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Workout Motivation Tips From TestRX

Here’s a little secret to workout motivation: shallow gets you in the gym.
True, there are other reasons you may doff your work clothes for sweats and a tank top. You may be in sports or rehabbing an injury. You may be totally motivated just by the idea of blasting out a major bench press and you may even – GASP – like weightlifting so much you don’t need a fire lit under your tail.
If that’s you, good on ya. You’re in the minority though – at some point, most of us need a little workout motivation. The makers of TestRX natural testosterone muscle-building supplement are with you on that one. In fact, that’s why they’ve compiled this list of slightly shallow yet undeniably effective motivational tips you get you mad, bad and lifting heavy in the gym.
Swimsuit season – Let’s start off with the obvious; you’re working out to look awesome. You get the chance to show that in swimsuit season, when clothes get lighter, and there are fewer of them, during which your workout efforts are on fully display.
Summer’s the perfect workout motivation. Imagine, the entire planet looking at your chest, guns, six pack, shoulders and the rest of your chiseled body – and it likes what it’s looking at! OK, so maybe not the entire planet, but definitely the prying eyes at your favorite pool or beach. Sun’s out, guns out. Got it? Good, so get in the gym and load up some plates.
And get rid of that excess body hair while you’re at it. Thank us later – just head over to StopGrow natural body hair inhibitor to look like a bronzed Adonis that gets eyeballs from women.
Surprise the Doubters – Haters are gonna hate. They’re going to roll their eyes when you tell them you’re starting a new weight lifting program. They may be your friends or just guys in general, but the effect is the same. Don’t get mad – just write down what they said in your journal and use it as workout motivation. Then stay with the program and remember the look on their faces when you take off your shirt after a few months of going hard and intense.
Some Guys Think They’re Better Than You – There’s always a bigger fish. He may be bigger, taller, better-looking or have some other feature that makes him gloat. The reality is he simply got lucky in the gene pool, and that’s something you can remedy in the weight room.
True, you can’t change your genes, but the gym allows you to level the playing field a little. Use those condescending looks they give you as motivation – hit the gym hard and consistently. Then looked at your ripped body and state five things you like about yourself.
Boost Your Strength – One of the best compliments you can hear as a man is when someone says you’re ‘surprisingly strong’. Hey, you’re a guy – you’re supposed to be able to swing an axe, open that stupidly tight juice lid and lay it down physically. Focus on power moves, like bench, squats and deadlifts for a strength-boosting wallop of masculine pride.
Feel Good! – Let’s elaborate on that last point a little. Squats and deadlifts rank up there with having a root canal in terms of enjoyment. They’re not fun to do, and yet you’ll feel like a monster the next day. When you’re strong and you look good, a funny thing happens: you feel good too! So hit the gym to boost your confidence, and be the good-looking guy with huge muscles that women love.
Surprise Old Friends – No one likes to be the guy who let himself go. That’s not a road you have to travel – provided you go hard with the heavy lifting.
Imagine running into your girlfriend from high school. You haven’t seen here in years. Now think about how awesome it would be to blow her away with how awesome you look. You’d make her jealous. Is that shallow? Very much so – but if it gets you in the gym, we say go for it.
Be Successful – It’s a sad fact that good-looking people tend to make more money and climb the ladder of success easier than their less attractive co-workers. Totally not cool, agreed, but while you’re born with your genes, you can rock what you’ve got.
A muscular body is more attractive than one that’s unfit. So eat right (here’s a little secret: eat carrots to be better looking and blast your muscles. Then show’em off, be it with a polo shirt or other clothing that flatters your figure.
Live Your Dream Life – At age 12 you never thought you’d be poor and out-of-shape. We’re guessing you saw yourself as a rich guy with huge muscles driving a Ferrari. Were we off? That’s your call, but thinking about your dream life is ideal workout motivation because the more you lift, the stronger you’ll be. With that comes weight loss, confidence, and a good-looking version of the body you were born with.
It’s Fun – OK, so the gym may not be all beer and Skittles. But it is what you make of it. If you’re in there consistently, it’s easy to get addicted to that awesome bench or the endorphin rush of blasting through 12 minutes on the treadmill at 7 miles per hour (try that after your resistance training to really smash through barriers!).
You can make the gym more fun when you’re in there on a regular basis, with clothes that highlight your massive pipes, and a workout playlist that gets you riled up and ready to go heavy.
Women – The single greatest workout motivation in history. Let’s not BS here – while you may be in the gym to boost strength, physio or to lose weight, it doesn’t hurt to think that women will check you out in shirtless season. Agreed?
If you’re in a relationship, your significant other won’t mind the sight of your ripped body. And if you’re not? Muscles get eyes from the ladies. So do your part and go heavy, often. It will be so worth it when a hot woman asks to touch your bicep.

TestRX is Your Workout Motivation

TestRXFinally, if you’re serious about building muscle, strength and a body that turns heads for all the right reasons, try TestRX natural testosterone supplement.
Why is this a workout motivation? For one, when you use a supplement, you’re part of a system. In this case it’s TestRX, which is designed to help guys build bigger muscles, recover faster, increase strength and generally see better results in the gym.
TestRX boosts testosterone, naturally, with natural ingredients, including ZMA (zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6), which significantly increased strength among NCAA football players in a clinical study conducted in 2000.
Now combine the results you’ll see with TestRX and the workout motivation tips discussed in this article for the ultimate ‘get-off-your-butt’ kick in the pants. Your body will love it – and your ego will too.

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