by choosing a well-known male libido supplement with doctor endorsement.

Ideally, the product will have a track record dating back at least a decade.

Bonus: clinical studies – very few male libido supplements are scientifically proven…but there are a few of them.

Top PicksVigRX Plus – The grand daddy of male virility supplements, VigRX Plus pioneered the way for guys who wanted a natural alternative to prescription ED pills.

vigrx plus chartMore than a decade later, with hundreds of thousands of loyal clients and doctor-approval from physicians including Dr. Steven Lamm of The View, it’s on a very select list of best natural libido supplements for guys. Best pick.

ProSolution Pills – Few male libido supplements have the credentials of VigRX Plus.

Yet, if there’s one product that combines a decade (or longer) track record with doctor endorsement and clinical proof, it’s ProSolution Pills.

This is a different formula than VigRX Plus – some like it better, some don’t. 

It’s an excellent product either way you look at it, and there are rumblings the makers of ProSolution will soon release a product to treat premature ejaculation.

ExtenZe – Another famous enhancement product, ExtenZe offers stamina and performance with natural ingredients.

You’ll recognize some names attached to ExtenZe, including former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson and NASCAR driver Kevin Conway.

A good product, though not with the same potency as VigRX Plus or ProSolution Pills.

Semen Volume Enhancers

Your orgasm with get a heckuva lot longer with a quality natural semen volume enhancer.

The description tells you what you need to know: they increase semen volume, which in turn forces the muscles involved in the orgasm process to contract longer, faster and with greater intensity.

Meaning? A longer, and more pleasurable orgasm.

Yes, life rocks.

Benefits include: – A longer orgasm- Greater intensity- Ejaculation control

Drawbacks include:– 1-3 month waiting period- Few products are clinically proven

What to look for: Like you would with natural libido supplements, with a semen volume enhancer you’re looking for a well-established product.

Has it been around for at least five years? Is it doctor-endorsed?

These are good things, and they’re made better with scientific proof that it works.

Top Picks semenax enhancementSemenax – The leading natural volume enhancer, Semenax enjoys a fiercely devoted clientele who vouch for the extra punch it offers their orgasm.

Doctors love it too, citing the closer bond that Semenax clients enjoy with their partners.

And, get ready – there’s scientific proof that it actually works! Hurray!

Volume Pills – That other semen volume supplement worth your money, Volume Pills boosts ejaculate volume with primarily asian herbals, including solidin and ki gua.

Different route, same destination – Volume Pills clients report huge increases in orgasm intensity and duration.

Doctor-approved too, and ideal for guys interested in Asian herbals.

Vimax Volume Pills – A bit of a drop off in quality after Semenax and Volume Pills, Vimax Volume Pills is still a good product, from a respected label and with a pretty good 60 day money-back guarantee.

Natural Lubricants

Natural libido supplements offer long-term increases to sexual health and enjoyment, but you’ll generally wait between one and three months before they deliver results.

You might buy a drugstore lubricant, like K-Y or Astroglide for a little fun while you wait.

But do you want a natural alternative?

Well, there’s an answer for that too.

The benefits of a natural lubricant include:– Instant arousal (typically in less than a minute)- A bigger erection- Condom-compatible performance- Safe for oral sex

The drawbacks of a natural lubricant include:– Not available in drugstores- More expensive than common lubricantsWhat to look for: Stick with the big names with natural male lubricants – VigRX and ProSolution both offer highly rated gel products with doctor endorsement. Each has outlasted other natural gel products, with a track record of five year or longer.

And they both blend natural potency with the convenience of instant performance – all good reasons why you should make the switch from drugstore to natural.

Top PicksVigRX Oil – VigRX has you covered, literally, with a top-rated gel that gets high marks from guys who’ve bought it over the years.

vigrx oilInstant arousal with natural ingredients including epimedium leaf extract and ginkgo biloba.

That alone is a huge step up from the often petrochemical-heavy offerings at your local drugstore.

Now factor in discreet shipping and a 60 day guarantee and you’re on a winner.

ProSolution Gel – You can’t go wrong with ProSolution Gel. Some guys even prefer it to VigRX Oil because of its different approach to instant virility, with ingredients like bearberry extract and mango butter.

They’re both doctor-endorsed too, with a 60 day guarantee.

Vivaxa – A lesser-known product, Vivaxa comes with calmosensine and natural ingredients including soybean oil.

The company also markets the product toward men with premature ejaculation.

While the boat’s out on whether it’s a better product that ProSolution or VigRX Oil, it’s still a good natural lubricant and offers good insurance for those nights when wood seems hard to achieve.

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