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Your Guide to Male Enhancement Pills

Despite some scams and shady promises, there are male enhancement pills that work. Male enhancement delivers herbals and natural ingredients to the penis and throughout the body, boosting sexual health and increasing stamina. The right male enhancement pill might also treat erectile dysfunction and semen production. What’s the right pill? Let’s scrutinize.

What to Avoid

With the amount of spam emails and faulty products in the industry, it’s frankly more efficient to start an article on male libido pills with what to avoid. The following list isn’t exhaustive, but it demonstrates some of the more common practices you might encounter.
Spam – Don’t open spam. Estimates suggest that spamming for faulty male enhancement products constitute over half of all emails sent, and come with risk of virus and malicious software.
Shady websites – Does it look like someone just threw a website together earlier that day to push pills or a fly-by-night penis product? That’s because they probably did. Avoid.
Lack of customer support – Taped recordings suggest there’s little more to a product than a website and voicemail.
Lack of medical endorsement – No doctor recommending a product? In male enhancement that’s not a good sign. Move on.

What to Look For

There are quality male enhancement products available to an inquisitive consumer who’s not afraid to look around and read fine print. You’re specifically looking for these features:
A comprehensive website – Preferably one with medical proof that the product works and supported by a list of happy client testimonials. Also look for a list of ingredients.
Live customer support – Would you rather talk to voicemail or speak with a live agent? Exactly. This shows that a company is professional and cares enough about its customers to answer any questions or concerns, during business hours and beyond.
Medical endorsement – This goes without saying. The penis and reproductive system can be fragile and don’t take well to shoddy or unsafe products. Look for a product with medical endorsement from a well-respected doctor with nationally recognized credentials. True, they’re paid to say kind things, but they’re less likely to lend their names to faulty products.
A proven track record – Client testimonials are good. A long track record is even better. In an industry where scam products are common and pop up overnight, a male enhancement pill that’s been around more than five years and with proof that it works warrants further attention.
A firm guarantee – More proof that a company stands by its product. If you’re serious about finding a good enhancement pill, look for a product with a 100% money-back guarantee for at least 60 days.

Quality Ingredients

Look for male enhancement products that use natural ingredients rather than pharmaceuticals, which are expensive and sometimes come with adverse side effects like hearing loss and risk of stroke. A good enhancement pill should have a combination of:

  • damiana
  • ginkgo biloba
  • tribulus terrestris
  • muira pauma
  • zinc oxide
  • l-arginine

In addition, Bioperene is a key ingredient that maximizes the benefits of the ingredients it’s combined with. At present, VigRX Plus is the only male enhancement pill equipped with Bioperene, although Semenax and ProSolution Pills remain alternatively popular and relatively effective enhancement pills in this niche.

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